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[WIP] Stacking terminals looks better than expected.

Started by fafalone, February 01, 2013, 11:40:29 PM

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Simtropolis user Shackman showed everyone that stacking the airport terminal pieces on top of eachother actually looked pretty good. I was impressed enough to immediately begin working on a full set of pieces, and now the project is nearly completed. So far all of the S3 pieces are done on level 2 and 3 (double and triple height), besides some minor alignment corrections, as well as some combination and additional pieces. I don't have access to the original models so the pillars are there, but they really don't ruin it, and there's a lot fewer visual artifacts than you would expect. Take a look:

Look for this soon!


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I'm holding off on building my next airport until these are available.


Hey fafalone,

I was playing around with LE and this topic as well. It already was looking pretty good but I still wasn't content with the result. I really like your concept of the overhanging parts. I was always missing something like this. There came one piece with one of the SCAG markings pack but I'd like to have something being more a "part of the building". If you have some modeling skills (I don't have them) you could do something like marked building in the picture and add it to the pack.

Important notice:
I was building some parts like these with LE using the exiting ACB-pieces, but the jetways of the lots were overlapping the pieces and the result was an ugly effect.

My intention was to create a more homogenous line of aircrafts parked at gates. The background is, that most of the modern European airport have terminals, which provide a flexible parking of Narrow-Bodies and Wide-Bodies next to each other. The available space is based on the width and the length of the longest aircrafts used.  As the Wide-Bodies are longer they're usually parked closer to the building than Narrow-Bodies. The nose of the wide bodies disappeares  between the connection buildings The result is a homogenous line of tails of different aircraft types. The current lots use lots of space and a mixed use terminal is looking strange.

In reality you can almost touch the nose of an A346 of Lufthansa from inside of the terminal when being parked at a gate in Munich. A 320 seems to be parked with much more distance to the building.

So it would be perfect, if a jetway-terminal-connection building, which is bridging the airport roads, would overlap the jetways of the lots a little bit. In this case one could create a more realistic lining of aircrafts at a mixed use terminal.

If you're interested in the concept and the problems I've experienced with lotting pieces like these I can post some in-game-pictures of my trials in here. Maybe it's giving you more ideas.