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[REL] SCAG Boeing 777 Project

Started by pilotdaryl, September 20, 2008, 10:54:14 AM

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Jack Bauer

The more you wait, better it is :P. I just can say a big thanks to the team for leading such a great project!! &apls . Now I will have a lot of fun to make airports with the fantastic 777-300ER. I hope to see soon new projects. :thumbsup:



a great project, well done, a slap on the collective backs of SCAG for making and sharing it  :thumbsup:


Thanks everyone, especially you, Jack_Wilds.
I think the biggest slaps-on-the-back go to our Canadian team members- PD and ShadeSlayer, so it's only right that the screenshots feature Air Canada  :P

I'm glad to see this released, it's been a long time coming, but I'd say every second is worth it  :D

Congratulations, PD, ShadeSlayer and Joel!

Thanks for sticking with us through all the hurdles!  :thumbsup:
737s, Air Force, Australia... what next?


I've been waiting for 777s for years now because they are my favorite planes and here they are!
I hope to see some A330s and A340s in the near future.  :thumbsup:


It has definitely been a very long run.  While I am sad to say that I won't be returning to the SC4 community as a custom content designer, I like seeing that at least one of the major things I worked on took shape and release  :thumbsup:

Carry on with building your airports, everyone!


How do you guys make these jets? I'd like to make my own aircraft and textures. Is there a way to get a blank Gmax model?

KoV Liberty

With much practice, only a few of us, or I guess down to one or two now, have the skill to make the models. Making them takes practice and a good knowledge of GMAX. Also, these models were custom made by the SCAG to be as accurate as possible to their real life counterparts. Because these took time and a lot of effort to create, they won't be given to anyone outside the SCAG team. I'm confident Joel would say the same.


My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.


That's quite right Alex. But there are ways to get other blank aircraft models if you want to put in the effort - you can make your own textures and render them any way you want. There are (or used to be) some gmax models of Flightsim aircraft floating about the web that came all ready to go with paintkits included. It is also possible to convert models from the Google 3D warehouses, and if you're really keen there are places where you can buy gmax and 3ds max aircraft online. You'll need to already have knowledge of the modelling tools to use any of these methods though.

I definitely agree with Alex that we won't release our models to anyone. The planes we've got have been the result of countless hours of work and practise by Pilotdaryl, RustyXL and myself. I'm even nervous about giving mine to other team members sometimes. They're my babies (for want of a better term). Please understand, I'm a protective parent. :P

While I'm in the thread - there have been some developments on this project: Watch this space!
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KoV Liberty

The means are there to create the plane you requested, it will probably be dealt with at some point.

My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.


yeah SCAG team has released the 773 and the 77W. and if i'm not mistaken the Varig plane is a 772 (or a 772-ER), i think a model must be crated before another release.
so we have to wait to see some boeing 777 with the liverys of United, Continental, American, Delta (or even Alitalia my country's flag carrier)
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Ok, well we aren't taking requests for the 777 at the moment. I'm gonna lock the thread for now, but check back later. I can't say too much, but SCWTC4 is thinking in the right vein....
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