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Med Inspirations #52 - Kinbasket Old Mine (2) - April 15

Started by Ol.S / Benoit, May 15, 2011, 01:05:10 PM

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*bribes everyone needed to get that ploppable water*

Amazing update! I love it!


the old mine and plop water look great. very nice!

@shroud: there is a link on the previous page for the water.


Ol.S / Benoit


Thanks for the comments :)

#52 - Kinbasket Old Mine (2) - April 15

Kinbasket Old Mine, again ! :)

MD : Click on picture


What?! Not that darn lake again!  :angrymore:

:D Kidding of course, the scenery is just drop-dead gorgeous! &apls

The photographs in between also provide a nice touch this time around. :thumbsup:
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your pics are better and better, So much realistic to confound the game pics with reality!!!!  :o
&apls  &apls
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Incredible pictures. The lake surroundings are very well made.

I like how the train goes around the lakeshore, mountains, bridge..
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Reminds me of Bob Ross' Paintings ;D "Let's place a happy little tree here and a little rock there"


Lovely pics of this area again  &apls  I like the RL ones mixed in as well, helps to create the mood  :thumbsup:


A very impressive landscaping!  :thumbsup: Again very nice pictures with a fantastic atmosphere.


You have perfected the use of MMP rocks.  I am still experimenting with them.


Ouch, I've missed a bit, and quite something at that! Best use of plop water, hands down. Looks exactly the way it should. Unfortunately I don't think it's possible to achieve without photoshopping :(

On that topic, by the way, I never protested the idea of image manipulation, just that particular use of the same cloud effect on all pictures. The last few updates have been much better in that regard!

I very much enjoyed the rail line, too, of course.