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Mind Scape

Started by rooker1, February 27, 2007, 07:25:45 PM

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For being made only with the CAM, you did an awesome job, Robin!

I liked a lot the commercial lane with the tram-in-avenue in the middle.
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Even though I usually think of industry when I think of Mind Scape, the pics I'm most drawn to in these two updates are of residential zones.  In the Back in Time Fast Forward update, my favorite shot was the one that had all of those row houses lined up.  It's easy to forget that some growable buildings out there can be used in a W2W formation.  In the CAM update, the highlight for me was the small houses surrounded by green lawns.  It gave me a flashback to SC3K, which included green lawn and tennis court fillers in higher-end residential areas.

I know it's the last day of November, but I want to congratulate you on OSITM, Robin.

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Check out the Noro Cooperative.  What are you waiting for?  It even has electricity.
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Great to see an update from your MD for the birthday OSITM special.
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I agree with Metarvo, it's unusual to see residential zones, in particular, green, clean, low density, areas, but you do them well. In particular, I like the depth of detail on the tram-in-road shot by the cemetery. The dirt road behind it, is that meant to be an urban hiking trail, or what's the story of that area there?


Thanks, Robin, for this great finish to the birthday month. I know you've spent a lot of time getting the contests, voting, OSITM'ing going, and on top of that this great compilation of pictures! Folks like you are real standard bearers for the site in terms of dedication, quality, and. . . what's that word? Devotion? ;D

I hope you've got some less hectic times ahead.



Thanks everyone for the great comments and compliments.

I have a couple of pics just to prove I'm still playing the game.

I have the game open tonight and just doing a little doodling, I may have another update coming soon....very soon.

Call me Robin, please.


One of my favorite lots too? I still have it and use it occassionally. The crop duster lot by Colyn.  :thumbsup:   

- Jim

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Like I've said Robin, you're farming is not too bad! Practice makes perfect and it's certainly an interesting turn of events for Mind Scape.



Nice work with the farms and rural scenes Robin  &apls  Looking forward to what's next  :thumbsup:


That first farm picture makes me want to open the game and hit the fields. A few things to take care of before then, but thanks for the burst of inspiration.


Nice work with the farms, Robin! :thumbsup: I like the Mouse-Houses all lined up in the second pic, very cozy. I'm glad that you showed us a few pics ad can't wait to see what's next! :)
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One word: awesome  :thumbsup:

Fantastic farming & landscape  :thumbsup: