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Mind Scape

Started by rooker1, February 27, 2007, 07:25:45 PM

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Wow it's very impressive !!!!! great work with good result  &apls


Good morning all, the sun is up and the sky looks great today.  I think today is going to be a great day.  I actually come to work around 7:00 am and the sun was starting to come up.  Not another cold, dreary winter day.  I hate going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark.  The day seems so short.

Anyways, those replies,

Antoine, Hey, how are you today?  Thanks for the great comments.

emilin,Thanks.  Those mega lots are awesome and I think well worth the time in down loading the material needed.  I down loaded Colyn's (CSX) manufacturing and dirty, but not the high tech.  My sims are poor and not very well educated. Hehehe  ( The Ghetto) ;)

dedgren, Hello, great to see you again.  I really hope those lights don't fry those cars, I wasn't told anything like that in the read me file.  $%Grinno$%  Anyways see ya later.

Air6, Thanks, I do try.

JBSimio, Wow, thanks for stopping in.  Thanks for the nice comment.  It's cool you like the seedy part of town, but I don't know if I can make a nice part we'll have to see.  Unfortunatley I don't think that will be for a while, you see I am creating this as I go and right now I am all caught up with the pictures I have taken.  I have no more city to show yet.  Next update will be Friday at the earliest.  As for those two buildings, one is part of Colyn's (CSX) mega industrial lots and the other I am unsure at this point, but I will find out and post later tonight, sorry for now.

Darmok, John, How are you doing?  Nice to hear from you again.  The chain link fence lot is part of Colyn's (CSX) industrail mega lots.  It's settled, my next update will show case all the industrial mega lots from Colyn.  I will try tonight.

Replies after my last update,

Travis, Welcome to my MD.  I agree, but with all these awesome lots the great BATters make, my job becomes so much easier.  Thanks for stopping in.

joelevan,  Thank, and yes those trains are awesome.  They are from North Country Dude on Simtropolis.  All his stuff is worth down loading.

antoine, Great to hear from you two times, once for each of my last two updates, and glad you like the industrial area. You are becoming a regular, thanks.

Bye for now and like I said, I will try tonight to make a Colyn industrial mega lot showcase.
Call me Robin, please.


You certainly got my attention!
Thanks for the link!

Ah...some weekend updates:

Nasty ghetto you've got there, Robin. Love the parking lots.

I like your use of the NAM puzzle pieces. That elevated road in theindustrial area is perfect! Good idea (I migt steal eh borrow it from you.

Lottza containers you've got there.



Again some great industrial images. Your industrial areas are very well put together I love the container part as well as the harbours. Very inspiring to see what you have made.

I think the building JBSimio is looking for is a one of the Sainsbury bats by Simgoober


Looking at your industrial seaport ; you're not afraid by gigantism and that's a real good point . :thumbsup:
I don't remember have seen elevated roads& avenues like yours ... ()what()

°   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °


 &apls I definitely like your dockyard .Great update you have done.


Hello all,
I have made it back from RL  (actually it should RB & RW for baby and wife) LOL


NikNik, it was your attention and everyone else's I was try to catch.  I tried to make the ghetto nasty and hopefully a little bit realistic.  Any suggestion to improve?  LAying down those NAM puzzle pieces took a very long time, but I think it looks pretty good.

kwakelaar, Thanks for stopping in and yes you are right about JBSimio's questions.  I have a picture below and link.

Badsim,  In Toronto we have an elavated highway called the Gardinier expressway and it goes right through some industrial areas.  I may still change this area.  I like it but not totally satisfied.   &Thk/(

kimcar, Thanks for the comment.

JBSimio here are a few pics of Simgoober's, "Richardson's Dept. Store"  here.





And here is the Industrial mega lot showcase as promised (although two nights later, better late than never.)





























I hope everyone enjoys these, and maybe I can change one person's mind about down loading these awesome mega lots.
Again they can be found here,    here,    here,    here,    and here.

Good night for now and I should have something for later this week.
Call me Robin, please.


Well it's my first look into your mind, and I like it.  I really enjoyed the junkyard in he first shot, reminds me of some front yards.  Hehe!  I did enjoy.
Carolina Tar Heels... National Champs again!


You could call that last update something cliched like, "The City Never Sleeps"...

...or you could just look at the pics.

Me, I just looked at the pics.  Nifty looking development, enhanced by your deft use of the graphics program you ran them through.

Great stuff, Robin.

D. Edgren

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I love your industry ! That site look so realistic  &apls


Those lots look so good it's silly. ;D

And the way you build is truly great. It's not only the lots, but the spacing and flora, and the transit work too. Good job! &apls

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I couldn't agree more!  The industrials are just great!  Thank-you for the links.  This is one area of my plugin folder that I have largely ignored... (didn't really mean to... just kept forgetting!) this will be a good start towards fixing that problem.  Very realistic pictures again.   &apls


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Many great pictures! Great industrial area! Wonderful work! :thumbsup:


Very good work again Robin, really like the dark ambiance!
One thing made me smile.... what was that horse carriage doing in a place like this at that time of night! hehehe...

Take care my friend!

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Wow, this looks great. I always try to build lots of schools to get high education levels so I can replace dirty indurstry as fast as possible with "clean" high tech. I'm going to rethink that and keep some dirty industry around longer.  Your industry looks so good. It has a dark "Blade Runner" feel to it. I would like to see some region pics too.


A beautiful set of industrial night shots.
Very well done.


 &apls  I put my hat down , because you fit all these industries very well together that i can do ( if i tried  ;D ) .Great job.  :thumbsup:


Wow what a great industrial lots you put out there. Bit shame that all files are in nightlighting it makes descerning the details difficult. On the other hand nightlight pics are beatifull.

Great work and thanks for the linkies!



there is definitly plenty of parking. i love the whole industrial sector. very nice work :)
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Wow awsome work here and that idustrail area just rocks
and the shopping wow i tend to agree that some of them
lights can melts ya's lol, great job looking forward to seeing more - pat

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