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3) Third Challenge - I knew they would bring some trouble!

Started by soulchaser, April 19, 2009, 01:16:13 PM

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As I didn't find a way to put TE-Lots on slopes, this is the best I could do:

<<RPD of Bordertown>>

On the phone:
" Yeah, ok, Commissioner Johnson. They set up barricades, I understand. We will see, what we can do."
Hangs up.
"Ok, guys. The situation is as I'll tell you now. The Cyclonists dissassembled the railway at Drake's Islets and built up a checkpoint on Rote 10...

(The checkpoint is traffic enabled for pedastrians and busses shuttle on both sides and some "special guests" which are allowed to take the path west.)

...They put all their trash, where the railway was. That's logical, as they have no dump in the south...

...And all this s**t, just because they think they would get less support from us than the people in the north. Ok, we've built all utilities up there at Wyveren's Mouth which we can call our maintown (Tile A) by now and the economy prefers those, but they've everything they need. And when there's electricity, there's industrie and therefore, there are the people...

...Seems like these Cyclonists have some fanatic leaders currently. They have their strange circular farming system...

...but those 1100 people didn't seem to need any more. As there's industrie in the north, they asked for higher education and we built a highschool...

...All the money that was invested to attract the tourists. The Vacation Resort...

...and the new scenic route A10 ("alternative 10") at the coast...

...they even destroyed this new route last night!!!...

(Due to slopes the barricade is on tile M, the bridge on tile L)

...I hate those fanatics, now we have this darn border (MAP-Linky) and all we can do is waiting for what they do next."

Edit: Marked barricades and checkpoint on map!

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Thank you for your update.

We have now taken note and copied the pictures of your challenge 3, it will be judged after the deadline.
Now you can do whatever you wish to do within your regionhalf only, but make sure not to overbuild it comparing to the rest of the region. It might give you some serious problems later on.
You do NOT have the right to touch anything of the part that belongs to the Separatists.

Challenge 4 will be partially given by your adversary and you will give a challenge to someone else. Who will be challenging who and the matter of the challenge will be discussed in the Challenge 4 thread once everyone has turned in their part of this challenge.

Are you ready to be told what to do by a Separatist and a Governor? Good luck and we hope you enjoyed this one.

Lynn and Fred

....Uploading the MFP 1.... (.........Finishing the MFP1)


Excellent idea to use huge piles of trash to block the road. I'm just glad I'm not a judge as yours is another great idea to choose from and grade.   :thumbsup:

Jim Myers  (5th member of SC4 Devotion)


This garbage is, why I'm afraid that my separatists are not military enough, because all the others are.

But Fred and Lynn never said, they were specialy equipped. I hope the Governor is satisfied with this less extreme starting ;)

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The region view really does show off the shapes and sizes of your farms - very unique.

Wyveren's Mouth has some beuatiful landscaping - the combo of the trees look so green and vibrant. Do you get floods often with all the rain?  ;)


With the lake there's a huge retention area, that may flood bevore the dam is destroyed. No flloods since there's the dam. :thumbsup:

I feel honored that you all like my efforts.

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Challenges are getting harder to do, so does the judging, and we soon need more time to judge the challenges. I know this took awhile but we have been working on it for quite awhile and since our judging is being done separately, we have to bring them together before presenting the final results. Thank you for being patient. So here they are.

A.   If route A10 would have passed a bit through tile F, it would have been almost perfect, even if the route goes around more or less in a circle. We gave you 4 points for the route challenge.
B.  Garbage surely isn't the best to impress the neighbors, but surely had us entertain with a great and different idea and I guess we choose what we got, when it comes to a quick cutoff, right. Good job, we gave you a solid 4 points for the cutoffs challenge.
C.  The rest of the regions is coming through quite well and farming certainly looks interesting for an upcoming challenge. Well done and we gave you 4 points for the regional works challenge.

A Total of 12 Points were added to your challenge.

Nice going, you should get the diagonal mod for the dirtroads and good luck with your separatists.

Lynn and Fred
judge of GRV 2 Challenge


thnx for the points. I'm glad you liked it.

BTW: I have the diagonal streets, but they've not the right angle. May be we need a FARR-SAM ;)

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You might also visit my participitation in GRVII - Bordertown!