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Started by pschraeer, April 19, 2007, 06:33:46 AM

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First I would like to apologize for my unfortunately not perfect English. I try to compensate it by using Yahoo Babelfish!

In this Tutorial I will give you a few information to the bridges of Simcity and about realism. This Tutorial begins with the basics of bridge construction, but I think it could also help more experienced players.

Part One!

Topic overview:
- Basic Informations
- Kinds of Bridges
- Bridge Height
- Decorative Bridges

Basic Informations

There are bridges already for a very long time! The Romans were already excellent Bridge-Constructors. Some of their bridges we still could admire today.
Bridges are symbols! Symbols for connections of two worlds. Because of that they shouldn't be neglected in SimCity.

Kinds of Bridges

Also at SimCity there are many different kinds of bridges. These can be built after desire and mood. However it gives in the reference to realism a few criteria, which you should consider!

A: A solid steel bridge. It is very well suitable for railway bridges, should be built however only with broad waters, since it works otherwise much too massively.
B: A steel elbow bridge, ideally for small to middle bridge lengths. Very suitably for decorative purposes, particularly as street, and/or railway bridge. As highway bridge rather unsuitable.
C: A stone elbow bridge. Ideally for small bridges, particularly within a city, very well for decorative purposes, not as motorway or railway bridge suitably.
D: The prestressed concrete bridge is very suitable for smaller bridges. And also for suitable for highways.
E: This bridge is very suitable inside of cities, however only as smaller bridge, otherwise it seems as if it will be collapsed soon. Also for railway rails suitably..
F: The timber bridge! Well suitably as small bridge within the rural range, also as decoration. In cities it seems wrong at this place.
G: A further steel bridge. Very well suitably for short railway bridges, otherwise however not so usefull.

H: I haven't seen a bridge like this before (in RealLife) and I thought it isn't very realistic. A friend told me that bridges like these are existed in Amerika. Unfortunately I doesn't like these bridges!

I. The Golden Gate Bridge is very well-known and much likes. It is outstanding as long highway bridge suitably and also as decoration.
J: The normal concrete bridge, very well suitably, for short bridges, however very badly for ferries.
K: The cable-stayed bridge. Outstanding for long bridges, even better suitably, than a suspension bridge like the Golden Gate Bridge. In addition this bridge is very well usable as a decorative element.
L: The steel elbow bridge, outstanding for middle bridges, very stably and very decoratively. .
M: like the Golden Gate Bridge
N: I do not know, how this type of bridge is called, but this bridge is very well suitable for small and middle bridges.
O: A further solid steel bridge, very well suitably for middle to long bridges, with smaller bridges works it to substantial. In addition very well as decorative element usable.

Bridge Height

One should not adjust most bridges too highly, since to steep ramps develop. Best bridges work, if they are ebenerdig at the end at the beginning and (Bridge Height Mod). In addition the area must be however also high enough, so that ferries can pass this bridge.

Decorative Bridges

To build a bridge, as a decorative element far in the interior does not project to build is heavy and can look also correctly good, if you arranges it good.

Pull the bridge far over the country, add the bridge height and accept it.


Part Two!

The new NAM-Bridges (NAM January 2007):

An innovation are the bridges for the grey roads! There it gint this reinforced concrete bridge, which is suitable well within the urban range!

And this stone bridge, which is suitable well within parks, with small rivers or within the rural range!

From these stone bridges there is also one for railway rails:

A further, very modern railway bridge is this, which is suitable probably best within the urban range:

This bridge is suitable particularly with broad rivers and is very modern:

The last new bridge, which I discovered am this beautiful stone bridge, which fits outstanding into old cities with small rivers:


Nice explanation of the bridges. This helps if you're creating a realistic city, because many of those bridges you wouldn't use for highways and whatnot.

And about bridge H... I've seen two bridges similar to that one. Here's a picture to one of them:

It's built like that so at the tallest point of the bridge, large cargo ships (along with small recreational craft) can pass underneath them. Although, what's unrealistic about the SC4 one is that it can only be used on a two-lane road and not anything bigger (the two I've seen were four lanes), and it's a little steep.
After a long absence, I'm back! And I will be starting a new MD soon.


Glad to see a bridges fan around here  :thumbsup:
Very nice explanation. I am glad to see that someone likes my NAM bridges  ::)  (the stone and the modern ones)

I am currently not active - Please, contact Tarkus for any site related matter. Thanks for enjoying SC4D :D

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This is a good description of the bridges in the game and a nice tutorial showing how to use them in a decorative way (instead of just the usual, practical way) In regard to bridge H, there is one that is similar to it in San Diego, CA. It is called Coronado Bridge, and, as DFire said, they are often used for large ships where the bridge needs to gain elevation quickly. Thanks for this great tutorial.


It's nice to see that you like it.

Part Tree will follow soon.


Very nice indeed.   thanks for posting this.


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Wonderful tutorial and useful... &apls


there is a two lane version of the "raised road" bridge (as its called in the game) its in The suburbs of Washington DC, very good tutorial though pretty helpful


There are two "Type H"-ish bridges in northern Germany, the Fehmarnsundbrücke and the Autobahn (highway) bridge over the Kiel Canal.
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