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Zaphod aka HamsterTKs BATting thread

Started by Zaphod, May 19, 2011, 02:47:06 PM

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Since Simtropolis is having one of its meltdowns today and I really need feedback on my stuff, I am going to start a BAT thread here.

I am a newbie and starting simple here, after making some ugly BATs and putting them on the STEX a couple years ago.

Current project is a remake of my antenna water tower, this time with no antenna. Current progress:

I took the advice of some people and improved the textures, as well as adding a few more details(it now has a maintenance hatch on the bottom and a pipe going of out, and I removed the lightning rod that looked bad when exported. As you see, its got spiral stairs, a tank hatch and a vent, two cell phone thingys, and a solar-powered obstruction light that comes on at night :)

There are still some things I don't like. The stairs in real life would never be so accessible, I thought about increasing its height a little and putting a pull down ladder where they end, but I can't find any pictures online to help me model that.
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Aaron Graham

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There are always plenty of skyscrapers and houses being BATted, but I don't hear too much about water towers.  This is one area of the game that can always use more variety IMHO.  Yours looks quite nice, Zaphod.  It seems like it would fit in really good in an industrial or rural area to me.
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Check out the Noro Cooperative.  What are you waiting for?  It even has electricity.
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Here are some rural power lines.


Very interesting tower.
Honestly say that this type of buildings, it is never too much.
A very good start. I look forward to more.   :thumbsup:


thanks everyone

I think this one looks good, and I will do a simple lot and release on the STEX in the near future. Now I should think of something else to do.
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Hmmm, nice, but there's always room for some improvement:
- The whole BAT is textured the same. Maybe try different textures for the stairs and the items on the top.
- You have improved the texture you say, but it still looks both too bright and bold. Eg compare it with the supposedly "white" of the Maxis water tower next. These are the colours SC4 is using, so such an model will be looking out of place ingame. I'm afraid. Try reducing both luminosity and saturation.
- Are you using a "Cylindrical" UVW map? Then try checking the "Caps" option, it may improve the top a little.


I can make it darker. You are right, I looked at some other water towers by Jmyers and mine is still too bright. You'd think painted steel would be simple, but I guess not.

I can make the stairs and other things a a little rusty or something, but I wanted them to be blue like the tank, because that is what the real tank I am basing this off of looks like.

The tank is actually slightly conical on top, BTW. "Capped" is checked but that wouldn't matter anyways.
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hey Zaphod

A stand pipe. What a great idea for small communities.

QuoteYou'd think painted steel would be simple, but I guess not.

A couple texture ideas on how I've done painted metal ...

I did a sphere inside a sphere using a texture set to 70% opacity for the pedesphere water tower. Adjust the opacity to achieve the amount or the lack of amount of shine you're shooting for. 

I've been doing a public works department (off and on) and this a sneak peak. A concrete pump truck with a painted white drivers cab. The white paint had me frustrated until Mat325 got me going in the right direction.

Add a glossiness map to your texture. Other maps will probably work but I didn't experiment that much. Change the shader basic parameter to metal. Adjusting the specular level and glossiness for a wide short hump will get you in the ball park.

Good Luck

- Jim
Jim Myers  (5th member of SC4 Devotion)


Wow, thanks for the tips! I know how I am going to fix up my other modern water tower, which being modern should look pristine and new with zero rust or streaks. I see how that enables one to make a good painted metal look(no overly bright spot's from gmax's direct light blasting the surface) and maybe simulate the slight dents of the metal's surface by using a map that's got blobby patterns on it.

I toned down all the textures, and put some rust stains in(hard to see, but things just look different without them). I did the glossiness map thing but only a little bit, since it took all the contrast out of the textures.

Here's the latest, probably will do a little more work but I wanted to post anyways. The one on top is old, bottom is new.

New project, still in the early stages. Simcity needs more "generic" antennas:

War Kittens !?


The water tower looks much better now; great job with the textures! ;D

I also like how the antenna is coming along... I'll keep my eye on this thread.


What DCMetro says.  &apls
is comparitive to me.


Aaron Graham

The water look much better, I like that radio tower, we sure do need more of those in this game, you should make more than one, each a differnt size and some with more anntanes than others. Keep up the good work here. &apls
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