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Mass Effect: The Milky Way @SC4D

Started by Huston_N7, January 29, 2013, 04:36:35 PM

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There's just not enough Sci-Fi Mayor Diaries out there, and so I've come to fix that! :D
Hope you enjoy this Mass Effect MD, exploring planets beyond our own...

Now to cover all the updates I've recently made from Simtropolis.
Ahead is a rather long compilation of recent updates.

U:1 / TMW - Ferust System | Horizon


It's been almost 2 centuries since the turn of the millenium, and Humanity's fast paced world and increasing technological
capability has jumped a long way from a monster world running on fossil fuels to a civilization, using a variety of cleaner sources
of power and energy. Humanity has even spread far into the abyss of our Milky Way Galaxy after discovering advanced FTL-drive technology hidden in the historic Prothean ruins of Mars, to exploit the resources of other
worlds and to take up the challenge of galactic colonization. Along this trecherous journey, Human's have even made contact with
various interstellar races, varying from hyper-intelligence to primitive species, struggling in the similar woes Humanity as a race
encountered during the 20th Century.

To begin the trek through the galaxy, we'll start at a major Human Colony on an exo-planet located many of light-years from the Sol System; in the star system referred to as Arrae Sigma .

The colonial settlement of Horizon , officially known as the New Horizon Settlement  is a city located on the eastern coast of the continental landmass called Arcadelia. It's also Ferust's capital city; essentially the political, social and economic heart of the planet. Horizon was the first settlement established on the exo-planet Ferust, a lush Earth-like world
that was found with an abundance of Oxygen and presented a flourishing eco-system of carbon-based life forms. The colony is the largest in the planet and houses upto 1.6 Million people. It's a colony full of various Human Cultures from all over Earth, a sign of the many people who left their lives on Earth to start fresh and expand Human reach in the greater galaxy.

FOUNDING OF COLONY: 2152. (Banner stating 2182 is incorrect)

Here is a presentation of basic background information of the planet Ferust, as well as noting it's 2 natural satellites: Elmere (a moon slightly larger than Earth's Luna) and Orlaca (an asteroid moon which was considered to be a rogue asteroid from the star system's further asteroid belt, captured by Ferust's gravity)

You're probably expecting some flying cars around here right? Well unfortunately, the average human civilian cannot seemingly cope and adapt to the controls of a flying vehicle. They have not yet become a popular mode of transportation, but doesn't mean people certainly don't find it interesting. It's rare but not unheard of to encounter flying civilian cars on other colonies, but on Earth, the occurance is more common and widely used. It's why the skies still seem quite bare and getting a view from the Horizon Colony Administrations Center is still not obstructed and obscured by passing vehicles.

On the ground, people go about their daily lives, as they would if they were on Earth. Above them, towering modern glass pinnacles invade the sky, which dominate the colony and are often connected by sky-bridges. Humanity's attitude towards city-planning hasn't changed drastically as many people struggled to grasp the idea of walking around a city and having transport stuck underground and electronically controlled by A.I.s and computer systems. The still outdated concept of city planning and construction has prevailed in the next century, as people still adore the freedom of driving around a city. Luckily, in this century, the consequences of driving everyday doesn't cost the planet as much as it did in the 21st century. But! You've still got grinding traffic and frustration at your side. All the fun in driving in a crowding colony.

The Homebase District as it's commonly referred to is a bustling area of commerce infused with the grinding financial precincts and the all the boring government service buildings. Of course, the government buildings play a vital role in managing the colony and keeping contact with the 3 other major colonies on the planet, as well as managing communication with other planets. And to get around these political and social powerhouses? LET'S HOP ON A GOLFCART THING. SCREW SEGWAYS.

The always beautiful Homebase district is quite the place during the day and is especially beautiful during the evening. It's missing a few trees on it's plaza though.

Back at the HCAC, the alluring height of the glass skyscraper is adorned on the ground with native shrubs and trees around it's lobby entrance, to give the city to a more natural ambience and better improve the image and single it out from the ordinary amongst other colony cities.

As night falls, the city begins to illuminate, and the towers flood with lights. On the ground, it's not exactly spectacular, but the lights are doing what they're made and placed to do.

A couple of operating and rented out holo-boards appear out of nowhere to ambush walking pedestrians and drivers. There have been many reports of these holo-boards inducing seizures all over the colonies, but no one ever seems to do anything about it.

Lights a glowin', fog's a rollin' and the city continues on. The colony really never sleeps. Ever. And of course, the Government
C-Wing structure decides to illuminate the infamous Horizon sign. So Bright :D

And on another angle, you can see that the plaza has a giant Holographic TV Screen with Galactic news presented at it's finest, 3 floors up a building in the middle of the colony.

U:2 / TMW - Ferust System | Hanvhar Plateau Station


Well, I guess I lied that there was going to more about Horizon, but of course the planet's other colonies and rural stations have something to offer as well. Which brings us to the privatized research platform with three names; the Hanvhar Plateau Station (HPS), Hanvhar North Station (HNS) or Solidarity Station. The station is located north of the Hanvhar colony and south-west of the capital, Horizon.

This particular station operates outside of the radar of Hanvhar and Horizon government authorities. Laws set for these colonies do not apply in the Plateau region where land has been restricted to access by Station employees, officials and associates. Despite it's name, Hanvhar colonial government have no interactions with the station with the exception of maintained communication (base communication does not release any information on its actvities) which is essential for all colonies and bases on Ferust. But of course, many rogue settlements still sit isolated from this chain of communication and remain totally invisible to higher authorities.

The only information colonial governments have obtained about Solidarity is that the station employs biological research which is used by an unknown source company which funds the research and testing that is performed in Solidarity Station. There are other facilities surrounding Solidarity, and the proximities of these platforms suggest they're interconneceted by subterranean tunnel systems. One facility outside of Solidarity, which is located south from the base and across a river is particularly referred to as
Mast-One, a name obtained from past communication interception.

Accessing the remote and isolated Solidarity Station can only be done by flying to the station as there are no known access routes by ground transport. This explains the reason for each main facility to have a hangar area to access the station.

approx. 1024 x 8600 px. each

During the evening, the stations seem fairly quiet with no odd occurances. The most significant phenomenon sighted in this area was an increasingly bright blue light eminating from Mast-One. Other reports from wandering intruders originating from Horizon, Hanvhar, Endeavor and Parthense have not been proven to be true and stealth surveillance over the area give colony government's and other planetary system government's; particularly Earth, insight on the activities of Solidarity. Discounting the previous statements, Solidarity poses some interest to governments but is essentially no different to other research platforms.

By morning, the situation on Solidarity barely changes. Activity outside is low, nothing more than passing transport vehicles and employed scientists walking from facility to facility. Unfortunately, it's quiet status though is becoming a growing concern for the colony
governments of the neighboring Hanvhar and Horizon.

U:3 / TMW - Moon of Elmere | Tharastis Comm Station

And we're back in the midst of the future Milky Way.

But this time, we're out on Ferust's hapless moon. Elmere. Airless, dead, but far from lifeless. The moon Elmere is home to a few stellar colonies. Though most of the establishments here are majorly military based and are a part of the Ferusian Defense network that operates to insure the planet's safety for it's 2.9 million human inhabitants. The moon's mix of communication hubs and military outposts scan the perimeters of Ferusian space, to insure that threats, violations such as smuggling and criminals are detected and kept off from reaching the surface of Ferust. It's almost like border patrol, but far more extreme. It's also a training ground for military units as well as harboring various docking stations for the Arrae Sigma System's industrial transport network.

Here, we are visiting one of Elmere's most vital communication hubs and military outpost. Being one of Elmere's main stations, it works to manage and maintain the moon's busy communications network as every station works to update their status, to highten and insure the awarness of all bases on Elmere. The station is known primarily as the Tharastis Comm Station. It's located at a reasonably large valley called the Uzbek Sea, an area that's been pummeled by rock and debris, forming nearby craters, some which have long existed before discovery. As night falls, lasting over 3 and half days, the extreme temperatures and total darkness experienced on Elmere often means, that activity outside the station is kept to a bare minimum.

The intensity of darkness on Elmere allows for zero-visibility outside unless you have a reasonably bright torch or a pressurized vehicle equipped with various fog-lights. A night on Elmere would be one of the blackest of nights you would every experience. Besides that, all you would be able to see visible from the outside is the illuminated station and the stars in the clear night sky. It'd be another 3 and half days 'til the light of Arrae Sigma and it's reflective parent planet, Ferust shines in the airless sky.

As you can see, outside of the Tharastis Comm Station is nothing more than rocks. Activity on the outside is at a low, whilst inside Tharastis, are dozen, even hundreds of people running the station, living life, in the station, equipped with whatever anyone would want and need; be that recreation & leisure, good food, a gym and crew quaters etc.

U:4 / TMW - Stagnum System | Ruins of Selutz

Welcome back to the Milky Way, in a time ahead of our time...

We've now left the Arrae Sigma star system and headed for the a not so distant star system called Nesuluun.
In this solar system, a barely habitable planet is situated 0.89 Astronomical Units from the star Nesuluun. It's a world choked in Carbon Dioxide, and flooded with polluted and toxic oceans of water and significant amounts of ammonia; Stagnum. As a result of rapid industrialization by corporations putting profit first, dirty mining operations and sub-standard industrial factories are scattered all over the planet in small colonies, slowly destroying the planet and increasing it's already scorching temperatures to higher and more intense averages.

But there is more to this scorching globe that's ridden in swampland. Besides companies and crooks dwelling on Stagnum Archaeologists, scientists and galactic historians alike have flocked to the planet to take advantage of the many still intact ruins of an ancient civilization which were mysteriously wiped off the face of Stagnum - Such ruins as the Ruins of Selutz, located only a mere hundred miles north of the planet's largest colony and capital; Ark'bor.

Today, we'll visit the very ruins of an ancient city known commonly amongst local Stagnites as Selutz. Currently being researched and explored by a group of independent scientists, historians and archaelogists who take a prime interest in Stagnum's many millenia old ruins; ruins that have somehow endured the test of time.

The ruins of Selutz are situated higher up on a mountain and what remains visible above the thick flora is only a tenth of what really once stood here. Although many of the researches based here speculate that the city extends further down underground, and that what is currently visible is only 5% of the entire Selutz city complex.

But most of the people based here are still more intrigued by the temple, named The Sanctum of Selutz, that stands almost completely intact with no extensive damage or faults on the building. Historians after making an extensive survey of the structure believe that it stands as the city's, if not, the mysterious ancient civilization's possibly most holy symbol and ancient religious structure. By considering it's location, there are further beliefs of the city being built around this ancient temple. As researchers get in deeper into the history and reality of Selutz, uncovering the city's hidden secrets; findings become more intriuging and peculiar.

U:5 / TMW - Stagnum System | Ark'bor City

(new and more awesome planet info display :D )

Welcome back, oh and by the way, we're still on Stagnum. The very same Filthy and hazardous wasteland.

We're still on the same island of Ark'bor, which is just another part of the greater continental plain of Ilego-Ark'bor. We've travelled several hundred miles across the island to the very heart of Stagnum, considered the planet's capital. Ark'bor City. It's a relatively small metropolis, compacted on an island surrounded by two rivers. The East Glo'gahn River and its counterpart, the West Glo'gahn River. It's the scum capital of the swampy wasteland planet Stagnum, dominated by criminals, gangs, factions and off-world pirates. It's haven criminal haven in the lawless Terminus Systems, allowing its inhabitants to do almost anything on Stagnum. Therefore, with a mediocre excuse of a government, Ark'bor, as for the entire planet, remains a corrupt, hectic and totally uncontrolled society.

Crime in Ark'bor City is on a constant high, and ever present brothels, bars, nightclub as well as hideouts litter the edges of the city's civilian accessible districts. In the inner core of the city, off-world corporations base operations here, constructing an endless array of structures, factories, refineries and storage tanks across the inner metropolitan Ark'bor districts. No matter where you are in this city, you'll always find yourself in the worst of situations, but those many used to this form environment and ambience try, manage and succeed in enjoying themselves in a lawless city full of chaos and disorder.

At first glance, the city looks like any other. But underneath this is a bustling, never ending story of grief, criminality and an underworld hidden from the surface of the city. Its surrounding swamplands are often hiding bases, and obscure the city's position at times. The overgrowth of plants in this planet is often very radical, which causes for concern about the future of the city on many occassions. But with the amount of pollution it throws back into the environment like all other industrial colonies located on Stagnum; many that of which are unknown and unregistered on planetary maps, also causes for question as to how much Stagnum's floral and fauna population can take.

And of course, on another note, Cerberus seems to have found there way into the planet. Though what could possibly hold much value on this dying rock that Cerberus would want to retrieve?

As evening falls on Ark'bor, the hazy yellow atmosphere begins to soften into a dark, maroon air. Time doesn't halt operations on the planet, and so continues to spew out pollution into the planet's already fragile environment. Industrial factories like this cover almost 80% of the city's island area, which has been fully developed. Many of these factories and refineries run manufacturing operations which are of an unknown nature, never released, due to the fact that most companies which base manufacturing here operate anonymously on the planet with no given records.

In the midst of a dark night, wild holograms and bright seizure inducing lights appear out of nowhere; transforming the city's civilian outskirt districts into a vibrant city of color. Though a hard place to live, and difficult to access, many people off-world enjoy the social sites, Ark'bor's clubs, brothels and bars, with endless parties and continuous stream of music playing throughout the night. Ark'bor essentially becomes a nocturnal metropolis; A quiet sleeping city (but of course, still full of noise, gunshots and criminal activity) during the day, a vibrant and cool, yet dangerous social city during the night.

Though one can never avert, nor avoid the dangers this city contains. There's always something hectic, and life-threatening hiding on the far corner of the street that one walks through. Ark'bor will eternally be a city of danger, criminality, forever inspiring Stagnum into a chaotic world lawlessness.

Thanks for viewing! :D

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E37 - Ferust System | Violet Nebula
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Wow, just wow!  &apls &apls

The amount of detailing is gorgeous. Stagnum in particular is stunning, truely out of this world. Both the ruins (?) and wastelands are well put together. Though I'm not planning a trip there. $%Grinno$%

The presentation is also very nice. Perhaps another font to enhance the sci-fi-vibe even more? In any case, I'm already looking forward to the next update.  :thumbsup:
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Fabulous MD presentation  &apls &apls &apls
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Vortext:Thanks so much, and I'll keep in mind to try out some other fonts :)
Girafe:Thanks a lot!


[Below is the map of an industrial, commercial and civilian route between Ferust and Austra during their closest approaches to each other]

Welcome again. We've now departed the Nesuluun star system, and have arrived back at Arrae Sigma.

Today, we'll be visiting a planet that you'd more than least expect to visit. A gas giant world with a often chaotic atmosphere and weather pattern; Austra, Arrae Sigma's largest local source of Helium-3 harbors many orbital stations that conduct mining operations, solely collecting Helium-3, and some extracting Hydrogen from the very atmosphere of Austra. Like any gas giant, there is no tracable surface discounting the planet's rocky and metallic core, therefore surface colonies are not an option to establish. So besides orbital Helium-3 mining stations, what could possibly be of interest here to see?

An irregular signature, possibly indicating the presence of an orbital station was found in Austra's higher atmospheric band, where weather is much less intense, and gravity almost non-existant. It's determined location was in Austra's Southern Hemisphere Zone S-43, one of 60 helium-3 mining zones which divide the Southern Austran Hemisphere for practical reasons. The specific zone, Zone S-43 is a helium-3 mining territory left unoccupied by Human extraction teams as operations do not yet exist in this area. With no operations occurring here, it can leave room for just about anything to take the area, and a suspicious unidentified station is one possiblity.

A group of Cerberus Kodiak transport ships are making their approach to Austra. Their destination is unknown, as for their reasons to even go to Austra.

As they continue through their designated route, they begin to make contact with Austra's atmosphere. They've approached Austra's Southern Hemisphere Zone particularly referred to by Human Helium-3 miners as Zone S-43. It's one of 60 South Hemisphere divisons, used as reference to easily allocate operating Helium-3 mining territories on Austra.

The transport ships begin to make their decent into Austra's upper band atmosphere.

As they reach the calmer upper band of Austra's atmosphere, a large mysterious space station is seen further out. The space station's size and structure suggests that it's an untapped former Prothean orbital station, probably left vacant for some several thousand years. Detection of Mass Effect fields around the atmospheric station suggest that shielding is operational to contain a calm environment around the station. The minimal gravity in this upper atmospheric band also suggests that the station requires minimal amounts of propulsion to keep the station in its place above Austra.

The Cerberus Kodiaks approach ever closer to the space station, and are in the midst of its calm environment maintained by the prolonged use of Mass Effect fields around the station. This unidentified orbital station is increasingly likely to be a Cerberus facility; probably taken by Cerberus for the possible presence of valuable Prothean artifacts and technology and became an operational facility later on.

The Cerberus Kodiaks being their close approach and eventually make contact with the possibly former Prothean Station. It looms larger as the obscuring clouds being to shift away from the station, and emphasizes the station's sheer size.

The clouds obscuring the view of Cerberus' ancient Prothean orbital station disappear, as more of the station becomes visible. The Kodiak transport ships now begin to make their final approach before making contact with the station and landing in its various docking bays.

Such a mysterious facility hanging over Austra's upper atmosphere continues to go unheard and unrecognized by Helium-3 orbital stations and probes surveying the gaseous giant. Only time can tell what this station means to Cerberus.


Thanks for viewing! :D
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E37 - Ferust System | Violet Nebula
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Really great approach ! and nice pics

New Horizons Productions
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This is really an outstandig project.  &apls

It shows what unthought possibilities are hidden in SC4 in cobination with a creative mind...
Please continue!


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CRAZY ! You are CRAZY ! But I really like it !Very very cool !
THE CITY OF DANYARD ! SC4D (Click on the pictures below)



Very good !! I like S.F background.  &apls
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I am speechless....incredible detail in those pictures!!

Robin :thumbsup:
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Awesome work  &apls  Really great combination of scifi and good city building!

Can I ask what the HD green park bats with walls in the first update?


That is indeed outstanding! I like the atmosphere of the night shots of Ark'bor and Tharastis Comm Station. I also like very much how you blended the Solidarity Station into the surrounding woodlands. But most of all the Ruins of Selutz appeal to me!
All in all you managed well to create an alien atmospere...
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This is really impressive.  :o  I takes a lot of effort and skills to put all of this together.
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Wow, it's awesome  :o

Fantastic future  :thumbsup:


wouanagaine:: Thanks a lot!
FrankU: Thanks, I appreciate your kindness :)
Terring7: Thanks Terring, wouldn't really have been possible without your list though, so a big thanks to you for it :D!
Mr.Lin: Lol, Thanks :D
namspopof: Thanks!!
rooker1: Thanks :D
noahclem: Thanks! I'm not the greatest when it comes to tracking down props, however I do know that they're props by mas71, hopefully helps you :)
Tandini: Thanks a lot!! :)
Dantes: Thanks so much! It would be an interesting future :P

Note: Here's a rushed update cause I've been pressed for time lately since I'm going overseas for 'bout 5 weeks. Plus school's coming round so likely that updates won't be as frequent as well as not being able to post 'til March. But until then, hope you enjoy this new update :)

Welcome again! Nice to see you here. We've moved on again from the Arrae Sigma System, and have arrived at a distant neighboring star system known as Anemoi, named after the 'greek god of the winds'.

In this star system, another human colony lies comfortably on the fringes of its parent star's habitable zone, boasting warmer tropical temperatures and beautiful picture-perfect islands that are inhabited by an array of sapient galactic speices. Yet as perfect as it sounds, the lack of land verse the vastness of its oceans has posed a problem for its growing population. At about 96% water coverage and only a mere 4% of known land coverage, it truly is an empty looking world (unless your underwater, then be sure to avoid the monster-sized creatures).

But with that 4% of land coverage, the vast oceans are dotted with relatively small landmass groups, with islands galore, ranging in size, height and composition. Such Islands are commonly exploited for their picturesque beaches, plentiful flora, and a bounty of resilient land animals that thrive off these tiny habitats. Commonly turned into tropical beachfront resorts and colonies, it truly is the perfect place to vacation, and for many, a place to stay and enjoy; and with a planet content on making safety priority, high-grade defenses insure that you'll never be under-fire or be raided by ravenous Terminus system pirates.

Here is a map of the occupied/colonized/explored portion of the Antheon Plain Cluster, and its position in the Milky Way, also displaying the Sochin Relay's available destinations that connect the Antheon Cluster to the rest of the galaxy.

A particular city, known as Fontus, is a particularly special tourist destination, primarily developed to satisfy the wants and needs of it's guests. Though many still do permanently live in this beachfront resort island, amongst off-world tourists, it is definitely a popular destination and people who come to Salacia never pass down the chance to come here.

Though you see very few pathways to connect all the complexes, they're hidden under the still thick floral coverage on the island. Developers went by the ideology, to carefully respect Salacian nature and NOT to completely destroy or effectively tamper with the planet's natural environment. As a result, colonies all over Salacia are guaranteed Eco-friendly hubs to preserve the natural environment of Salacia and secure the future of its natives species; both land and sea.

The developers hired Salarian and Human architects to develop the colony and tourist hot-spot. It was built in a very retro yet contemporary style, almost a reminescent of Salarian architectural design, merged with a more retro Human late-20th century apperance.

The resorts follow the curve of the island, and form a large complex filled with an array of recreation and leisure centers, malls, permanent residences and majestic hotels. All this is protected and monitored by Systems Alliance gunships and defense systems, which insure the threat of attack on Salacia is averted.

Currently, some Alliance gunships are passing by in a routine exercise over the city Fontus.

By night, Fontus remains a vibrant and living city, with lights illuminating the island all over.

A saying quoted by many off-world and outside-system tourists: "When you're on Salacia, you should never pass down a stay in Fontus. If you're crazy enough to do so, then you should probably just jump into a black hole instead."


Thanks for viewing! :D




"The arrival of the Reapers sends a shockwave to the galactic community, with worlds across the Milky Way undergoing invasion, with no sapient being spared. By the time of the arrival of reapers in the Anemoi System during the 2180s, establishments on colony planets in the Anemoi System were immediately subjected to obliteration. With Alliance forces relatively light in this Terminus colony, the likelihood of anyone on Salacia surviving and fleeing is grim; even if reaper forces sent here were only light."



Hope to update during March, thanks everyone!
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Very nice, this is a place I wouldn't mind visiting.  $%Grinno$%
That last pic though, scary stuff. . 
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Fantastic start &apls

A lot of varied pictures. I love the details in the horizon pictures.

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Endeavor, the third largest human colony on Ferust. With a city littered with colonial prefabs and rising skyscrapers, though plain, the city can still excite. Exquisite picture-perfect mountains in the background, while a small yet sprawling metropolis sits undisturbed and its inhabitants, colonists sacrificing their old lives on Earth, enjoying their new one in this new decade old colony. But when turmoil strikes the galaxy, Endeavor is not left in dark by the galactic invaders. It was a only a matter of time 'til the once thought mythical 'Reapers' would reach to Ferust, and inevitably, Endeavor.

Vortext: Thanks a lot Vortext! :D
Kergelen: Thanks Kergelen! :D


Note: So, looks like I managed to squeeze in an update about 10 hours before my flight. I did this at 1 in the morning cause I only have hours 'til I leave, and wanted to post something before my absence [:D] Hopefully you'll enjoy this, a little more destruction than your usual in this update!

Current Star System locale - Arrae Sigma System

Welcome again folks! We're now traveling back to the planet of Ferust via FTL travel in the Arrae Sigma system, leaving behind the Ocean world of Salacia in the more distant star system of Anemoi.

Back on Ferust, we're visiting the planet's third largest human colony named Endeavor. Endeavor is a relatively sizable colony, home to approximately 600,000 - 700,000 permanent inhabitants. The city is commonly dominated by a large amount of original colonial prefabs, built to sustain and house human colonists immigrating from Earth. It was one of four of the most significant colonies, and among the fastest to grow when it was established in the 2170s. The city lies in a wide valley, catching beautiful picturesque views, and a beautiful oceanic sunrise horizon, downhill at its nearby coastline.

It became a popular place to live on Ferust as it presented the perfect opportunity to start fresh, like all other colonies. But being colored with such great views of mountains, and the perfect places to ski and escape to, it was the ultimate place to live out colony life. Though the building density of Endeavor over the years due to a rapid population increase, has abruptly peaked, its Colony planners are beginning to find ways to better improve and even take advantage of its crowding skyline, to ensure all its inhabitants are pleased with their morning window view. Insuring everyone's window has an idyllic, very calm and natural view.

Endeavor's skyline, as was stated, is dominated by the colonial prefabs built during the 2170s. A height in Human Immigration numbers from Earth nation-states caused colonies on Ferust to experience a lack of housing in comparison to the large number of people moving into cities. Colonists saw the solution in solving the housing problem by using an adapted version of temporary prefab shetlers, and building them in such a way that would last, and be adequate enough for prolonged prefab living.

These uniquely designed contemporary living units and prefabs house the many thousands of people living in Endeavor. To get around, people use the narrow pathways that navigate the city. They then reach a branch of main street-ways, which is where people commonly park their sky cars, unless they park them in their Prefab garages.

Inside the city, comm and radio towers dominate the skies, various amounts of these towers are scattered around the city, tightly knit between the crowding prefabs.

By night, the city begins to illuminate. The street-ways, narrow pathways, towers and prefab units light up, brightening the valley.

The electricity generated to power these prefabs are of the use of Nuclear Fusion technology, which is clean and generally safe in the 22nd century. It's reliable power which is used vastly in the Milky Way. By using refined helium-3 derived from nearby gas giants like Arrae Sigma's Austra (Arrae Sigma's primary local source of helium-3) Nuclear fusion, it can sustain substantially large colonies like Endeavor, with minimal power failures.

The prefabs here on Endeavor are likened to the temporary prefab designs commonly used in colonies around the galaxy. But with a skyline that has a high building density, Endeavor's own skyline is commonly likened to the colonies of the planet Benning, a human colony located in the Arcturus Stream Star cluster in the Euler System. By referring to the images above, you can clearly see the close resemblance of Bennings dense urban skyline akin to Ferust's own dense skyline (Yet not as dense as Benning's).





"Ferust. Endeavor. A quiet colony in the fringes of Terminus Space. A haven for humanity in the most unlikely of places. But when hyper-advanced sapients from out of the Milky Way arrive through the galaxy's many mass relay's, they begin to threaten the life of many species in the galaxy. When these marauders finally reach the Sochin Relay, Ferust is suitably defended by Alliance naval forces. But with the loss of comm buoys within the Arrae Sigma star system, communication is severed and colonies on every planet in the system go down like dominoes. People on Ferust have little to no clue as to what was coming to them; and one day, they came as if from no where, they materialized."

"Intense laser beams from Squid-like cruiser ships, began to rain over Endeavor. People spread in panic. They began their attempts to flee the city in their sky-cars. But with the airspace above the city hectic with descending marauder ships, they have little place to go. The beams begin to penetrate the infrastructure below with ease, killing dozen upon dozen every second."

"As they begin to land, a horrible fate befalls on Endeavor, with more ships arriving. They begin to harvest the sapient life-forms of Endeavor, not just targeting humans, but the various turian, salarian, asari and even small quarian and volus populations that reside of Endeavor. Ashes spread, the city burns and the once dominating skyscrapers begin to fall to the ground. Explosions, fires and smoke litter the city, and many more continue to die at the hands of the 'Reapers'. But in no way will people give up."

"What is left of the Alliance forces based on Ferust begin to retaliate, firing projectiles at the descending ships. But it's then they realize that these 'sentient ships' have advanced shielding and technology that cannot be easily penetrated by their projectile technology, nor by the use of conventional technologies that they would normally utilize. Hope is being lost fast. However, no one here will be willing to give up quickly."

"What will become of this world, and worlds beyond the Antheon Cluster at the hands of the Reapers? You're yet to see."


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E37 - Ferust System | Violet Nebula
"Blinding Night"


I've been following this on Simtropolis, it's a great cj :D
I enjoy it

p.s.: I hate this verification thing in every step you do...no wonder not much people post comments on here


Cool stuff! An awesome way to show us what SC4 can do!
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