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NAM: Development

Started by memo, April 29, 2007, 06:33:33 AM

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Post here if you want to contribute something to the NAM or when you need support for your creations.

Similar to the thread at Simtropolis, I start this thread here at SC4D. This thread is intended for development of the NAM and to showcase it.

More information are added here soon.

I want to show the OnSlope Puzzle Pieces which I've created. There are Highway OnSlope Puzzle Pieces to connect elevated with ground highway. Thus the elevated Highway tool can be used to create overpasses and it can be connected to ground highways like this:

Unfortunately, the shaddow issue which appears on every OnSlope Puzzle Piece stands out much more on highways.

Moreover, there is an OnSlope Puzzle Piece for lightrail to connect GLR with EL-Rail.


Finally! On-slope pieces for highway. aleking will love this :)


Not only aleking, I suppose. ;) As I already said at SimForum, this is great news, memo! The next NAM will be the best ever!  :thumbsup:


yep, that's sure to make Aleking drool :P


memo, nice job on those On-Slope pieces.  It's good to see that we've got NAM Development over here now as well. ;) 



These are great news memo  :thumbsup:

I am sure that with euro textures, these shadows wont be a problem  ;)
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I already posted this in the team topic, here are some pics of HOV lanes.
They are early development pics, all that I need to model now is the entrance of the lanes to make them functional.
(and maybe diamond marking)

darn RULs   :bomb:

Well, it took me 1 hour to discover that one of the paths had the wrong number, lol :party:
Back to europe ;D


Good job everybody  :o

the HOV is beautiful and impressive  :o


This is great news.  This thread being here, the highway on slope pieces and the HOV.  All great stuff.  Just when I thought the NAM couldn't get much better, I find out it will.

Robin   :thumbsup: &apls
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I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention.  Is the Highway OnSlope Puzzle Piece available now?

Additionally, I have the '06 NAM (I believe) which has a Monorail over Elevated Highway bridge.  Has there been modifications to the bridge in '07?  Or, are there a more pleasing bridge elsewhere?

I think, therefore, I am confused  "author unknown"


@fukuda: As I said elsewhere, you wouldn't find something like this in Germany. ;) On highways, lanes in different directions have to be separated by a barrier (this is even the case in a construction area). Since the highway is still two tiles wide, have you considered moving the barrier in the middle, so the highway gets four "true" lanes in each direction?

@sisum: Yes, the first two pics show a Highway On Slope Puzzle Piece. :) It will be included into the next NAM. As far as I know, the monorail bridges won't be modified, but there are quite a few bridges available already, and more are in the making. Just keep your eyes open. In the future, new bridges won't have to be included into the NAM, but it's possible to download them individually. The only file that needs to be updated (and downloaded again whenever you install a new bridge) is the NAM Bridge Controller file that is already available at the SC4D LEX.

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Highway on-slopes and HOV lanes, fantastic work. NAM continues to push SC4 forward, I really don't know why we need SC5

I read somewhere about the possible development of draggable GLR, I use this a lot but as we know it's a pain to lay, is draggable a possibility?

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thats an excellent idea and addition to the game...

i think belfastuniguy is right why do we need SC5, lol the only thing that SC4 need is to be in 3d for be perfect  :D


belfastuniguy, I've got great news for you.  Not only is Draggable GLR possible, it's actually going to be an integral part of the next NAM release. ;)

I also wonder why an SC5 would be needed as well . . . there's still a lot more that can be done with SC4. ;)



My new Rail-Viaduct
left = old Rail; rect = new Rail

for more realistic City...


I like it  :thumbsup: . More European looking imo  ;)
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Oooooh! those are lovely, one question will both types be available? I don't think i could bare the decision :'(


Maybe the concrete supports are a tad too massive now, but definitely an improvement over the "lightweight" supports that were lend from the lightrail tracks. Personally, I'd like to see some old-fashioned brick arches, like in this picture.


Yeah the picture Andreas gave shows exactly that type of architecture I love! Some of these would be pretty cool to sc4.
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