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NAM 47 and NAM Lite 3 Now Available

Started by Tarkus, March 27, 2023, 05:48:50 PM

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The NAM Team is pleased to announce the 47th release of the Network Addon Mod, NAM 47.

DOWNLOAD LINKS (All Cross-Platform)



What's new in NAM 47?  Here's a list:

  • Pedestrian Revolution Mod Features:
    • The NAM Team is pleased to present the Classic Draggable Pedmalls, courtesy of Ulisse Wolf and Lucario Boricua. These come in 8 styles, 6 of which are equivalents to the Pedmall Puzzle Pieces, and introducing 2 new designs: the Retrowave Red Brick, inspired in the old brick texture used for the U-Rail in earlier NAM versions, and the Industrial Style, using the concrete surface typical of industrial lots. The initially supported features of these pedmalls include:
      • Multidirectional draggable starter pieces using the Street network, supporting all orthogonal, diagonal, intersection and roundabout configurations, with the exception of wide radius curves.
      • Intersection support (OXO T and 4-way) in the form of mid-block crosswalks. These support Road, Avenue, and all two-way Network Widening Mod override networks (TLA-3, AVE-2, ARD-3, NRD-4, TLA-5, RD-4, RD-6, TLA-7 and AVE-6). These draggable pedmalls are also compatible with the FLEX mid-block crosswalk pieces.
      • Special underground paths enable residential zone development, while crossings discourage car traffic through restricted car paths.
    • In addition, some enhancements to existing functionality have been implemented:
      • The override code for the size 3 mid-block crosswalks for TLA-7 and AVE-6 have been overhauled, enabling these to be overridden from one side.
  • RealHighway (RHW) Features:
    • RHW-12S A new, 12-lane quadruple-tile RHW network (separable into two dual-tile halves, carrying 6 lanes in each direction) has been added, with the following features:
      • Three height levels are supported: L0/Ground, L1/7.5-meter elevation, and L2/15-meter elevation. Transitioning between these height levels is supported by the ramp-style FLEX Height Transitions (FLEX-HT), as well as the FLEX OnSlope Transitions (FLEX-OSTs), by connecting them to the RHW-12S networks.
      • The RHW-12S features the same network crossings presently available to the other S-Type RHW networks, including crossings in all orientations for all Maxis base networks, all other RHW networks, Draggable Ground Light Rail, and Draggable Road Viaducts (L0-under-Viaduct-only), plus Orthogonal x Orthogonal (OxO)-only support for Network Widening Mod networks, Elevated RealRailway (ERRW) Viaducts, Tram-on-Street, Tram-in-Road, and Tram-in-Avenue. Limited Hybrid Railway (HRW) support also exists.
      • Extensive ramp interface support: supported ramps using FLEXRamps and Draggable Ramp Interfaces (when applicable) include Orthogonal Type A1 (all levels), Type B1 (all levels), Type D1 (all levels), Type E1 (all levels), Type A2 (all levels), Type B2 (L0 only), Type D2 (all levels), Type E2 (L0 only), Type A1-Inside (all levels), Type B1-Inside (all levels), Type D1-Inside (L0 only), Type E1-Inside (L0 only), the new Type A3 (L0 only) and Type D3 (L0 only), plus Diagonal Type A1 (L0 only), Type B1 (L0 only), Type D1 (L0 only), and Type E1 (L0 only).
      • FLEX Width Transition (FLEX-WT) has been added, to support width transitions between RHW-12S and RHW-10S at all applicable height levels.
      • FLEXFly over and undercrossings are supported with the RHW-12S (orthogonal-only, as diagonal undercrossings for FLEXFly do not presently exist for any network).
      • Several bridges have been added (see Bridge section).
      • Support for FlexSPUI is presently limited, and Three-Level Crossings are not yet supported.
    • RHW X3 Ramps: The first two FLEX 3-lane ramps, in A3 and D3 configurations, have been provided for RHW-8S, 10S and 12S. At present, only L0 support is available.
    • General Improvements:
      • Some enhancements, courtesy of memo, have been made to facilitate FLEXFly-over-FLEXFly functionality.
      • Some enhancements, courtesy of Flann, to elevated RHW network models have been added.
      • Various adjacencies involving RHW x RHW crossings next to the base orth-diag curve on the smaller networks (RHW-6S and smaller) have been addressed.
  • Bridges: A multitude of new bridges have been added, courtesy of IDS2 and Kitsune:
    • New viaduct bridges for L0 RHW-8S, L0 RHW-10S and L0-L2 RHW-12S.
    • A pair of new Steel Arch bridges for RHW-10S and RHW-12S.
  • Base Network Features: A new 5x5 90° Wide Radius Curve FLEX piece has been added to the Avenue network.
  • Miscellaneous: A huge number of bugfixes have been done for this release, including:
    • Various RHW situations involving "tile drops", such as the RHW-8S-to-6S FLEX Width Transitions, the RHW-8S Type D1, E1, and B2 ramps, and the RHW-10S Type D2 and E2 ramps, have received considerable stability upgrades.
    • The orientation of the Road end-T on OWR-1 intersection has been corrected.
    • The orientations of certain NWM intersections involving the OWR-1 network with Euro textures have been corrected.
    • Stability improvements have been made to the Ground Light Rail crossings with various wider RHW networks.
    • The Dual Type 230 QCXs with L1 Dual Type 230-over-RHW-8C/6C and RHW-10S/8S have been improved.
    • Issues in which lane drop arrows appeared in the wrong places on the S-to-C FLEX Width Transitions have been corrected.
    • The ramp textures for the RHW-10S Type D2 and E2 ramps, as well as for the RHW-8S Type A2-Wide and B2 ramps have been improved.
    • Orientation and stability issues have been fixed with the Avenue-based AVE-6 and its Thru-T-intersections with Street, Road, and One-Way Road (both Short-T and Long-T).
    • Orthogonal x Diagonal slip lanes involving Road and One-way Road (OWR) have been re-implemented.
    • Several hundred path files across all areas of the NAM have been fixed by memo and Tarkus.
    • More SAM Street crossings with the Rail network have received crossing gates.
    • Euro wealth textures have been added to the Avenue-based AVE-6 network.

Additional information, including installation instructions, can be found in the read-first-nam-47.html document, included in the download, and also attached below.

-The NAM Team


In addition to the new full version of the NAM, NAM 47, we've also issued an updated version of the new NAM Lite Package, NAM Lite 3, as a standalone download. 




What's new in NAM Lite 3?

  • The Maxis RUL2 code has been restored.
  • The FLEX Road Overpasses have been added to the Additional Network Features. These overpasses allow one to easily cross over railways and other surface streets with their Roads, One-Way Roads, and Avenues.

For more info, see the attached read-first-nam-lite-3 document.

-The NAM Team


Is time for enjoying RHW12S, pedmalls etc...  :bnn:
I loves Sim City forever!


This is curious...

Windows Defender is throwing up a threat warning when I try to unzip the NAM 47 file.

Has this been noticed before? I've not seen it with any other version.


We've gotten a few reports of that exact case with Windows Defender.  As best we can tell, it's tied to a very recent Windows Update, and simply a case of a false positive, triggered by the fact that it's a .jar file from a non-commercial software developer.  This particular "threat" seems to be a common one for false positives, and a cursory search has turned up that even some commercial software (Native Instruments is a well-known company for music/audio plugins) has been getting flagged in recent days as Trojan:Script/Wacatac.H!ml.

I ran the Dropbox file (which was directly ported over by ModDB to make the upload there) through VirusTotal, which gave it a completely clean bill of health.  We're investigating what we need to do to clear the file with Microsoft.

Edit: Apparently, Microsoft Flight Simulator is also getting flagged for a similar Trojan by Windows Defender, as of earlier this month.



Thank you for the new version!  &apls
I skipped the last few versions but since I'm restarting my region, I will take this occasion to do a fresh NAM install.
I will have some questions about the new pedestrian streets in the future, where would be the best place to ask them?
I'll take a quiet life... A handshake of carbon monoxide.

Props & Texture Catalog

Ulisse Wolf

Quote from: art128 on March 28, 2023, 03:33:00 AMThank you for the new version!  &apls
I skipped the last few versions but since I'm restarting my region, I will take this occasion to do a fresh NAM install.
I will have some questions about the new pedestrian streets in the future, where would be the best place to ask them?

Any questions about the new pedmalls should be asked here



Windows Defender has a problem extracting the files from the zip download. It does however extract the


and creates a folder called images which contains the following file


Am not sure what other files are contained in the zip but Windows Defender does not like them

After extracting was able to run the bat and jar files succesfully


On checking Windows Defender for what threats it found it had quarantined a file


Now i am not sure if this is from the downloaded zip file or not. Can whoever created zip file please confirm if it was or not.


Quote from: doug_wesson on March 28, 2023, 06:40:36 PMOn checking Windows Defender for what threats it found it had quarantined a file


Now i am not sure if this is from the downloaded zip file or not. Can whoever created zip file please confirm if it was or not.
That's not the name of a file in the package.  The Trojan that Windows Defender is claiming to detect is called "Wacatac.H!ml" (H!ml almost looks like "Html").  It's a false positive--Microsoft recently goofed up with a Windows Update and has been flagging all kinds of things with this (and similar) supposed threats.  Read my post just a few posts above yours.



Just a followup to my post above...

Perhaps last night's or tonight's Defender definition update cleared this up. Re-downloaded and unzipped with no problem just now. Defender reported no problem with the .jar file.


It's been quite a while since I was last here - and what has happened in the meantime! The new NAM is just great!!!  &apls
A good reason to dare a new installation after my PC problems and revive Windwatt.
Thanks a lot!