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GLR/Tram in avenue

Started by adamsclan, October 30, 2015, 11:09:00 AM

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I am having problems with trams stopping at road/avenue intersections. They then just disappear. When first constructed there are no problems with tram in avenue trams travelling thro' the cross junctions but after a few minutes, the trams will not cross. I can fix this temporarily by overlaying the cross junction with the same puzzle piece, but again after a few minutes the trams always stop at the junctions then disappear. All draw paths are visible. Trams stop and start normally at stations. All tram/avenue tracks built using puzzle pieces. Any help gratefully appreciated.


A screenshot of the issue, clearly showing the paths in the affected area would help to diagnose the problem.


Tried to attach Screenshot of major junction which shows All draw paths visible. Motor vehicles also stop crossing junctions. No tram automata problems at glr stations. No vehicle problems elsewhere - only at glr/road type junctions.

Error message says file too big.

What to do now.


Resized screenshot.


I can't see anything wrong with the image.

Having done some testing in my own game I'm unable to replicate the problem with this piece. Although I'm using LHD so if it's a path problem I wouldn't necessarily see it.

It's an odd one. Which version of NAM are you using?


Thanks for the response. I am using the latest - version 33 pre-release.
All traffic now stops at all junctions where tram/avenue crosses road, avenue, including straights, bends, etc.
The one junction that does not stop is 4-way, 3 tram/avenue and 4th exit to road with tram. Also the tram/roundabout piece works fine.
Got me beat as it worked fine last time I played.
I have a UK disc which I changed to RHD - changed registry - as I got tired of the traffic lights being on the wrong side of the road, but everything else works just fine.


Can you UDI (tram/El-rail or car) through the intersection?
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No. After a short time no traffic will pass the junction, sometimes stop is at all approaches, and at other junctions maybe cross traffic can cross.
Stop happens on tram on road puzzle pieces now as well.


Hello adamsclan

I am just taking a punt here

Did you install the NAM as LHD beforehand?

As well as the registry edit you may need to reinstall the NAM with the RHD which should be in a tickbox in the NAM installer.

IIRC the NAM should be able to detect the RHD/LHD situation but I think that if you fiddle with the registry than that may change things (selecting the wrong option!)



I initially installed the NAM as LHD then changed the registry to RHD. Thinking that might be the problem, I reinstalled the NAM as LHD as the standard install had already picked up that I had changed to LHD. Full of hope - but no.  ()sad() Still the same problems started happening after a short time playing.
All traffic stops at the junctions.
The only way I can make junctions is using the Tram/avenue roundabout, the tram/avenue street junction piece or the 4-way - 3 tram/avenue plus tram/road junction.
I shall continue to test by trial and error to see what else I can get to work. Makes the tram routes so unrealistic.
If I use draggable EL and one-ways either side junctions seem to work okay but I haven't tried the layout for a continuous long period.
Thanks for trying to help - much appreciated.


After many hours playing, the junctions all started working. I changed nothing, deleted nothing - mystery. Thanks to those who responded.  ;D