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A couple of errors

Started by Alan_Waters, May 20, 2017, 05:48:15 AM

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The train, passing on the diagonal EHSR, above the orthogonal roads of Maxis, changes the direction of the movement from the right to the left:

RRW on Flexible underspasses is displayed as Maxis rail:

How to fix it? ()what()


For the FLUP textures, I think they were patched on RUM for RRW 4.0:


And for the EHSR, I would test first if the problem appears also when using the non-modified Monorail. In any case, it is evidently a pathing problem, but if I remember well, the HSR textures make difficult to see the paths with the drawpaths cheat code, so it is harder to diagnose.

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I'll check the HSR paths, but indeed it does look to be a problem there. Can you tell me if you are using RHD or LHD in-game?

As for the FLUPs, the NAM doesn't add the sidewalk, so that's a result of the override mod you are using. I'm not sure if RRW textures were supported for this crossing with Magneto's SLA sidewalk mod. But if they are, you should install them.

You can use the RUM for RRW textures, but those have the Maxis sidewalks baked in.


matias93 and mgb204, thanks for the quick answers!
"RUM for RRW 4.0" I have installed. As for the EHSR - only modes of dark textures by vershner, I did not install any other mods. In the game I use RHD.


As I remember rivit shared a new beta version of the upcoming new RUM for RRW v5 and that contains different override for the rail-flup crossings. You can choose from transparent, paved (sidewalk), concrete and mosy base for the rail flups. I use the concrete (that's why I asked mgb204 to make for me a concrete override a few weeks ago) version anyway.
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The point I was making is that the FLUPs you are currently seeing come from Magneto's mod, no RUM for RRW. Having both installed just means you see whichever loads later, which is probably moonlights.

I double checked and Magneto did include RRW FLUPs for this mod, it's part of the "z EU Update.zip", which I think was included with the main mod. Find this file and look for "Rail RRW.dat" and install that file to get Moonlights SLA and RRW flups.


Unfortunately, nothing helped. I'll have to live with it. (((
Many thanks to all!  :thumbsup: