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August 10, 2022, 02:04:36 AM

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General Discussion

Started by dedgren, April 05, 2007, 07:53:17 AM

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Whenever I build a big city, the landmarks (central stations, parks, gov't buildings, et cetra) are plopped and the development is left to do its thing, barring three of the same building growing next to each other, so I don't have much to say on the Pineshore debate.

I do, however, carefully watch what grows in smaller cities and towns and bulldoze accordingly.

As for mods, C.P.'s Columbus Terrain and Trees, jeronji's slopes, NAM Jan. 2007, RHW vWorksWithNAM2007, and the city hall/opera house fixes seem to be the base requirements. What about one of the numerous transit map mods that give nifty results in region view?


Although I'm not 100% sure on this, I recall hearing something that the city hall/opera house fix thingy adds extra benefits to the game, education etc (I'm not sure if that was what it was designed to do, I just recall hearing it had caused unexpected effects for some people). I have no problem using it, I'm just curious what all the effects are and what it's really necessary for.

-Edit- Following from the addition to 3RR's ongoing backstory, I think that the campgrounds from PEG would be quite a useful addition. They have a nice look to them (and are the only ones I can think of at this moment in time...which doesn't mean that more can't be created though). While I'm at it, would PEG's MTP thing be useful/wanted for this project?


That sounds great! It's good to hear you can sort things out with the RHW . As for the building height in Pineshore, I've never been to the midwest,
but I'd say 30 stories is a good maximum height. Anyway, have a nice flight back to Alaska.  :thumbsup:



yeah, 30 floors could be a good limit. it may hurt to those who want skyscrapers but if we want to stick to reality, it is a good limit. what is the RHW? and if i have nam2007, can i try it out? or will it be too complicated?

PEG MTP could be a good mod for 3rr. but we need to add more house designs and all.. at least for the different quads. the small town commercial lots, imo, would fit right in. jero's slope mod, too. and maybe try a definite set of crops to be grown, if we can do that.


Heinz, the RHW is the "Rural Highway" mod (a rather inaccurate name, as it's progressed toward being all-purpose).  It uses the ANT network from the NAM and makes it so that when you drag two ANTs adjacent to one another, they turn into a 4-lane highway, with 2 lanes per direction.  It is set up such that you can then separate the two sides of the 4-lane, such that you can have multi-tile medians as well.

Here is the only official development thread.  I'm hoping to have one here at SC4D here soon as well. There are a lot of new things that are being added to the RHW, including wider versions and a new Modular Interchange System (MIS) that I'm developing. It hasn't been released on any of the major SC exchanges, but you can get it here

The current version, RHW v12, was made before NAM v20 (AKA NAM2007), and so while you can try it out with the new NAM, it will render the new features of NAM v20 (the underground Rail under Road pieces, etc.) essentially unusuable.  There will be some sort of fix released very soon, however.



ok thank you for being so precise with your answer. will be following the RHW's development and fluid integration with NAM2007 so that i can have the best out of both. any updates, im sure, will be great for me and the community. thank you for your work! good luck


Lots of good ideas here.  As for the building height issue, I think that thirty stories is a good height cap.  Potentially we could have something like Philidelphia, PA (though an East Coast city) used to have - where no building could be taller then the city's "signature" or unique building in the skyline, thus ensuring it would never be blocked by more homogenous cube-like buildings.

A lot of it, though, should depend on whether Pineshore experienced serious urban renewal and urban decay in the 1960s.  In the case of Charlotte, North Carolina (again, another eastern city, and thus not 100% representative of what we're doing), an uptown neighborhood of 10,000 was demolished in the '70s in the name of government plazas and parking lots.  Even more recently, an old warehouse in uptown that was the center of what little arts community Charlotte has was bought out with eminent domain and converted into a parking garage.  If we have a lot of that "urban renewal", then we'd have fewer older buildings and more opportunity for a more modern skyline.



QuotePotentially we could have something like Philadelphia, PA (though an East Coast city) used to have - where no building could be taller then the city's "signature" or unique building in the skyline, thus ensuring it would never be blocked by more homogenous cube-like buildings.

Aaron: Unfortunately, that agreement was broken in 1987, when One Liberty Place was built in Philadelphia. And I have that to thank for the Phillies not winning the World Series in 1993...That and Mitch Williams...

However, I like the spirit of that Philadelphia idea! We could pick a signature building as a landmark for Pineshore and use it the same way they did in Philadelphia, only stick to it and keep it the tallest building in the city. If we want the height limit to be 30 stories, pick a building that is roughly thirty stories, though I would pick something with a less round number like 32 or 34 stories, so it doesn't seem like it was "planned."


I don't know anything about Philadelphia, but this idea to pick one building as the tallest sounds like a good idea. Especially because sometimes the floornumber doesn't tell about the buildings height. By picking one building as the tallest we would have a good comparison or at least a maximum height in meters.
One question though: What was this signature building of Philadelphia and when was it build? Any photos?

Another question: C.p. did release some very nice early 19 century homes on the BSC-LEX, would they suit our midwestern area?


barnatom: The building in Philadelphia is the Philadelphia City Hall, with a statue of William Penn on the top. Here's a picture:


Thank you for the picture and the link. I thought it would be something of this age. It would be nice to have a symbolic building like this in Pineshore. Repeating history could work as well, keeping it the highest until the 60s - and build higher ones after, knowing that historic city planning wasn't important anymore in those times.

Thank you again for the info, thundercrack.


Quote from: thundercrack83 on April 09, 2007, 10:13:53 AM
Aaron: Unfortunately, that agreement was broken in 1987, when One Liberty Place was built in Philadelphia. And I have that to thank for the Phillies not winning the World Series in 1993...That and Mitch Williams...

I should know that (and actually I do - I guess there was a subtlety in the wording that changed the apparent meaning... who knows...?) as I was born in Philly and lived for 5 years in a Philly suburb.  Anyway, it's great to see some more discussion on the idea.  If anyone has any ideas on a potential mid-rise building that is architecturally unique, it'd be great to see it.

How about...
or this
or maybe this

There are probably better choices - that was just the result of 15 minutes on the STEX.



That looks like a pretty good one, barnatom!


I feel that it should be a building from before the steel and glass era and around 30 stories.

Has anyone else played with c.p.'s new houses? All I have to say is that all of my European and Aussie houses are getting uninstalled.



I've have them. I don't have many/any euro/aussie lots but I can't seem to get  c.p.'s stuff to grow (yet). Is there a trick to it?


No, not that I can tell. I had a I-M town grow them very quickly when I zoned new 2x2 and 2x3 Light Residential zones. I had the area watered, if that helps at all.


IMO, I think it would be cool to have at least one modest sized postmodern building to symbolize the city entering the modern era(or is it declining?)
NDEX Biogen Tower

War Kittens !?


Zaphod: I agree with you. I wouldn't mind seeing some more modern buildings to show that Pineshore is developing, however, we'll have to wait to hear from David because I'm sure he has the entire thing planned out in his head, as far as the backstory and the history end of things.


Quote from: Zaphod on April 10, 2007, 09:38:07 PM
Anyways, as for the other thing, I guess we need to know from dedgren what his vision of Pineshore is and what its history is to make a better decision

Yeah - agree completely.  The Biogen Tower's a great building choice as well - I considered it briefly as a signature building possibility - if only it were taller. So far, my vote goes to the Tower Life building, though, as I think the skyline would look better with an old building as its signatre building.

as for c.p's houses, you've got to be in the Chicago tileset for them to grow.  They've been popping up throughout the city I am currently building - soon it'll be hard to imagine what the game was like without c.p's houses - they fill an essential niche that nobody else has tried to fill yet.