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Started by Haljackey, November 26, 2011, 02:05:37 PM

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Section 16: Partial and Full Y-Interchanges

This guide will show you how to build Y-Interchanges on your RHWs.

The partial-y interchange is a useful design for connecting a RHW that is branching off another RHW. It is a two-way interchange and looks like a lower case y letter, thus its name.

The full-Y interchange a three-way interchange that can be used when connecting RHWs at various angles. The NAM includes a full-Y interchange for the Maxis highways as well as one for avenues. Here you will be shown how to make them for the RHW. They look like a capital Y letter, thus its name.

16.1: Basic Partial-Y Interchange
16.2 FARHW Partial Y Interchange

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Section 16.1: Basic Partial-Y Interchange (Created by apeguy)

I decided to make a tutorial for a partial Y interchange, seeing as one hasn't been made yet. This type of Partial Y is the quickest and simplest to build, and doesn't require any terrain modification. The Carriageways can also be tweaked and modified to save room or add realism.

For this tutorial we will have a RHW-6S splitting into two RHW-4s. So we'll start off by drawing some RHW-6S. Leave a 2 tile median between each carraigeway. You'll see why in the next image. Then add an orthogonal RHW-6S splitter on the opposite side of the where the two highways will split. On the other side add a diagonal RHW-6S splitter.

Next, add a RHW-4 smooth curve on the northbound (southbound for RHD) carriageway, and draw some RHW from it. Do the same thing from the diagonal splitter piece in the same direction. this will be the carriageway splitting off from the orthogonal road. Now you can see the reason for the 2-tile median is to have enough space for the smooth curve peice. You could just have a 1-tile median if you left out the smooth curve, but it wouldn't look as good.

Now place a couple of RHW-4 starter peices to convert the diagonal RHW, and then build an overpass over the northbound. (southbound for RHD) It's best to convert the RHW before you build the overpass.

Then bulldoze the RHW-4 starters and continue dragging the diagonal carriageways, and then do the same with the orthogonal RHW-6S splitter.

To finish off, just continue the southbound carriageway northwards from the overpass, use FAR peices to bring the carriageways closer together, and there you have it! A complete partial Y interchange! You can customize the interchange, for example...

You can use RHW-8 splitters instead, which adds an extra lane for traffic entering and leaving the main carraigeway. This is more realistic, especially for busier roads. With the help of a few cosmetic peices, the interchange looks much more realistic.

You can also use some smooth curves to bring the diagonal carraigeways closer together, both saving space and making the interchange more realistic.

Another space-saving solution is to use FAR peices on the other side of the carriageway.

Or why not turn the RHW-4 into RHW-6C?

Of course these are just a few ideas on how to customize this type of interchange. Just experiment around and see what's best for you. :) :)


Section 16.2 FARHW Partial Y Interchange Created by Durfsurn

A quick tutorial on how to build a Partial Y Interchange using FARHW and smooth to make it more compact and realistic.

Not recommended for people new to FARHW.

First lay down 2 lines of RHW-6S with TWO TILES of space between them.

Now drag out from the starters and drag for 10-20 tiles. Then delete the 3 tiles of the starter piece and go to the end of the highway like this.

Now go into your FARHW Menu (a subsection of the Highway Tab) and cycle through until you find this piece (I think it's called RHW-6S C1 NAM Team can help here?)

Now add a smooth curve (RHW-4 45*) to the top of the left carriageway like so and drag out diagonal RHW from it. (If you get RHW-2 just add a starter connect it and demolish the starter)

Now start your overpass by putting the ELRHW-4 transition ramps on either side of the diagonal RHW in line with the right carrigeway.

Then you think you need some puzzle pieces for this but with new technology available in RHW 5.0 (current version of time of post)you can simply drag straight over from the ramp! (If you have problems contact the NAM team for troubleshooting)

Now back to your FARHW menu and pick out the RHW-4 FAR piece and add 3 to the right FARHW ramp. The 1 to the left one.

Now at the end of the FARHW add a Short Inner Curve (The FARHW-Diag NOT the FARHW-Ortho) and drag that away.

Now demolish the FARHW piece on the left ramp and replace it with a Short Outer Curve (The FARHW to ortho) and another curve again to line it up 2 spaces form the other carriageway.

Well done you have completed what seems to be the longest and most complicated tutorial for a Partial Y interchange. *WHEW* :-[