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August 14, 2022, 06:35:45 AM

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Ronin Region - Update 13: West Hammond Coastal Industry and Fishing Harbors

Started by cubby420, October 18, 2010, 11:48:00 PM

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Great update! These coastal areas are looking really nice  &apls

I'm curious to see more of that RHW too. Hope work becomes less of a pain soon  ;D


Great docklands there, really well laid out. I love the tunnel under the walls, very clever!



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Awesome! I am surprised how well the green areas fit into the industrial harbor theme. I would have plastered it all with concrete and random warehouse buildings.  ::)
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The way you made the incline to that bridge is really interesting to say the least. :P Very interesting. And as always I love your unique photoshopping style.  :)



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This is for sure a lovely seaport you made there, I really love the general look of it also as the close-up shots that show a lot of details. Your MD is definitely one of the best around there and for sure one of my favorite !  :thumbsup:
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Great update Andrew! I like 13.8, it reminds me of an exit we have here in Vancouver. Keep it up!

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MD fantastic, sensational photos, the slope of the avenue after the bridge was very cool! Congratulations! &apls

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Hello All (especially the moderators),

Several updates to this long inactive MD are on the way. To that end, can this topic please be moved back to the proper "active" list?

If you need proof of the Ronin Region's return prior to this need only ask.  ;)