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May 19, 2022, 09:31:20 AM

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Some advice on props and dependencies

Started by BarbyW, November 05, 2006, 09:20:28 AM

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Recently some new lot makers have started to post on the STEX. Some of them, however, seem to have a number of old outdated files in their plugins folder when making them. If you have any of these files in your folder:
plugin tree or bush.dat
Also any other of the old buildings as props files by ralphaelninja

PLEASE delete them and make sure you have these instead:
bldgprop_vol1-SimCity 4 Building as Props
bldgprop_vol02 - Rush Hour Building as Props

When making lots try to empty your plugins folder of everything that you do not want to use; that way you won't use too many dependencies. It is better to compromise on a prop than to use one from a each of a lot of packs. Only do that if it is the ONLY prop that can be used in that situation. Props should be used as sparingly as possible to keep the count down. Use grouped props as much as possible and also use families for variety. Too many props not only affect game performance but also give a cluttered look to a lot. More often than not less is more.

Another thing is to make sure you have the latest versions of prop packs especially the BSC ones as most of the individual packs have been amalgamated into the MEGA packs. It can be confusing for downloaders to look for BSC SG FloraPack Vol01 when it has been combined into BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01. Make sure you have read the Readme that comes with each of the MEGA packs and remove the files that have been combined into the new MEGA pack.  That way your dependency lists will be more accurate and not contain duplicates.

There are a number of people who seem to have a strong dislike of dependencies. Dependencies are necessary for good, interesting lot making but in all cases the packs used should be as minimal as possible.
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Excellent advice there Barby.

Not only that but you help solve a problem for me too. I had "Plugin_RCI_Buildings_Prop_Modd.dat" lurking in my plugins and i think it were the cause of random crashes. With your advice above that "problem" is now solved.

You deserve a cuppa for that alone.

Cheers me dear! :thumbsup:
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Thanks for taking care for all of us Barby!  &dance
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Thanks Barby, I have several ones. Besides plugin tree or bush.dat, I also have this one, plugin hegde or bush.dat. Shall I get rid of it too? And I have Plugin_RCI_Buildings_Prop_Modd.dat too  &mmm
I have to clean my huge plugins folder one of this days  $%Grinno$% (2,31 Gb)


You certainly can dump plugin hegde or bush.dat, Rayden, as it is a very old pre RH( I think) mod. 
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Thanks barby!  Bet that'll help with the occasional mystery crash.

Never even knew I had any of those until I read this thread!
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Thx Barby, files deleted. ;) Btw, happy late birthday my friend :)


Thanx Barby for the info . You are a true champion and a master of this game  :thumbsup: &apls
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Thank you very much! This was realy helpful. &apls


This is quite helpful, barbyw. Personally, I don't hate dependencies, even if there's a lot of them, as long as there is a comprehensive list with links accompanying the download. This is going to help a lot of people!


Another quick point for lot makers - if you use SC4DatPacker for playing PLEASE keep your original folders so that when you make lots you have the correct dependencies. There is no BSCProps.dat even though I have that for playing purposes. For lotting I have all the separate MEGA and BAT Props packs. The best way to avoid problems is to use Start Up Manager as that allows you to have profiles for playing different regions and also for development of lots etc. This does the hard work for you are you set it up to suit your needs.
Inside every old person is a young person wondering what happened. TP

Barbypedia: More alive than the original


not sure if this is the right place to post this or not. i need advice about deleting a prop. ive just been trying out the sc4tool and i was hoping to delete the lamp post on the 1st pedestrian mall tile included with the nam. i hate placing these mall tiles along the glr and having a ton of lamposts. now ive found the ped. mall folder and the lamppost folder in the nam dat file. is there an easy way to just delete the lamppost show it wont show anymore? i just got the sc4tool today and i really dont know too much about it and i couldnt find a tutorial on this.


To delete a prop it's a lot easier to use the LotEditor.


You can't use the Lot Editor to remove the lamppost from the ped-mall puzzle piece, but it should be doable with the Reader. Make a backup of the "NetworkAddonMod5.dat" file and then open it with the Reader. Click on "Fill the list" and then click on the very first exemplar file in the list. It has the name "Ped Mall Tiles_CentrePole". Right-click on the "LotConfigPropertyLotObject" line, and select "Delete property" from the pop-up menu. Now right-click again and select "Reindex LotConfig". Finally, save the file. Most likely, you will have to bulldoze and re-plop the puzzle pieces to get rid of the lampposts, but after doing so, they shouldn't show the lamppost anymore.


andreas, thanks so much for your help! it was easy to follow and it did the job.  :)