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August 14, 2022, 05:36:04 PM

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Three Rivers Region

Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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I would love to test them, David. I've got a great region that I put on the shelf until this release.


EDITDone, my friend.  Last thing before bed, too. -DE


I'd love to test them out, David, if I could.  I've got a few ideas on how to get the most out of them ;)
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WOW, 2 whole pages since last night :O

and no surprise ;D

I would love to test them, but (and I know how pathetic this sounds  :D) I cant take screenshots. Also freshers week at Uni and the fact that I dont play the game also stops me from doing it.

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I will put in a request to test them then please  :)
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I would love to test them, too!

And nice work on these pictures there, David! :thumbsup:


yeah, i'd like to give them a try too. I've got a "heavy rail" themed city, so I've got plenty of places for them. Thanks :D


Anyone mind if I upload these to the 3RREX [linkie] over the next couple of days?

They've basically been sitting around 90% done (all of the textures, most of the LOTting, very little of the "menuing", no readmes) for a year.  That's a shame...

Let's see what we can do about that, eh?

* * *

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Three Rivers Region- A collaborative development of the SC4 community
The 3RR Quick Finder [linkie]

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That would be great, you won't find me minding at all.
Robin  ;)
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Nice there, David! And it would be nice to download this stuff in a couple of days. ;)


Of course I don't mind, David. :)  I'm not much of an "airporter" right now, but I'm sure the time will come that I must use these.
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I certainly wouldn't say no to these, David! I wouldn't say no at all!


I'd also like to try them out, that's if you haven't already got more than enough volunteers!  I've got some places that they can be used.

Incidentally, Are those diagonal runways?

EDITPaul: 1) check your email box, and 2) yes, they do catch the eye, don't they? -DE


Quote from: dedgren on September 30, 2008, 08:08:41 AM
Anyone mind if I upload these to the 3RREX [linkie] over the next couple of days?
I hope that was rhetorical ;D
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Omigawd dude I would LOVE a diagonal RMIP set! I'm new to this RMIP concept but I'm warming up to it quick... (as in, I have an airport about 65% complete using RMIP2)

Anyway, I just downloaded the FAR/FARR beta set from the email you sent us so I'm going to test it right away.

Sandbox-city testing indicates that they work well, but there are a few minor glitches that I will describe in my final report.
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I go for it too. Got an industrial area I want to use the FARR on!


Some preliminary results from the beta test:
Most tested features seem to be functioning within expected parameters.

As a side note, I figured out the issue I was having during the beta test. Apparently it didn't like me having a copy of the original FAR-alpha build in there too.

-Back-to-back placement functions for FARR and mostly for FAR. The small 90 degree road curve has some issues in placement. Like other pieces, it creates stubs at each end but, unlike other pieces, it does not allow its stub pieces to overlap with other pieces preventing a back-to-back (btb) placement. The situations I tested it in include a btb placement with a FAR short curve (where a FAR 45 curve fit fine) and a btb with the same FAR short curve in an attempt to get a smooth curve between it and a FARR-90. It does not appear any reserved tiles were involved.

-Slope tolerance seems to work as expected with a general slope mod (JRJ-BRF)

-A warning to the general user: reserved tiles for the FARR 90 curve are a bit more subtle than they appear. Use caution when working close to them, especially on the inside.

As for my recommendations for future pieces, as part of my testing I attempted something similar to my first test with the FAR, and tried to cram as much in to as tight of an area I could get. In an attempt to do so, I found myself with a 7 tile wide space to fit a curve in. The FARR's 90 is just a wee bit larger (as shown in the upper picture below).  My first request would be a FARR 90 with a tighter radius to fit perhaps a 6x6 or so.

Secondly, as shown in the second pic, I think a piece designed as a switch (if that is feasible) with a gradual curve would be a great addition. If a train is moving fast enough to take advantage of the gradual curves, they shouldn't have to slow down for a little curve like this. For a suggestion on execution, perhaps a 3x2 that is designed to merge into the FARR system as opposed to making a large sweeping switch which would take a fair bit of room.

Those are just my tentative observations from the first run through, but I will try to get back a bit later with a nice looking picture or two.


Well I'll follow along behind Matt with some "I did it with FAR!" pics.

But first, I didn't really find any problems, other than ones Matt already mentioned like not being able to place the small 90 degree road curve bact-to-back with others, and some issues developing around a 90 degree rail curve. It wasn't liking me placing anything within about 3-4 tiles of each side, but I could bulldoze the FARR curve, build what I wanted around it, and replace it with no problems, the result of which can be seen in the second-to-last pic.

I did get a functional neighbor connection with a FARR piece, and could plop an overpass piece back-to-back with a FARR piece as well, as seen in the last pic.
I also tried plopping two FAR short curves back-to-back, and success, as well as the FARR/ortho road crossing piece back-to-back with a curve, which also worked.

The only other problem I noticed was that they really seemed to mess up the slope of the surrounding area, especially long stretches of FAR. I often had to re-grade the area several times before the FAR conformed to it. Specifically what it was doing was creating big trenches, I guess you would call them, through the area so the FAR pieces went up and down jaggedly, contrary to the surrounding terrain.

As for a suggestion (or two) for a new puzzle-piece, I'd like to see a smooth curve rail switch. i.e., orthogonal rail with a switch coming off of it at 45, 90, and the two FARR angles, as well as the same thing for diagonal rail and the FARR angles.
And I agree with Matt that a shorter 90 degree rail curve would be nice...

Now on to the pics!
All are 800x600 linked to 1024x768.

More from my FAR/FARR test cities can be found in the next couple days in my "Other Cities" CJ on ST. Sorry if I took too many pics...  :)
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Great looking pictures of your tests there, deathtopumpkins! ;)
And looking forward to more from your stuff, David! :)


No, sir! I don't mind! You go right ahead, then... :D

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A picture of me utilizing the FARR Long Curves...

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