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September 27, 2022, 07:19:46 PM

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Show us your... Ghetto's

Started by NikNik, December 22, 2006, 02:57:33 PM

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Wow. It's beautiful. I like how it turned out.
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Yep, I still got it.


little up !

one of my oldest picture only presented on TSC

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Sam Johnson

The last days I was working on a part of my Ghetto in my current City here are some results:

I hope you like them  :)


Your ghettos make it look like a nice place to live in ::).
300... 200... 100... 50... 40... 30... 20... 10

Yep, I still got it.


very nice ghetto's you've got there, I especially like the railyard and the catenaries. Keep up the good work! :thumbsup:

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Pity so few people show their ghettos (out of second page?). Let's try to fix it!

My pics don't show a typical ghetto (most buildings are $$), but the neighborhood ain't too wealthy, anyway :).

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Such awesome and admirable ghettos there Gwail. Especially the photoshopping.... It all fits in perfectly.

What is it that you guys do to be able to develop good looking "poor" areas? All i can get to grow is R$$ and R$$$ and I have a humongous demand for R$ too.

Can someone please give me a few tips on that? I would greatly appreciate it!

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Gwail, your ghetto looks so realistic! The grey/brown layer fits so well!
Like just-a-guy already said, it fits fantastic!


I've never done a ghetto before, so please bare with me if it's somehow desirable and nice.

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just_a_guy, Luigi, glad you like it!

just_a_guy, you have to take about poor inhabitans in the opposite way as you care for wealthy ones :). So, don't develop (too much - you have to have some institutions, otherwise chance of riots is too high) education (it's priority matter), health care, police / fire coverage, YIMBY landmarks and parks. Usually $ residents don't care about such inconveniences. Maybe it isn't correct in 100%, for sure any sc4 expert will correct me.

TopCliff, your pic looks well, but a bit too "sterilised" imo.
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Looking Good! Anyone know some 'nice' ploppable pre-fabs/flats that are available?


Unfortunately you won't find any ploppable residential buildings because there's a bug in the game with them. You'll have wait the buildings you want to grow. There's no other way (except the Building ploppable I think)
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rooker1 very well could be the best ghetto pics I have ever seen.
Great job.  &apls

Robin  :thumbsup:
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Neofita, looking at your ghettos almost made me change my mind when I was at uploading my pictures... Excellent job &apls

Here are some non-brick ghettos from Mitszenszk:


@Neofita, that is a lot of work and detail. However it is all worth it when it comes out as well defined as your offering.  &apls


@ szergej279: your ghetto looks very eastern euro. nice work. i tried to create this look as well... like it very much.

@Neofita : ur my fav ghetto-builder! i'm just speachless!

here is my try:

it's in the south of the city core.

edit: forget this pic ;)

even more to the south, you will finally come to the massive (unfinished) project building.