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January 20, 2022, 02:55:39 AM

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Author Topic: Error when importing FSH files into DAT using _ReaderLoadList generated by GoFSH  (Read 3430 times)

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Offline pxljce

I'm getting the following error message in iLive's Reader when batch importing FSH files into a blank DAT using _ReaderLoadList.txt generated by GoFSH (first time doing this):

iLive Reader error msg:
The following files have not been added: C:\pj unidensity\cobblestone street unidensity\exported files\BMP\E86B1EEF-E86B1EEF-286B1F03.dir

Line from _ReaderLoadList.txt
E86B1EEF   E86B1EEF   286B1F03   C:\pj unidensity\cobblestone street unidensity\exported files\BMP\E86B1EEF-E86B1EEF-286B1F03.dir   N

I've checked and the file (E86B1EEF-E86B1EEF-286B1F03.dir) does not exist. Anywhere. What did I bork?  $%Grinno$%

Offline mgb204

Following the instructions in GoFSH for exporting the DAT, the DIR file should be exported along with a TGI file for it. Actually you don't need the old one, in reader check all the FSH files correctly imported with their IDs, if that's fine just right click and select "re-index", then "rebuild Directory File" and the reader will create a new one, you might need to use F5 to refresh afterwards before it appears in the list.

Offline pxljce

Thanks, was just reading a pdf well hidden in the program folder(that's the official story and I'm sticking to it) for GoFSH with just those instructions. Derp.