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NAM: El-Rail over Avenue

Started by memo, March 08, 2013, 09:09:54 AM

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I'm not aware of an el-rail over avenue station, but if you transition to RD-4, then there is this one since NAM 32:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJ1D_Cm_gGM&t=2m27s.

(I am not on my gaming rig right now, so I hope the link will do the job)

edit: the Ave-4/RD-4 transition is in the same video at 1:35.


Indeed to my knowledge, so such stations exist currently. There is only one for the El over RD-4 network, but you can transition very easily between the two for the station, then back to Ave-4 thereafter.


OK... my bad  :)
I never explored the NWM network, so I'll check this, could be nice !


Was trying to figure some things out for a section of elevated rail over avenue and then came across some great looking tracks from some mod. Does anyone know where I can find this or if it was ever released?

Mikey Knox

Isnt that a default NAM Station (Morgan Lake)?


Yes, but I'm referring to the track itself with its brown color


is it buddybuds? the thread http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=2913.0 had a bunch of pictures but they're all gone.... from what I remember it was meant to be wooden sleepers?
Copperminds and Cuddleswarms


The station was created by Droric.


If it was Buddybud's, I don't think they are available anywhere, though some people around here managed to get a preview copy.

I know you are probably not looking to take on a new texturing project. But actually, El-Rail doesn't have very many textures at all (27 original Maxis ones, maybe a handful of new ones added in NAM). With your skills you could probably easily make a similar set of tracks.


Thanks Robin! Sounds almost too easy, what's the catch?  ;D  Unfortunately I've never been good at finding stuff in the Maxis .dats--quite bad at it actually. Do you know where I could find the textures to modify?

EDIT: No longer need info on location of the textures in the Maxis dats; hope to start work shortly on some retexturing and realigning to RRW or RLR geometry. RRW would be first choice but RLR wouldn't require any path changes.



Please keep us all updated on your progress...

Thanks for trying to put all this together for us man



Thanks again, Brian :)  Looking at the set, it seems indeed in pretty good shape, certainly worth using for me. Besides some odd behavior with t21s appearing and disappearing with clicking around, the mod seems to lack T21s for NWMs and RHWs. I've never done anything with t21s before, though I have had interest. Without knowing much of the system, I imagine it wouldn't be the hardest work to do with them as all the tiles get essentially the same T21. Anyway, if I do make any progress on it I'll be sure to keep everyone informed  :thumbsup:


I found the El-Rail T21s easy enough to work with, although I'm working with Moonlights set personally.

The answer to finding the El-Rail textures (which I think you've done) is look in SimCity_3.dat. I am looking at making a RRW Reskin like repository for them in future, since there are so few textures, it's not a lot of work. The problem with RRW spec rails is that El-Rail will meet GLR, there is no way to transition the rails at that point. So for my money, I'd keep the existing system. Of course if you have RRW spec rails for GLR, that may not be such a problem. But otherwise, a re spec of the GLR system is a gigantic effort by comparison, which I'm sure you know all too well.


Well I do recall Buddy Bud telling me he felt that entire mod was about 90 % completed...

It does seem likely also that the missing 10 % was related to RHW, because I vaguely recall him mentioning this to me..But still it cant hurt for me to do a search around my other related Sc 4 files and see if i could be still missing some files which might prove helpful to Noah..

Of course if you want to do the T-21 yourselves that fine of course as im thinking now that had something to do with the missing 10 % he was referring too..

I didnt have the necessary knowledge to really assist him as far as the modding goes, but I was helpful to him in regards to testing things for him because I had working cities in game..

Of course we all wish the modding legend was still around, and so perhaps he will run across these postings one day  :thumbsup:



i did find another collection of BB files . Seems to be a lot of files in this folder also. But these may be quite relevant to you as they were the working files that BB and i were testing just before his departure..I am sure some of these are likely duplicates, but there did seem to be files of interest here also.. for example a sub folder named - rural hwy..

in any event I have made this second zip file available to you under the name Buddy Bud 2 , in our nam drop box folder..


Reading the last few Posts makes me feel exited...some new Textures for the El Rail sound great :bnn: :popcorn:


Thanks for the second batch of files, Brian :)  I haven't yet had a chance to thoroughly go through all the files but feel like my experimentation so far gives me a pretty good idea of what the situation is. First, the set is already pretty nice the way it is and all the most basic functions work, though sometimes a bit of clicking around is required. Junctions have more problems with missing t21 models that often can't be resolved by clicking around. All of the necessary models do seem to be complete however, meaning it's at least possible to finish the mod based on the material available. An exception to that would be the different supports needed for the el-rail/road/avenue dual networking pieces which have different geometries and seem like they'd be fine to have in a different style anyway. The rail textures (not t21s) seem to work for all but a handful of less-used pieces such as on-slope double-height and several el-over-road junctions and those fixes shouldn't be difficult. The bulk of the work would seem to be getting the t21s to behave properly with the existing stuff and extending those to all the rhw, nwm, and other pieces. It's probably beyond my ability and available time to do all the t21 work necessary, though I'll likely take a stab at it anyway.

With the rail textures essentially already done and apparently not difficult to modify, it may make more sense in the nearer term to make a mod based on only that available, depending on buddybud's thoughts on that if his own work were to be shared that way. Since I want RRW gauge rails anyway and since I don't want to incorporate someone else's textures in it that I don't have permission to remake and redistribute, I've already started working on textures that would be compatible with my long in-progress RLR mod, using some of my old sleepers with gradients on the edges for the wood and my tram rails for the rails.

Anyway, whether or not it would be considered 90% done would depend on what the intended scope was. For regular el-rail stuff I'd say that's probably the case but when it includes all the different stuff el-rail can do I'd say there's quite a bit remaining to be done. Will keep you guys updated with any further finds on the existing material or progress on expanding or retexturing el-rail stuff.


thanks also to you Noah  :thumbsup:

I know if Buddy Bud were around he would love to work with you to complete this mod ..

He is also of course in a better position than I am to know whats missing here and what still needs to be completed..

Perhaps there is some kind soul out there , who still knows how to contact Buddy Bud and let him know what we are up to ...

I bet with this long lay off hes had, he would be enthused to finish this Mod, if he knew he had help to complete it..