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March 28, 2023, 01:45:32 AM

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The City & County of Honolulu

Started by sumwonyuno, July 31, 2009, 01:29:49 PM

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KoV Liberty

My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.




Oh my! This is absolutely dramatic to the highest degree. The suburbia is wonderful. I love it all.  &apls


On the other side of the Ko'orau Mountains from Capitalis is the Windward City.  A wide variety of suburban neighborhoods make up this part of Community Island.

Ocean Life Park is a popular site for tourists and young students.  It is an educational center that focuses on showcasing marine flora and fauna found in Paradise.   Adjacent to the park are facilities, owned by various educational institutions, for doing research on the aquatic world.

Vaipanaro is a R$ neighborhood largely centered around farming and a rural lifestyle.  The largest concentration of houses here are near Vaipanaro Beach Park.

Boswell is a decommissioned as an air force base of the second SimWorld War.  Today, some sections are used for training the Marines.  The shore here is contiguous of Vaipanaro Beach.  The Simerican military has jurisdiction, but it voluntarily allows public shoreline access.  Recently, due to illegal behavior by some, the military has found it necessary to temporarily close access, in order to clean up and redesign designated public areas.

Paunaviri is a small inland neighborhood, inside of the Oropana crater.

Magic Lake was once a large inland fishpond.  Today, a canal connects Magic Lake to the ocean.  Depending on the tide, it becomes a freshwater lake, or a brackish one.

Kairua was the first suburban neighborhood on the windward side of Community Island.  It experienced rapid urbanization after the second SimWorld War and during the boom years of Capitalis.  Development has encroached right up to the beach.  Kairua Beach is often heralded as the best beach Paradise has to offer.

Ranikai is also known as Little Katara.  This small coastal neighborhood boasts the most expensive real estate on this side of the island.  As the sister beach to Kairua, Ranikai Beach is still rated among the most beautiful in the SimWorld.

The Pokaju peninsula is home to an active Simerican military installation, the Kane'ote Marine Corps Base.

Kane'ote is the largest of the Windward City neighborhoods.  The area was once used for farming, but was later urbanized at the same time as Kairua.  A majority of the R$$ that reside here commute across the Ko'orau Mountains for employment.


Driftmaster07:  Thanks!  Though, I don't know if anyone here notices, there are a certain whole neighborhoods missing.  They're suppose to be on the mountain slopes, and sometime after the main story is finished, I'll try to make them in the game.

danielcote:  Heh, almost all of the residential areas that we have yet to visit on the island are suburbs.  On "emgmod's" part of the island (West of Capitalis), now those are really extensive suburban neighborhoods.

emgmod:  Check out the updated region view in the Overview chapter.  I've made some changes in Diamond Harbor (Pearl Harbor).  There are ships in the Middle Loch now, and I've redone Dorf Island (Ford Island).  I've put in a battleship to act as the USS SimMissouri.

BuildingUp :  Thank you very much!  I hope you'll enjoy all of the surburbia that's on the rest of the island as well.

The City & County of Honolulu, a Mayor Diary based on Honolulu, Hawai'i.

mark's memory address - I've created a blog!


Another couple of great updates!  You're really doing a superb job of recreating the island.  I keep getting this odd sense of familiarity from some of your shots! 

Yes indeed, I did spend 8 days in Waikiki and also travelling around the island.  I'd go back for another visit without a moments hesitation! 


Hawaiian + Replacing l with r = Someone figuring out you're lazy thinking up these names.

Anyway, Due to the H-3, I go to school here.
Red: My dad's workplace
Blue: My school


I was going to wait a while, but I guess it's better to answer now.

Battlecat:  Thank you very much!  Glad that you've enjoyed your time here in the islands, and pleased that this mayor diary is bringing up (hopefully good) memories.

emgmod:  First off, Kailua High School?  Congratulations, you're the first person I've "met" that goes there.  Heh, you're also the first instance I've come across of a student living in one suburb and going to school in another.  It's usually suburb to town.  You've got the best daily commute anywhere:thumbsup:

For the proper nouns in this story, yes, it's all based off the real ones.  I have five different ways as an attempt to fictionalize names:

1.  Just adding Sim in front of the name (SimPacific).
2.  Completely make something up (Hawai'i to Paradise, O'ahu to Community Island).
3.  Non-Hawaiian people names are scrambled (i.e. Bellows to Boswell, Henry Kaiser to Kerry Seahin, and therefore Hawai'i Kai to Paradise Sea).
4.  Switch adjectives of two places (i.e. Diamond Head and Pearl Harbor to Pearl Head and Diamond Harbor).
5.  A "Paradisian" alphabet, which keeps all vowels, an apostrophe as the 'okina, no kahakō, and the following consonant conversions from Hawaiian:
  - H to T
  - M to P
  - L to R
  - P to J
  - W to V
  - K and N are kept

As for the stereotypical Asian L and R, such sound interchangability was common among Native Hawaiians as well.  It was the missionaries that standardized the language and did their best to eliminate the ambiguity.  I started off the "Paradisian" alphabet with the alternative letters (K to T, L to R, W to V).  But some names sounded weird (Waikiki to Vaititi).  The alphabet went through several revisions until it became the system I'm using now.  Heh, I have to admit, it's still less than perfect, it still sounds weird and some places still have the same names (Kaka'ako, Nu'uanu, etc.).  The letter choices for H to T and M to P were intentional.  I had alternate meanings for the name "Capitalis", one being the capital, and another being symbolic of capitalism and Honolulu's growth.  And it hit me one day:  Kamehameha > Kapetapeta > Kapetalis > Capitalis.   ;)

The City & County of Honolulu, a Mayor Diary based on Honolulu, Hawai'i.

mark's memory address - I've created a blog!


The western part of Capitalis is usually seen as an area that commuters and tourists bypass to get into town.  Nevertheless, West Capitalis is important, as it connects windward to leeward, west to east, and the world to Capitalis.  Its neighborhoods make up over 10% of Community Island's population.

The area of Kajarapa is composed of numerous smaller neighborhoods.  There is a wide-spread rumor that the great Administrator, Sum Won Yuno, lives in an undisclosed residence here, that may or may not be in this photo.  Other speculation of the great Administrator's home include, but are not limited to, in a geosynchronous satelite, in another dimension, or in a parallel universe.

Kariti is a large R$ neighborhood that stretches from the ocean and into the valley to the north.  Though it has has a reputation of being a rough neighborhood, grassroots and government-led efforts are working to counter the area's problems.

The Princess Highway was built as the second roadway to cut through the Ko'orau Moutains to serve the Windward City area.

The Pajunajuna area is a major retail and industrial business district.  The lower half is vulnerable to flooding, as the average elevation is at current sea level.  Some streets are lower.  They are flooded with salt water at especially high tides, and sea creatures can be found coming out of storm drains.

Poanarua is a R$$ residential neighborhood.  The Poanarua Valley to the north is a privately-owned, but publicly-accessible forest reserve.

Salt Lake is the densest neighborhood outside of in-town Capitalis.  The eastern 1-mile stretch of the mountain-side of Salt Lake Blvd. is lined with mid-rise and high-rise apartment buildings.

The lake that gives it its name was once salty because it had no outlet.  Artesian wells raised the water level in the lake, and canals allowed the accumulated minerals to be washed away.  Today, much of the lake has been filled in, and a golf course replaces it.

Ariapanu is an extinct volcanic crater, and is the name of the largely R$$ neighborhood around it.

The land on the ocean side of Salt Lake Blvd. is largely owned and leased by the Simerican Navy.  Single-family housing for soldiers and their families make up the majority of the land use here.  At the western end, there are K-12 schools, high-tech facilities, and retail.

On the ocean side of the P-1 Freeway Airport Viaduct, there is the Airport Business/Industrial Area.  The land is owned by the State and leased to private business owners.

The Capitalis International Airport is the largest in the Paradisian Islands.  It was once a major stopover for trans-SimPacific flights.  Although that is not the case as much anymore, it still is among the busiest airports in the United States of Simerica.  Almost all interisland, interstate and international passenger traffic for Paradise is by air.

The airport has four main runways: two east-west (8L/26R & 8R/26L) and two diagonal (4L/22R & 4R/22L).  There are also two water runways (4W/22W & 8W/26W) to the east for seaplanes.

The 8R/26L runway is the SimWorld's first one built offshore.

The City & County of Honolulu, a Mayor Diary based on Honolulu, Hawai'i.

mark's memory address - I've created a blog!


This is coming along great!  Nice job on the suburban areas!


I love what you've done with the airport and the golf course. I wouldn't mind playing golf there myself.  &apls

KoV Liberty

My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.


The Mickah Air Force Base is to the west of the Capitalis International Airport.  Although the base itself does have short runways for SimPlanes, Simerican military aircraft also use the Capitalis Airport runways.

The Diamond Harbor Naval Base is famous throughout the SimWorld.  Futher information on why it is so can be found elsewhere.  Various memorials of a certain event are scattered among many places, but one notable one is placed on the ruins of the USS SimArizona, a battleship that was in port here.

Aligned with the remains of the USS SimArizona is the USS SimMissouri.  It had historic roles in past warfare and is now a public museum.

Diamond Harbor is still one of the most strategically important places in the SimWorld, in a military perspective.  Paradise's location and the geography in and around the harbor are almost ideal.  All of the other military installations on Community Island are meant to support the naval base here.

All three lochs and virtually all of the surrounding land is owned by the Simerican Navy.  The west loch is an ammunition depot.

The middle loch is used to store old, decommissioned ships.

The east loch of the harbor is used to service surface ships and submarines.

Dorf Island is in the middle of the east loch.  It had a lot of military usage as an airstrip in the first half of the 20th century.  Today, the island is a landmark.

A rectractible floating bridge, owned by the Simerican Navy, connects Dorf Island to Community Island.

Tarava is a small neighborhood at the mouth of the Tarava Valley.  A small industrial park and State's largest prison are also here.  However, the most controversial facility here is the P-3 Freeway.  The P-3 is the third and newest roadway that cuts through the Ko'orau Mountains to serve the Windward City.  Further information will be in a future chapter.

'Aiea is a suburban residential neighborhood that stretches from the mountains to the shore of Diamond Harbor.

On the southern edge of 'Aiea is the Paradise Stadium.  It is a 50,000-seat State facility, that hosts numerous sport events, concerts, school events and the largest swap meet in the islands.  It was built as the SimWorld's first transformable stadium, to handle both Simerican football and baseball configurations.  Its stands could be moved.  However, due to a materials flaw, the steel in the stadium is rusting, when it was designed not to.  The stadium is now locked in the football configuration.  A lack of maintenance money is to blame for the loss of its movable stands and overall degrading state.

Vaiparu is the original name of an area that is now also called Diamond Ridge.  Towards the mountains, suburban homes snake up slopes of the Ko'orau.  A small cluster of highrises fit between the P-1 Freeway and Poanarua Road.

On both sides of the Kapetapeta Highway, there are shopping malls.  The Diamond Ridge Shopping Mall is the second largest in Paradise.  A small farm in the area is reminiscent of the farmland that used to dominate here.

Diamond City was originally a small neighborhood that supported a military installation on the peninsula to the south.  It was greatly expanded after the second SimWorld War and then later in the Capitalis boom years.


Battlecat:  Thank you!  There's more suburbs to come!

BuildingUp:  Heh, thanks!  Seems like everyone wants to golf on the best courses in the SimWorld :P.

Driftmaster07:  I hope that this mayor diary is the next best thing to a real vacation :thumbsup:.

The City & County of Honolulu, a Mayor Diary based on Honolulu, Hawai'i.

mark's memory address - I've created a blog!


To almost everybody here: Good luck pronouncing that.

We also need someone to BAT Aloha Stadium (Paradise Stadium).


Looking good!  Nice job with the military harbor!  It is coming together quite nicely already.


You're cities look actualy quite realistic.  :thumbsup:


The Windward Coast is made up of a string of neighborhoods that value a quiet, rural lifestyle on the wet side of the island.

'Atuipanu is the largest and the only inland neighborhood on the Windward Coast.  To the south of 'Atuipanu is Shrine Valley.   Located here is a large cemetary.  Further in the valley is a place of worship, a replica of one in SimAsia.

The neighborhood of Te'eia is nestled in between a coastal hill and the shore.

The Katekiri Highway transitions into the Kapetapeta Highway near Kataru'u.  Some of the largest farms for cultivating traditional food staples were cultivated here, though today, local produce and decorative plants are grown.

Next to and contiguous of Kataru'u is Vaite'e.

On the other side of the hill are the small neighborhoods of Vaiatore and Vaikane.

Further down Kapetepeta Highway is the area known as Kuaroa.  Kuaroa Regional Park is the largest and most-popular park on the Windward side of Community Island.  Next to the park is the largest of the few remaining fishponds on the island.<p>

Ka'a'ava is a shoreline neighborhood.  Towards the mountains, Ka'a'ava Valley has been used in numerous famous SimHollywood movies.

Katana Valley has a unique distinction on Community Island.  No abundance of swords here, as its name may imply.  The area is under the State's preservation lands, as an atujua'a.  The atujua'a was an integral part of the land system devised by the Native Paradisians.  Generally, an atujua'a was a large valley, or series of valleys, that supported a self-sustaining community from the mountain peaks to the oceans.

Junaru'u is another small shoreline neighborhood, although it is the only place on the whole Windward Coast with development denser than low density.

Continuing on Kapetapeta Highway is the neighborhood of Tau'ura.

Ra'ie is home to two of the largest attractions on the Windward Coast.  It is home to a sizable population of faith.  A large House of Worship is the most prominant structure in the area.  The SimPolynesian Cultural Center is a complex of museums that showcases the traditional lifestyles of indigenous peoples of various SimPacific Islands.


emgmod:  I can pronounce it!  The list of things needed to customize for this region goes on...

Battlecat:  Thank you for your continued patronage!

danielcote:  Thanks!  I'm glad it's realistic by your standards.

The City & County of Honolulu, a Mayor Diary based on Honolulu, Hawai'i.

mark's memory address - I've created a blog!


Beautiful coastline!  I travelled around that side of the island one day of my trip, you've captured that coast perfectly! 

KoV Liberty

My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.


Great work and very realistic looking.  &apls

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.