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Dwa problemy, dwie prośby ;)

Started by fireman82, August 28, 2016, 04:20:44 AM

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1. Problem jest tego typu, że gra zamienia tekstury plaży, wszystkie gdzie tylko jest element związany z plażą, na takie brzydkie z kostki brukowej. Zainstalowałem już RVT Coastal Mod 2009 (tylko plik na transparentną plażę) i nic. Może ktoś coś doradzić.
2.Sprawa - potrzebuję pliku z kosodrzewiną górską.

Za pomoc z góry dzięki.



It would be much easier to help you if you can add some images to see what the problem is. At the moment, I'm not sure if you are talking about beach textures or sidewalk textures on beach lots. Also, it is much probable you could recieve help by asking in English; most forumers don't even talk English, but is kind of an accord.

Greets for coming to the forum, and hope we could be of help!

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Niestety nie bardzo wiem jak wstawić tutaj zdjęcie, ale chodzi o tekstury typowo plaży, nie chodnika przy niej. Buduję/wstawiam plażę i zamiast piasku jest kostka brukowa. Podobnie jeśli wstawiam jakiś mały plik "plażowy" np. parasole, itp.


1. The problem is the type of game that turns texture beach, all where only the element is associated with the beach, on such an ugly with cobblestones. As for the texture typical beach, not the sidewalk beside her. I build / intercede beach and sand instead of the paving stones. Similarly, if you intercede a small file "beach" for example. Umbrellas, etc. Have already installed the RVT Coastal Mod 2009 (only the file on the transparent beach) and nothing. Can someone advise something.
2. The case - I need a file from the dwarf pine mountain.

Using thanks in advance.


Perhaps for the beach problem, it would be easier if we could see the problem, could you try to upload a screenshot to show us?


It looks something like this: screen effect and a list of plug-ins. I know that the general mess, but what helped. It's hard to say when these textures have been replaced. Maybe it throws something in the eye, in what could be the problem? Alternatively, I can do screen, one "suspect" folder. No smiles I throw everything and installing from scratch. Help something please.


Obviously, this brown pavement texture is using the same ID as the Maxis texture for the beach. If you can't find the file by looking at the filenames, you should use the good old "split your plugins into two halves" method. Move one half of your plugins out of the folder, start the game and check the beach lot. If it's fixed, swap the files and try again with the other half. You have to repeat this with the "bad" half a few times until you found the culprit.