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July 24, 2021, 07:10:10 PM

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Author Topic: NOOBIE Needs Help!! How To Turn This Lot Into A W2W  (Read 3352 times)

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NOOBIE Needs Help!! How To Turn This Lot Into A W2W
« on: December 25, 2013, 12:11:51 PM »
I am trying to make a ploppable 2x1 W2W using this tiny building model where its original property has the model centered on the 2x1 lot showing the ground (green grass) between the building and the edge of the lot.

I've made a ploppable version using SC4Pim to  locate and drag the building model's description to the RCI Type: "Ploppable/Education>elem school. 

I cold edit some of the  properties using SC4Pim like the Exemplar name and description, but could not adjust the lot size (just to see if I could get the bldg. on a 1x1  )  and  when I used SC4Pim's "Lot Editor" Menu Option, the lot editor screen loads but none of the menu items at the bottom border of the window worked and I couldn't move the existing bldg shown in the screen to the left or right and not able to locate and plop another copy of the building model so to align the right edges and 'mesh' or blend the two buildings as seamless as possible where they overlapped in the middle (I planned to plop a tree prop as a cover-up if the overlapping is too noticeable).

How can I accomplish the goal to be able to add two of the same models on this 2x1 lot and moving one to the left edge and the other to the right edge?    I have also tried opening LEProp direct but when I load a dat file, I cant move anything once I plopped something.

I was able to make a ploppable copy by dragging the building

SCREENSHOT 1: Created A Basic Growable Using SC4PIM
  • Loaded SC4Pim; located this neat little building model that is centered on a 2x1 lot
  • Dragged the building's description over to the RCI Type: "Ploppable / Education / Elem School", creating the 1st of 2 tables in the screenshots
  • Created the Ploppable version on tab 2 from tab1's content then re-named the file
I've opened SC4Pim - located this neat little building
Dragged the file name to the "ploppable - schools"created a ploppable version and gave it a name

I clicked