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October 03, 2022, 11:12:24 AM

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Real Expressway Mod REW (Development and Support)

Started by eggman121, November 23, 2016, 10:21:07 PM

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Long time since I have posted in this thread.

I am currently working on some diagonal overpass stuff and this is what I have to show...

So this stuff tinkers with the draggable overpass stuff. I intend however to limit this functionality to only Street, Road, One Way Road (OWR) and Avenue Only!

I do acknowledge that this has been a protracted Dev cycle but RL has hit alot of us hard and RL has to take precedence.



Woow, these REW stuffs are pretty impressive! :)
And now diagonal height transitions.  &apls &apls &apls &apls

Thanks Stephen!

- Tyberius
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Now that is impressive.  REW is going to be soo SWEET and replace alot of AVE rural highways that just don't meet the governments requirements. 

Nathan Machado

Amazing! I always needed something like that. It will be very helpful! I'm looking foward to see it done!  ;D


Not trying to be critical, but I never understood why any city would want at grade crossings when they have the ROW for main lanes. I love the FA, and would definitely love to see FA-OWR-1, FAREW, and a connector to/from FA-OWR-1 and FAMIS. In fact, that could be added to Quick change, where it would resemble the NAM MHW-->parallel OWR entrance and exit ramps, RHW style.

Currently there is limited ability to make an exit ramp FA style that will connect to a RHW4 either C1 or F1, inside entrance or exit ramp. Those look kinda cool, and closely resemble a lot of entrance and exit ramps that I have seen, but it is a pain to transition between OWR and RHW-4 all the time, and I am sure it would likewise be painful to do so with OWR-3 and RHW6S, or OWR-4 and RHW8S.


Created some frontage roads using the A1 ramps and the REW. I thought I would show them off :)


Here is one that uses the OWR4 to OWR2 splitter and the RW4 to RHW6C ramp.


Quote from: roadgeek on October 31, 2020, 06:44:47 PM
Created some frontage roads using the A1 ramps and the REW. I thought I would show them off :)

Nice system! I did not know these worked on diagonals. The REW are great frontage roads since they allow RCI development.


Quote from: Opkl on November 01, 2020, 09:22:32 PM
Nice system! I did not know these worked on diagonals. The REW are great frontage roads since they allow RCI development.

I know! Right? If and when they figure out the issues with the OWR system where they can add the Wider NWMs to the REW, that is going to rock! I have that OWR-4 to OWR 2 splitter in there, because the traffic is so heavy on that frontage road that a OWR-2 cannot handle all of it, but it looks really tacky, and I didn't have enough space to construct that On ramp the most desirable way. If this were LHD, it would work out even better, with all that traffic exiting, rather than entering the highway, but sometimes with city planning, it doesn't work out quite the way we would like for it to work.


Got a Cool U-Turn that I have been wanting to show. Enjoy!


I always wanted to be able to create those cool underpass U-turns. This requires two OWR-1 starter pieces on each U-Turn, placed on both sides of the RHW. Slip lanes are a bit more tricky. There is a glitch, but the workaround is to place the Ave-6 starter right next to the slip lane. That kinda messes up my plan to use left hand turn lanes, but I will try it on another interchange without the slip lanes.


A mix of REW and TULEP that works functionally like REW....

We have a Parclo and we have a 2 lane AVE terminating at a OWR-2.


Nice, does the AVE-2 splitter work with other networks like the RD-2?
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Road geek , im quite impressed with what you have done here  :thumbsup:

Im going to try and see if i can give you and the others an update on current REW development , hopefully in the next few days :)


Hey everyone , thanks for your patience  :thumbsup:

So here are the main aspects i can share with all of you concerning REW development s-

1) ... so as we are now into NAM 40 development , i can share with you that REW development has Re- started and is certainly one of the feature mods that is being worked on . Since the likelihood is that we are trying to do shorter nam cycles now , of course this REW development would continue than beyond NAM 40 as well.

2) ...  we feel we have the upper hand now on the tidal flow issues which sidelined version 1.
          However we cannot be absolutely sure about this until , the content has been thoroughly tested.

3) ...first to be completed will be the REW MRC's (multi radius curves). These will match the MRC's already available in game from the other NWM ( network widening mod). And so would be networks owr (1-5).

4) Eggman ( creator and head of the REW development ), will be sharing more details about our progress in later postings

Thanks, Brian


great to know Brain! thanks for the update!  :thumbsup:


Hello Everyone. Long time no post.

We (The NAM Team) have started resuming work on the Real Expressway Mod in a major way :)

The tidal flow issue has been mitigated and with that gives rise to the REW extension that will consist of FLEX pieces as well as some extended draggable functionality.

Here is just one of the examples of what to expect...

Not completely polished but you get the idea.

So as b22rian has eluded to, NAM 40 is the target for the first stage of the REW FLEX Piece system.

There will be more information to come but things are shaping up quite nicely on the development front.


Edit: A big shout out Rivit for his GoFSH program. I am using his software to make a repository for the Textures that will form the basis of the REW system. As you can see there is only grass paving. That is a testament to Ron and his program :)


Quote from: Wiimeiser on December 11, 2020, 12:09:22 AM
Nice, does the AVE-2 splitter work with other networks like the RD-2?
If by RD-2 you are referring to  the standard Maxis road, I believe the answer is "yes". Just use the draggable Turning lanes into the road. Do this by drawing the road up to the OWR-4, but not connecting it to the OWR. Draw a OWR-2 from the terminus of the RD-2, one tile parallel to the OWR-4, in the direction of the flow of the OWR, so for RHD, that would be a 90 degree turn to the right, and then draw a RD-2 from the end of the OWR-2, into the OWR-4. Like wise draw a OWR-2 on the other side of the RD-2, away from the outer tile of the OWR-4, adjacent to the terminus of the RD-2, and then connect that to the RD-2, using an RD-2.