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August 10, 2022, 02:00:28 AM

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Changing pollution levels...

Started by Jmouse, November 02, 2011, 04:19:20 PM

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Is there a way to change air and water pollution along with garbage levels in Reader? I was thinking of reducing these exaggerated levels in custom made oil- and coal-burning power plants.

Thanks in advance for any advice you might have to give... :)


Yes, in the building exemplar, the "pollution at center" property defines the amount produced, and the "pollution radii" defines how far out they will spread. The values are air, water, garbage, and radiation, in that order.

You can also apply negative values for the "pollution at center".


Changing these values is very simple in LeProp. If you happen not to know about this program: it is a small program that lets you easily change several important properties in very simple windows. Download it hereand have fun!
It is a kind of fools Reader.

Now please don't blame me for calling you a fool, Joan, because I don't!  ;)


You can also use PIMX to do this, if PIMX runs on your computer.

Get the building desc to display in PIMX (by using the MaxisPIM-like menu tree), right click, and select "Recompute Properties as ...".  Doing this is going to change ALL of the properties, but at least nothing will be out of whack.


Thanks to all of you - Swordmaster, FrankU and Lowkee33 - for answering. The Reader is a powerful tool and I wish I could at least learn the basics, but I've no idea where to begin.

I do have a computer I built many moons ago which has XP installed on it. The side panel is missing and it's painfully slow, but it works with all the software Win 7 doesn't even recognize, including PIMX.

Thanks again, guys. I often brag about the friendly and helpful attitude of our members, and with good reason! :)