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Peoples Republic of Sakhaliya

Started by El Burro, March 26, 2008, 07:46:17 AM

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Nice work, I'm usually not a fan of this sort of CJ but I like this. I love the military on parade, very realistic... reminds me a bit of studying the Tiananmen Square protests in China, maybe put a person in front of the tanks? :P

The military... I notice you use tanks and APCs that are out of date currently, each has an improved model. Is this set back in time? It'd make sense if it was. Even so, the current models are the BTR-90 APC and the T90 tank (believed to be one of the best in the world at the moment, better than the American M1A2 for sure).
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Earth quake

Wow, Excellent update, I lov It.
The millitary aera is really beautiful and the city is very wonderfull.
Go on.


It took a while but it was worth the wait - an excellent update again.

I enjoy watching the pictures that you added to this update, they show great citybuilding skills, but even more important, very good nature manipulating as well. Did you creat your own map/region or do you use an existing one?

The militairy plants and residential tower blocks are top notch! Every thing fits so well together. The left asylum is absolute very great, I have seen made complexes like that, and you did a great job in catching the feel that comes with them !! I also like the way how you introduce the Get-Lost-You-Will-Get-A-Ferry-Instead-connection to Sakhalin  :thumbsup:
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That is such a cool Nuke Plant! I love the details, such as it's cooled by the sea, the reactor type, etc.

Finally the town has a recreation center and pool. I thought in a lot of commie countries rec centers were very common amenities in towns?

You know Sahkaliya for a socialist society doesn't seem to do enough(or anything) for it's people to enhance their state of living. Maybe it is time to introduce more to communities and cities in the country. This would also enhance SK's image overseas and might detract from the issue of not being trusted with nukes...

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