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San Landrei - A Democratic Republic in a Sea of Choice - An Interactive MD

Started by deion30296, June 28, 2008, 12:13:38 PM

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San Landrei - A Democratic Replublic in a Sea of Choice- An Interactive MD

I am closing down my original CJ/MD Daltone... The region not that tended too and is a bit naive. I am starting a new Mayor Diary/City Journal that will take it nice and slow and will have more features than the last. This will also be available at ST but with less quality because of the 800 x 600 rules. Thank You and Enjoy,

From the Offices of Deion30296 - UDPX Team

Table of Contents

Introduction - Viewer's Choice

Modifications Used In This MD

Toroca's Services Doubler
Jeronij's Street Side Mod
Super Demand Ordinance
Buggi's Extra Cheats DLL
Peg's Windjammer Water Mod (I think that's the name.)
Tons More....

Recommended Lot Teams:

UDPX (Coming soon.  &apls)
NHP  ;)

How It All Started:

Observations suggest that the universe as we know it began around 13.7 billion years ago. Since then, the evolution of the universe has passed through three phases. The very early universe, which is still poorly understood, was the split second in which the universe was so hot that particles had energies higher than those currently accessible in particle accelerators on Earth. Therefore, while the basic features of this epoch have been worked out in the big bang theory, the details are largely based on educated guesses.
Blah Blah Blah.... Let's fast forward 13.7 billions to the year 2008.

It's been 8 years into the new millennium, oil prices are skyrocketing, crime is on the rise, politicians have been going corrupt. What hope of savior is in this cold, world.

Virginia Burton....

That's our hope of savior.

Virginia Burton....

Being the second richest woman in the world, she got tired of all this and used 3/4 of her fortune to buy huge parcels of ocean, and let's say she made her money in the engineering world... She reclaimed over 15 million miles of land, very impressive you say? Yes, it is. She had about 5 investors, the richest, wealthiest people in the world all devoted they're fortunes to this... Why you say? Because they wanted a change in the world too.

The 5 Billionaires Careers

Airline Tycoon
Steel Powerhouse
Highway Designer and Architect
A King of a Small Oil Filled Country
And a Communications Tycoon

Currency of San Landrei


25 Cents - Climate Awareness Print

2 Dollar Coin - Sersetti Bridge Print

50 Cent Coin - Suburb Print


100 Classic Dreiyas

3 Classic Dreiyas

Climate Awareness Dreiyas

And that is just the beginning of the currency creation!

2008 Region Census

NOTE*: Region Census in Bloirin is taken every month due to the high-demand.

City Name           Mayor Name   Residential Pop.   Commercial Pop.   Industrial Pop.   Funds   
Borealine County   Virginia Burton   0                    3597                   0                   1.0003E+11

Tile Size

Points System

Here we go: The first parcel of land available for buying:

The area around the interchange is available for purchasing. The main points system is at ST. Just buy land here and I'll post it up as bought in ST.

How To Buy?

To Buy, This project is just like Blue Hope. Too buy you must post an image edited with the boundaries of the land you are buying an what you would like to build. Everyone has 100 points converted to 1000 Dreiyas.


Let me break it down. The City will Handle Transportation and everything. It's up to you, the public, to decide what to zone, where will the subdivision be? How to build it. Remember that the transportation and utilities and parks are handled by the city. You guys get to decide if you are going to buy some land and build a subdivision, or if you're going to build an office park. The first land buyers have the hardest job because the demand isn't up yet. ;) Remember, if your development doesn't comply with the region building standards I will edit them without permission to comply and do my best to make them agree with your plan. Also the city will handle schools, health, police, and fire. But I will post up a pics and have a vote-off if there should be a school or fire station or etc.


EDIT: Removed unnecessary remark. - Dustin (thundercrack83)

EDIT: Thank You Dustin (deion30296)

EDIT: Removed your "bump." Since advancement through the MDs is based on post-count, bumping and double-posting without a minimum of 48 hours between posts is generally not acceptable. Be patient, you only opened your MD today. Don't worry, folks will come around!- Dustin (thundercrack83)
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You are off to a very interesting start. 
I like the currency and the rest of the information you have shared with us.
Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


This is a major investment from the Platte Republic including the Platte's Embassy.

For the Embassy use this http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1256

My friend is making BAT's for the 1, 2, and 3 story buildings so I will get those to you asap.

Good Luck and The Platte Republic wishes you luck.



Sorri, You guys. I had to shut this one down because of RL problems. I have to tone it down a bit. I will be releasing a new cj soon on ST and on SC4D which means it will be very versatile. This is the second cj i've shut down this week. Officially closed.
My Pokemon Brings All the Girls To the Yard
Their like, Do you wanna trade cards?
Damn Right, I wanna trade cards;
I can beat, I've got Charizard