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Game crashes to desktop

Started by troopek, December 01, 2010, 12:27:44 PM

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Hello everyone! I have a problem with the game, when I turn one of the cities in my region the game off. Other cities operate normally, but one of them immediately after the load off the desktop. Previously, everything worked fine. I tried to delete all plugins but still was the same. Please help. Sorry for my English.


I don't think that there's much you can do. I had the same problem two weeks agao, only one citytile wouldn't load and crash the game to the desktop as soon as I clicked on it to enter.
Here's what I did. Luckily I always keep a double of every Region somewhere on a cd, so I went to get that specific citytile and flushed the broken one to exchange it with the replacement and started all over. At least I had the same terrain.
That learned me a lesson though, now I save a copy of my region somewhere on my computer every time I play once or twice in it. If this will happen again, then I have at least the same citytile with most of the city intact.

You could try this though, maybe it helps, (didn't with me), this is copied from my MD and it is KoV Liberty who recommended me to try:

*The only way I see in solving your city tile problem is to try to enter it gain or possibly rename the tile for a short amount of time. Either that, or move the tile to another, unused, region and try to open it. Then move it back to the original spot and try again. Just my input.*

Whatever, good luck

Fred :)

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My friend and teammate tooheys shared this bit of information with me when I got a computer with a multi-core CPU running Win7.

Hit the Windows key to minimize your game.
Use Ctrl+Alt+Del to open the Task Manager.
Select the Process tab and right click on the SC4 program.
Select "Set Affinity" and uncheck every CPU except 0.
Do this every time you open the game to avoid CTDs.

Hope this helps...