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Getting Angry!

Started by WalkerBD1, October 22, 2010, 11:52:46 AM

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 I am haveing an issue that is causeing me to lose my mind.  I have been haveing a great time building cities with a lot of custom content and really had no problems untill now.  I decided to start a new cityand planning the lay out, when I started the time running and waiting for the people to roll in nothing happened.  In other words no lots were being built at all.  I zoned the ares, but nothing grew.  I tried all of the zones and only one worked and that was a farm.  Now all of the plopables work still, hoever, when I tried my older cities they have the same issue.  So the question is can anyone help.  I asked this question on a few different sites with no help found.  I should have asked here first since the community here is great and very helpful.  So again I'm assking this great place for some help.  Thanks for any help ahead of time.



I remember this happening to me once. Turns out I installed a mod that blocks Maxis growables. I removed it and waited awhile and it started working again.

So my only thoughts are that your demand is way low, or you installed some sort of mod that is preventing them from growing.



I should have stated that I am using the block Maxis Mod that is found on LEX.  As for the demand I have it hard to see that as a problem when I start a new city that is connected to two other cities.  I would think at least something would grow.  Thanks for the reply.  If you or anyone else has a suggest please help.



If you have all maxis lots blocked and see nothing growing, I expect you have no custom content of the proper stage level to grow in beginning cities


little bump, I sometimes have similar issues while using Maxis block and custom content; everything grows nicely and suddenly it stops. Usually I change the building styles back and forth a few times (from one to all and always with 'build all styles at once') while in cheetah speed, this does the trick for me most of the time. Hope it helps, V.
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