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May 31, 2023, 06:19:03 PM

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Koumhog Archipelago

Started by Air6, May 18, 2008, 07:40:31 AM

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Here's my new MD : Koumhog Archipelago.

The region shot

The first update

I hope you like it  ;D


I do definitely like it!

This is what we call high density residential!

Nice archipelago and beautiful underwater world.


Hey R6
C'est theo de TSC
I LOVE KOUMHOG !!  &apls ::) ()stsfd()


Wo ;)nderful new start there of your new MD!

And you have there a wonderful region!
Also fantastic pictures of that part of the city/ region!

Looking forward to more of Koumhog Archipelago... ;)


That's a big city for a small island. I like the layout of the islands, ought to be interesting developing it all. Good luck with this dude.
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Wow! It really looks as if those buildings are just floating on the water! Your selection of BATs is perfect, and I especially love your use of flora. Fantastic work!

Jason :thumbsup:


Thanks for your great comments  :thumbsup:

Here's the second update about this island but this time at night. You can see that the first criterion of the selection of BATs was the lighting.


Another fantastic update! &apls

I never really liked nightviews, but I'm afraid I have to change that opinion now.
Never knew that the highrise buildings were so detailed! My regions aren't that urbanised yet.


Fantastic updates and awesome start here.  I like the map you are using.  The islands make for an interesting setup.  Beaches and bridges every where.  I think this is going to be a very interesting MD.
Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Wonderful pictures with great night lighting! Great work! :thumbsup:


Thanks for your great comments.

Robin : Yes, this is a great challenge to develop this map.

Today, a little teaser. The update will come the next week.


Wow, thats some nice shots.  :thumbsup: May I make a suggestion and maybe reccomend some descriptions.  ;)



Absolutely amazing the tropical feel is just stunning!


Interesting...that one Island must be separate from the rest of the world economy or something because it's quite Impressive.:P

And the teaser reminds me of some of Suplado's works, which means great job.;)
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very nice. i downloaded this in a pack of 3 islands, and i never thought that i would be able to develop on it. but i can see that you are more than capable. great job!
Wha??? Where am I? Oh, that's right! I'm here!


Bright, bright pictures!! They give your region a bit of tropical feel to them. Lovin it  :P


Hello Air 6 (c'est Davidl de tsc)

I really love your small island and the water with all thing in it are magnifical  &apls &apls
Continu I love your work  :thumbsup: &apls
My new city is now here
The région of Kaikoura

Teaser of Lopsas[+ How did I do it?]:Lopsas


The new teaser looks excellent, especially the yachts. :thumbsup:


the potential of this CJ is through the roof.