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Cascadia: A Light in the Pacific (Mar. 1, 2012)

Started by canyonjumper, December 12, 2009, 02:33:35 PM

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I'm the one who jumped across the Grand Canyon... and lived.



My name is Raphael.
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Finally, it goes on.  :) I'm really looking forward to your new pictures.  :)



A Light in the Pacific

An Eyewitness account of the Chaos before, during, and after the

First North American War


   This is not the only recounting of the war, and it certainly is not the best, however I feel as though my story ought to be told. I hope that one day my family will find this  journal so they can know what I went through to keep them free. I saw many depravrd acts committed, not only by the American faction, but thr Cascadian Armed Forces as well. Many brave men went with me to the battlefield, and most never came back. Even in the anarchy of the Hundred Days, people were insanely violent. I hope with all my heart that humans can solve their problems more effectively in the future. Terra does not need to be tainted with   crimson anymore than is has been since 1914. If you are reading this, then please know, I did what was necessary to protect my country and my family.

Matt Delman

written this December 24, 2026

Entry One

   I shall begin my tale on Tuesday, 6 June, 2017. Prime Minister Obama was making a speech about a new alternative energy project at Rbson Square.
   "Today is the dawn of a new age. We are here to announce to you the implementation of a new type of infrastructure that will vastly improve our great nation's rate of productivity. For the last century, the world has relied on fossil fuels to power our cars, heat our homes. Sure, solar and hydroelectric enery have lessened our reliance, but only by a fraction. That will end within a decade. Science has had a breakthrough that will revolutionize the world. I am proud to announce that starting January 1st, the newly established Cascadian Energy Department will flip the switch on a new age of prosperity for our nation. Cascadia will begin the switch to-,"
   He was interrupted by an extremely loud explosion behind us. A pulse of energy blasted me off my feet, and I landed on the other side of the square. The Carlow Building had a gaping hole in the 10th floor, and smoke billowed out in a giant column. The chaos was all-consuming, and people ran every which way trying to get out of the Square. Metro Police were trying to contain the mob, but to no avail. I ran into the nearest transit station, a few metres away. I nearly tripped on the concrete steps leading down into the station. Unfortunately I wasn't the only one who thought this was a good idea. The crowd of people coming down with me nearly knocked me off-balance in their rush to get away. I jumped the turnstiles at the end of the first corridor and hurtled around the corner to the train just pulling in to the station. Within seconds the train was full, jammed with fleeing people. The doors closed on still more people, and the train began to move.
   "The explosion at the energy press conference this afternoon has PM Obama in Vancouver General in   surgery to remove a shrapnel wound from his right shoulder. He will make a full recovery. What the CIA is most worried about is a resurgence of attacks by the pro-annexation groups. They fear the government is under fire for declaring the last election illegal. As you may remember, the 2016 elections resulted in a known annexationist party winning 3 seats in Congress. The elections were declared illegal and the election was scheduled again for June 1st. This election gave the CDP a clear majority, with over 67% of the vote. Defence Minister Yasimov believes the attack to be foreign in nature, with the explosion targeting Obama. The PM was to pass by the Carlow Building on his way to the Ministerial Quarters. If the bomb had better timing our PM would be dead."
   I lay in bed, staring at my tele. As the evening news wound down, I powered off the television. I stared at the ceiling, unthinking. I had escaped death narrowly today, and I was unnerved. I wondered what tomorrow would bring?

     Ah, I missed you guys! It's been a loooong time. So last week I was messing around in Photoshop, and I was trying to think of stuff to write in the notepad in the corner. I decided on trying to figure out a name. At the same time I thought it was time to reboot my little MD, so I combined the two and thought up the new slogan "Cascadia, A Light in the Pacific". I was also digging around on DeviantArt and found these two excellent journal templates [1] [2]. I did versions of both before I decided to use the more modern one, mostly because I think the second template would be more useful in the future if I decide to cover Cascadia's creation in 1848.
     I hope you guys enjoy this new start, and this time I'm tentatively aiming to publish updates at least once every two weeks. I am very busy though, with being a month into the second semester of my senior year, a job, family, and friends, I'm going to be hard pressed to find time for SC4. I will try my damnedest though, so just be patient if I disappear for awhile :D Please let me know if you want to say anything, about Cascadia, about the other storyline I think I'm going to incorporate into this new start, or just about the pictures themselves (I know you were all expecting actual SC4 pics, next time I swear :D ). Please PM me or just post a comment, I want as much feedback as possible so I can make this MD more enjoyable for you guys!

Other stuff you may care about:

World Map 1914
Desktop Wallpaper I PS'd myself

PS, I'm gonna kill ImageShack.

              Your friend,
                             Jordan :thumbsup:
I'm the one who jumped across the Grand Canyon... and lived.


Wow, now this is what I call a background story.  :thumbsup:
My name is Raphael.
Visit my MD: Empire Bay (My old MD: Santa Barbara County)