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Three Rivers Region

Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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David, this is awesome, great work as always my friend  &apls The rock texture look really good !  :thumbsup:
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Wow . . . seems I've missed a few things here.  The FAR-to-Diagonal pieces are absolutely fantastic, and will definitely come in handy.  You really seem to have gotten the transit modding thing figured out!  I'm still not the biggest fan of pathing, either.  I have to be in the right mood, really.  Daeley's tool is very handy, though--before, I had to just blindly put things together or use a rather complicated method with Gmax--which Jan (Swamper77) still does, as far as I know.  Maybe we can talk Daeley into making a Version 2? :D

That little S-curve trick there is very nice as well.  I've also been using the FAR Short transitions back-to-back all over the place as well to create S-Curves over 2 tiles--and the old 45-Curves for 3-tile S-Curves.  The benefits of having modular setups . . .

That rock mod also looks excellent--it makes me want to get back to my Wasco Terrain Mod and revise it a little more, too--I'm not happy with the lower elevation terrain appearance.

-Alex (Tarkus)


David, you just never stop improving this game, do you? First puzzle pieces, now a rock mod... What are you going to tackle next?  :D
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Now I'm really in awe , I mean you've mastered puzzle pieces , Mayor plops , pathing , making beautiful scenes from 3RR , now a cool looking rock mod! I can't wait to see whats next!(probably a tree controller or terrain mod :) )



Is there nothing you can't do, David?

And I know the answer to that, to which I respond--Wait, you'll be BATting in no time!



David is that Rock mod up yet?? WOW you are a man of true words!! err well an avatar of true words lol.... Dang whats next water mod? TPW? ummm BAT??? hmmm what hasnt been done yet???

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Quote from: thundercrack83 on December 01, 2008, 01:56:47 PM
Is there nothing you can't do, David?

Indeed there is, David can't do nothing, he must be very busy when ever he can reach his computer. ;D
That is a good thing. Very nice rock mod!



Be careful...I think I see another Legend of of tale starting....



 :o I'm speechless!  Absolutely stunning work David.

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Back from a bit of day surgery.  Don't ask, I don't remember...

The 3RR Mossy Limestone rock mod is up on the 3RREX [linkie].

Have fun- I'm off to bed.  Tomorrow's another day.



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Thank you.  I hope you are OK.


Ryan B.

David, you're a cross between God and MacGyver.   :D  The word 'quit' just isn't in your vocabulary.  There's nothing you can't do!

Trust me . . . you'll be BATing your own road signs in no time.  :P

Why would I be here, then?  :P


I hope your recovering well, my friend.

I take solace in the fact that you were healthy enough to post the new rock mod to the 3RR-EX, though, I wouldn't want you to aggravate anything by not getting the proper rest!

Like you said, tomorrow is another day!

Take care, David!



David I hope you are recovering well and all is well!!!! The mod is awesome btw!! Take it easy my friend and get some well needed rest....

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Oh, my.  I've seen plenty of 3RR heart stoppers already.  /wrrd%&  I do hope you're OK, David.  Take a little break if you need to.  I'm not going anywhere.  Best wishes, David. :) 

They all seem to be saying it, and I agree with them.  You'll be BATting before you know it.  Who knows, you may even BAT custom power transmission pylons for 3RR. ;D
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hope the STR and the FARR can release  in this year :P
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Just downloaded your rock mod, it has a very natural look, I'll try to do a test with it tonight.
In the meantime you better rest... you hear. (as if you can, after all you're like rust as you say!   ::)  )


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neat work on those diagonal to far peices. i'm sure that's not the last we will see of this. :P
that pathing info will help, ta.


Ok, some time tomorrow I'm just going to sit down and crank out those bridges. I need to do something to complement that excellent rock mod of yours.


I may be just having a 'senior moment' here, if so, please forgive me.

I'm using the Columbus terrain mod, Meadowshire tree controller and Missouri Breaks rock mod. When I swap out the Missouri Breaks rock mod dat with the new mossy limestone dat and start the game, it gets to loading the city tile and then crashes out, completely out of SC4 with no error messages. Am I swapping the wrong file or is it not compatible with the Columbus mod?

I do hope you're feeling better after your surgery and thank you for all that you do for us and 'the game', it is greatly appreciated.

EDITRoz, thanks for the thoughts- they are very much appreciated.  As for fiddling with any of the components of Brian's (c.p./cycledogg) great terrain mods, I have found that they are too tightly integrated to mess with by arbitrarily pulling out one component or another.  Simply leave the MB rock mod in, and then do whatever is necessary to your Plugins folder to make sure the 3RR rock mod loads after Brian's stuff.  Depending on how your folder is organized, this can be done in several ways- you can try putting the 3RR mod .dat in a folder named "zzz" at the same hierarchical level as the "top" folder of where Brian's files are located or place the .dat in the same file as the Missouri Breaks rock mod is in renaming the .dat "zzz_3RR_Mossy_Limestone_Rock_Mod" or some such.  Try these out- let me know what happens.  I have essentially the same setup as you, and mine works fine with all of Brian's files left in place. -DE
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