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Three Rivers Region

Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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Toichus Maximus

wow that really looks awesome!


choco, that looks incredible. 
I hope you don't run into too many problems with that bridge. 
It may end up being one of the best bridges in game.
&apls &apls &apls
Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


thanks all. :thumbsup:

another view that shows the truss detail a bit better (this was before i added the service ladder).  still lots of little details to be added. 
i have no idea how i'll keep this under 1000 polys.... :-\

i was thinkin about another famous lenticular truss bridge....maybe someone will recognize it from my avatar....


Glad to hear you're making some progress on the bridge choco. I'm curious what you mean though when you refer to keeping the poly count under 1000. The only poly count I believe you need to worry about is the LOD and that only needs to be custom fit where the train will run through. The only other way the model's poly count should matter is in rendering times (at least that's how I understand it). Good work with this, and good to know I have someone else helping on the bridge front.


hey matt!

i haven't even done a test render, so im not sure how the LODS will be constructed.  if what i've learned thru some other bridges holds true here, it'll be a fairly complex LOD to make it look right.  i have some problems with other bridges like this....

you can see the pillar thru the prop because the bridge is rendered with no base texture.  currently working on how to get around this. 


im not completely sure if its a problem with using tracks as props (which i had planned for the saltash bridge), or just improperly constructed LODs.  i need to experiment with this once i decide how to cut it up.  i may need to consult you a bit later regarding this, since you are the gatekeeper....so to speak.  :P

if i use a method similar to how paul rendered the garabit bridge, i think i can get away with 6. 

sorry to clutter up the 3rr with other stuff....


Copperminds and Cuddleswarms


Your bridges look wonderful, choco! I can't wait to see them incorporated into the STR.

Good luck!

And I hope all is well with you, too, David!


Jack Bauer

I like a lot your bridge with the pipe upon it!!!!


That bridge is looking really nice, choco! Nice work! :thumbsup:


choco, the bridge with the arc is awesome my friend, excellent work on it  &apls
Can't wait to see more pictures David  :thumbsup:
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You really do know how to make bridges, choco.  Other than the pillars showing through the rails, this is a fine bridge. :thumbsup:
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Just popping in here.

...those are incredible bridges, choco.  Lots to say about STR in a bit...

Still winter in 3RR.

Light snow last night.

Temp in the 20s (F)/-5 or so (C) today.

Brief is done, reviewed with the client and submitted.  Going to finish up that insulation job, but plenty of things to show you.



D. Edgren

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Ryan B.

That temperature is right about where it is here in Western New York, David.  Looking out at the clock over at the bank across the street . . . it reads 29 F / -2 - -4 C.  It seems winter has arrived here, too.

Oh, and I'm going to be making some deer crossing warning signs as well, David . . . . . I almost hit two deer Wednesday night on my way home from hockey.  They ran right out in front of me, from right to left . . . two bucks in the classic 'road sign' pose.  I missed them by maybe twenty feet.  :scared:  My heart's still kinda beating fast from that.

I'll have those deer signs to you in the next couple of days.


We've got a bit of snow on the ground here in northeastern Pennsylvania, too, David. I love winter!

I'll be looking forward to see more on the STR front, too, my friend!

Have a good one!



Ahhh if only it looked like that here... we had a rare (first time in my life) November snow yesterday, on-and-off all day but nothing stuck, and temperatures around 30 F.

Can't wait to see more 3RR stuff.
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thank you very much all!!!  this bridge has by far been the most work.....but the more i run the BAT, the more i want to run it.  after a good session yesterday, got all those little details i was talking about.  one more pic, then David can have his thread back..... :P

i just realize that the pillar is completely wrong, but thats easy to correct. 


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Im not sure how there get snow, maybe cuz its to far north from me, but I live in north central mexico a now we getting cold as -5 C but theres no snow, and yes thats odd Mexico is cold too, (except at coast)

Take care


First snow here, not very much, but enough to whiten and soften all the countryside. It's raining right now, and my guess is that tomorrow morning we will have ice everywhere, and and a hard time going to work. But whatever, i love winter !!!


I'm officially jealous.  I never hardly see too much snow.  Sure, my area gets those ugly ice storms, but all those do is cause power outages  %wrd.  Oh, well.  Bring on the winter! :)

And now, here's your Local Forecast, on the 8's. $%Grinno$%
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Check out the Noro Cooperative.  What are you waiting for?  It even has electricity.
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