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October 25, 2021, 06:57:18 PM

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24 August 2021

The NAM Team is pleased to announce the release of the 42nd edition of the Network Addon Mod, NAM 42.

Download Link

LEX (Cross-Platform)


In memory of Paul Pedriana, Lead Programmer for SimCity 4, who passed away in July 2021 from a sudden heart attack while cycling. Thank you, Paul, for everything--we wouldn't be here without you.

Before you run off in excitement to install the new NAM version, please make sure to read this (short) document first, to ensure the best Network Addon Mod experience.

Note that without the 4GB Patch being properly applied to the game by Windows (and Linux/WINE) users (or the use of the "Low RAM/No RHW" Controller option for users on lower-spec systems/32-bit operating systems), the game will crash to desktop. The installation for the NAM on Windows has changed, as there is now a batch file (NetworkAddonMod_Setup_Version42.bat) that users should run to begin installation, which will automate the 4GB Patch process. macOS users should continue to use the .jar file, and since the macOS version is a 64-bit application, the 4GB Patch is not required on macOS.


  • Java Runtime Environment (available from AdoptOpenJDK--a 64-bit Windows copy of JRE 11 is enclosed in the download)
  • [For Windows Users running the 4GB Full NAM Controller and RealHighway (RHW) System]: NTCore 4GB Patch (included in download (4gb_patch.exe) with new automated installation (NetworkAddonMod_Setup_Version42.bat), or available from NTCore)
  • A copy of SimCity 4 Deluxe/Rush Hour. Windows/Linux copies must be updated to at least Version 1.1.638. (GOG and Steam digital copies are already at Version 1.1.641 and ready to use with the NAM.) Only the Steam version of the Aspyr macOS port is supported on macOS 11 (Big Sur) and later, as the App Store version no longer supports mods, due to Big Sur's sandboxing changes.

Before beginning the installation process, if you have used a previous version of the NAM, make sure you remove it before proceeding further.
To install the mod, if you are on Windows, open NetworkAddonMod_Setup_Version42.bat to begin the installation process. This will begin with the process to install the 4GB Patch on the game, and then move onto the actual NAM installation process.

On macOS, open NetworkAddonMod_Setup_Version42.jar to begin installation.
On Linux, open to begin installation.

Note that the NAM is packaged in an installer, and simply dumping the contents of the download into the Plugins folder will not install the mod. Doing so will only slow the game down, and none of the NAM's menu additions will appear.

Note that the NTCore 4GB Patch is REQUIRED if you are running the Full NAM Controller ("4GB Full" options in the installer), which is required to use the RealHighway (RHW) system. If the installation procedure is begun via NetworkAddonMod_Setup_Version42.bat, as is the new recommended procedure, the 4GB Patch should be automatically applied to the game. Otherwise, the patch can be found inside the download, or downloaded directly from NTCore here, where further instructions on use of the patch can be found. Also due to this installer change, the NAM Controller Compiler is no longer run as part of the installation process.

Users will have an option to install one of two pre-built NAM Controller options, the Full "4GB" option, which has a substantial size and requires the 4GB Patch and a 64-bit operating system, or a "Low RAM/No RHW" version that does not require the 4GB Patch, and does not include the code for the RealHighway (RHW) system, the most expansive feature in the mod. The "Low RAM/No RHW" version should be used by those with 32-bit operating systems (i.e. Windows XP), less than 4GB RAM, and/or by those not using the RHW. Users wishing for further customization of NAM Controller size can still run the Controller Compiler manually, as it is available in the download.

Users wishing to simply use the NAM's Traffic Simulator improvements should skip the main NAM Installation and instead load up the Traffic Simulator Configuration Tool (TSCT), which is in the folder of the same name. The tool itself is "TSCT.jar", though may be easier to open using the batch file ("TSCT.bat"). Note that the TSCT also requires the Java Runtime Environment.


The Network Addon Mod, in its current form with the full slate of installation options, is designed to run on systems with a 64-bit operating system and more than 4GB RAM. Most modern PCs should be able to comfortably run the mod. It is possible to run the NAM on 32-bit operating systems, and/or systems with 4GB or less RAM, by selecting a smaller feature set (minus the RHW) and the "Low RAM/No RHW" NAM Controller option, or manually compiling a smaller NAM Controller using the Controller Compiler.

At least 1.2GB of hard drive space is required, in order to fully unpack the installer, but actual installation size may run from as little as 1.7MB to as much as 850MB, depending on the options chosen and if one selects to manually run the Controller Compiler after installation.

The Network Addon Mod is compatible with the following versions of the game:

  • A) Retail Windows disc copies of SimCity 4 Deluxe OR SimCity 4 with the Rush Hour Expansion Pack, updated to at least Version 1.1.638.
  • B) Retail Windows digital copies of SimCity 4 Deluxe OR SimCity 4 with the Rush Hour Expansion Pack (Version 1.1.641), from all digital retailers except Origin (i.e., Steam, Amazon).
  • C) Digital Windows copies of SimCity 4 Deluxe obtained redeeming an existing CD key (not purchasing) through Origin Customer Support.
  • D) Retail Mac digital copies of SimCity 4 Deluxe, purchased through Steam, or, if on macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or earlier, the App Store. (NOTE: Platform-specific technical support for the NAM on macOS is extremely limited).
  • E) Retail Mac disc copies of SimCity 4 Deluxe, running on macOS/OS X Version 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or earlier. (NOTE: Platform-specific technical support for the NAM on macOS is extremely limited.)

The Network Addon Mod is NOT compatible with the following versions of the game:

  • F) Retail disc copies of SimCity 4 Deluxe OR SimCity 4 with the Rush Hour Expansion Pack that have not been patched (Version 1.1.610 or 1.1.613).
  • G) Retail Windows digital copies of SimCity 4 Deluxe purchased from Origin
  • H) Copies utilized as part of EA Play (formerly Origin Access)/Xbox Game Pass.
  • I) The App Store version of the Mac port, if running on macOS 11 (Big Sur) or later.
  • J) Retail disc copies of non-Deluxe SimCity 4 (sometimes marketed later as "SimCity 4 Classic"), without the Rush Hour Expansion Pack (Version 1.0.272 or earlier)
  • K) Pirated or cracked copies of SimCity 4 Deluxe OR SimCity 4 with the Rush Hour Expansion Pack.

What should I do if the NAM installer rejects my copy of the game?

The new NAM installer (introduced with the NAM 37 Release Candidate) no longer runs a version check. However, it is strongly recommended that users check the version they are running, as unpatched copies can be unstable. Version 1.1.610 and Version 1.1.613 are NOT supported. In Case F, the solution is simply to install the EP1 Update 1 patch, which can be downloaded from from Simtropolis here or SimCity 4 Devotion here. To determine the correct SKU version for your copy of SimCity 4, find the installation directory, and look in the subfolder named sku_data. Alternatively, one can simply try all the SKU versions of the patch, until one works.

For Case G and H, see the section about Origin here.
For Case I, changes Apple made to the "sandboxing" system with macOS 11 (Big Sur) have effectively made it impossible to play the App Store version with any kind of mods or plugins. We recommend you seek a refund and instead purchase the Steam version of the macOS port. Users still running the App Store version on macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or earlier should still be able to install the mod, though with more difficulty than the Steam version, due to the reliance on sandboxing.

For Cases J and K, it is recommended that you purchase a digital copy of SimCity 4 Deluxe (NOT from Origin).

New Features for NAM 42

  • The long-awaited 3-Level Crossings for the RealHighway (RHW) system have been added.
  • The Network Widening Mod (NWM) networks now have vastly improved stability, including in tight situations. Note that some intersections have been rotated as part of this process, and may appear to be in the wrong position upon loading. Simply clicking these situations with the appropriate network tool with re-orient them.
  • RHW FLEX Width Transitions (FLEX-WTs) are now available, supporting over 200 possible network configurations with only 5 FLEX Pieces, with vastly improved slope tolerance. To use the FLEX-WTs, simply connect the desired networks into each end of the transition.
  • The RHW FLEX Height Transitions (FLEX-HT) have been expanded to include a new 1-Level 90 Curved version, which presently supports L0-L1 RHW-2, L0-L1 MIS, and L0-L1 RHW-4.
  • RHW FLEX Neighbor Connectors (FLEX-NCs) are now available, supporting every RHW network, including the L1-L4 elevated networks.
  • An RHW Basketweave FLEX Piece has been added, allowing for ramp crossings in tight quarters, presently for L0 and L1 RHW-4.
  • An RHW FLEX S-Curve has been added, allowing support for L0-L2 RHW-2 and L0-L4 RHW-4.
  • Draggable Smooth Diagonal S-Curves have been added to the Road, One-Way Road, OWR-1, RHW-2, and MIS networks, along with the ability to make a Street version via the existing Diagonal Street FLEX/Helper Pieces.
  • The Road Roundabouts have been overhauled, with revamped textures, a new center island prop, and support for new intersection combinations with Road, Street, One-Way Road, RHW-2, and MIS.
  • The NAM's Bridge system has undergone a revamp, with a new file architecture, a new OWR-3 Thru Truss bridge, various cosmetic fixes for bridges at various lengths, and pathing corrections to the RHW-6S Compact Box Girder.
  • Several new large, multi-line stations for the Hybrid Railway (HRW) and RealRailway (RRW) networks have been added.
  • The Diagonal Streets textures have been revamped.
  • Stop-controlled "rural" intersections have been added: Road x Road +, Road x Road T, Avenue x Road +, Avenue x Road T (Avenue-Thru/Road-End), FTL Type 110 x Road +, and FTL Type 110 x Road T (FTL-Thru/Road-End). To add stop control, transition a Road to Street one tile before an intersection, and then cross/intersect it with Street. Limited support was provided for these in previous recent releases, and any such existing intersections will need to be rebuilt.
  • A long-standing issue with the RHW-8S Type E1 ramps, when overridden from the bottom of the ramp, has been corrected.
  • The Canal Addon Mod (CAN-AM) now has improved automata generation, as well as improvements to station functionality.
  • The RRW Slope and Tunnel Parameters section now has three options: Maxis Default (which now changes the tunnel models to match the RRW), Moderate (the new default), and Strict (the only option previously).
  • Various stability issues with the ERRW Viaduct crossings with RHW networks have been addressed.
  • A shell script has been added to the installation package, to improve the user experience on Linux (thanks to Durfsurn.
  • Various LHD path fixes for the RRW and Avenue Roundabouts have been incorporated.
  • The draggable form of the RHW-8S Type D2 Wide ramp has been stabilized.
  • An option to remove "legacy" RHW menu buttons from the Highways menu has been added, along with general Highways menu improvements. The "Compact" RHW-6C-to-4 Transition Puzzle Piece has been disabled from the Legacy Width Transitions menu, due to conflict with other items.
  • The Single-Tile Roundabouts have undergone revision, and may need to be rebuilt in existing cities.


For more information about NAM installation and this release, please see the "Read First" document, enclosed in the download (0-read-first.html) and available online.

The remainder of the documentation can also be consulted online at:

Please note that NAM 41 and earlier have been discontinued, and are no longer eligible for any form of technical support.

Thank you all for your continued support--hope you enjoy!

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