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Re: Waterfalls a New Journey... MD by Pat_Update # 219

Started by Pat, March 13, 2007, 01:18:14 PM

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Quote from: zniehadajet on March 14, 2007, 08:37:39 PM
how about jeronij's ploppable rocks? maybe that could add variety?
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Quote from: thundercrack83 on March 14, 2007, 09:08:45 PM
Those waterfalls look great, Pat! And I love the little town that's built up around the mill. I don't know why you were worrid about "being good" at creating an MD, you're doing a fantastic job! Keep up the good work!
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Quote from: Flipside on March 15, 2007, 01:14:05 AM
Hey, I like your stuff.  ;D You do nature scenes and terraforming really well and I like anybody who enjoys the good ol' Slaytforke mill as much as I do.  ::)

Quote from: emilin on March 15, 2007, 03:44:39 AM
Wow! What an improvement with the change of water! :thumbsup:

If I may make another suggestion too: you might want to use a little denser forestation along the shoreline, maybe some pines or douglas furs.

This is showing great promise.

Quote from: jeronij on March 15, 2007, 06:48:07 AM
Hello Pat, this is a good improvement for sure  :thumbsup:

As other has suggested, I would try using less dense plopable stuff on the shores, and maybe a bit more variated items  ;)

Other that this, way to go ¡¡¡¡  ;D

Quote from: dedgren on March 15, 2007, 07:05:45 AM
Pat, my friend-

As one who has dabbled a bit in ploppable water techniques myownself, I have to observe that there are no objectively "right" and "wrong" ways to do this.  You need to go with what you think looks right.  My take on doing PW is that, over time, you'll develop a style that will continually refine the best of what you're doing while rejecting the clunkier elements.  Every time I add something new to my own PW palette, like cycledogg's boulders or sorchin's ploppables, I find myself fumbling around for a while until I get the hang.

Your efforts here immediately brought to mind those of our brother member Alek (aleking) over at ST in October, 2005.

That and other examples are found over at ST in a thread [linkie] started by another SC4D friend: Gary (Vandy).  You'll see some other familiar faces there as well.  Sadly, most of the links noted in the thread are broken, but if you have any questions, let me know- I can probably steer you in the right direction.

Keep up the hard work and Good Luck!

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Quote from: bat on March 15, 2007, 10:12:13 AM
Looks wonderful and great detailling! :thumbsup:
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Quote from: Fred_Ginger on March 15, 2007, 05:31:06 PM
Defib training?  Oh, good, I might need that one day so study hard! 

Your river/stream is looking a lot better - soon you'll be rivaling Jackie and David with your 'natural views'  :thumbsup:

Quote from: wouanagaine on March 16, 2007, 12:47:05 AM
The teaser looks nice. Can't wait to see more.
As David said, PW is a matter of developing skills and style, and from what I see in your teaser, you're making of rapids is you''re own style  :thumbsup:

Quote from: Badsim on March 16, 2007, 01:20:29 AM
Well , you have the spirit to show us there your start and progress , listening at all good advices which can be gave here ... I don't see anything I could add : less stuff on shore and more variety along the river , It has been already said ... I can just advice you to train on another map with little sections of shore/river and test many combinations instead of re-done all that you've already done ... ;)
Keep it up ! :thumbsup:

Ok I had just wanted to acknowladge everyones comments personaly but since i did
slack off a bit and have a lot to say I am just gonna say a "GREAT BIG THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP AND ADVICE" to every
one and also a "GREAT MANY THANKS FOR THE WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT"  to y'all.  As you all can see that in the
next few pictures I have taken all advice to heart and redid every thing and i even read a few Tutirals by David and
well I hope the end results are good. So with out further Ado here we go. - Pat

Now the long awaited Update to "I Guess Where Flowing With It Now" (IGWFIN)
                                            Mayor Diary By Pat

PIC # 1

PIC # 2

PIC # 3

PIC # 4

PIC # 5 (Yes i know about the standing water that was side effect from the Rain Storm LOL)

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I really, really, really like the look of those streams.  You just really don't know how much I like the look of them.  ;)  If it weren't for the fact that removing PEGs streams from my cities would require me to visit each and every one of them, I'd make a switch over to ploppable water in a heartbeat after seeing what you've accomplished with it.

Great work!  &apls
You're telling me I get to be home for more than 12 months?


Ditto what Meinhosen said, you are getting really, really good at PW!  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Now that I've watched you (and learned from your mistakes) I'll have to give it a go! $%Grinno$%
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You are definitely doing a fantastic job using the ploppable water, my friend! I'm getting inspired...Keep up the great work!


Hi Pat ,

Good scene with the bridge . :thumbsup: , your use of ploppable water and streams becomes better and better .... I'm still less convinced by the shore on the first pic ... . ::)

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i look in here and everytime, it seems you learn a few more things from the wisdom the community has to share. maybe i'd gain, too, if i had an MD. lol. nothing special, however. :( in due time, i guess. i'll be like you and the many others. will be watching you progress! you seem to be a good learner.


 :thumbsup: Nice update . I have to tell you that my prefered pic is the last onewith the bridge . Great work. :thumbsup:


Yes, the brdige is definitly a very very nice and pleasant picture   &apls

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Heh.  The rain tool...

Après le deluge!


...hey man, I'm tryin' to speak French here...

Good job, pat.  Just keep at it- you might try varying things a bit with some of the other ploppable rocks out there.  Jeroni's [linkie] of course are great.  cycledogg [linkie] (there's several to choose from) and steve (sorchin) [linkie] also make some great stuff.

Go wild, my man!

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wonderful pictures and great using of ploppable water! :thumbsup:


No Replies to comments at this time will happen later...  Thanks the Management

Here though is anther small teaser what i've been up to tonight and I have been
working reallly hard at this.  Im now working in the City of Big Shur. Left West
Bay Shores temporaliy from working on the river and devolpment of the small town.
So with out further ado here is the teaser pic!!!

PS dang it wish there was a spell check function on here lol (Hint Hint Hint)

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I'm simply amazed by the rate your skills are developing. Every new update seems like a huge leap forward. This can end up a classic if you keep it up. &apls

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Indeed Emilin, a lot of progress ahs been made since page 1. Impressive!

I like the use of those PEG canals with the boats. Did you know those boats cannot navigate that steep curve you've made in the corner?

Do not worry about the spell checker my posts would be red if a spell checker was in use so I am glad it is not here  ;D



Hi pat

I love the rivers and islands, keep up the good work  :thumbsup:



Love the teaser, Pat! The canals look great and you're still doing a wonderful job with the ploppable water. I'll be waiting for the next update!


Ditto, looking forward to the next update!  Pat, doesn't your browser have a spell check function?

@NikNik - you see everything!
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Hi Pat ,

Like others , I'm impressed by your progress . :thumbsup:
But you have effectively to correct this canal corner ... I don't use this canal set , are there no diagonal pieces ?
Excellent use of ploppable rocks .
Keep it up . ;)

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Hmmm for poops and giggles  ::) i had wanted to mess around with the marquee a little bit and lol
what an interesting result!!

as last time (X's 2) = 2 comments left by this person since my last replies.

Badsim (X's 2) :  LOL Ty i know I'm gonna work on the canal soon i have a few ideas for it and i hope it will be good.
BTW you had said that you where Less convinced about the shore in the first picJust wondering what was wrong
so i can work it out?

Vicki (X's 2) :   Welllllll ummmm now to come to think of it and after looking at IE7 a little bit and pulling out the
menu bar a little further cause my Vicki likes to hide stuff on me lol, well low and behold there it is lol.
BTW lol im glad you are learning from me and to think im not even a teacher lol.

Thundercrack  (X's 2) :  Ty very much and soon i will have an update like after the replies lol ;D,
BTW so when am i gonna see your hard work?

Mark:  Ty and i will, BTW thank you for coming by hope to see you soon again!

NikNik:  LOL i didn't think any one would catch that lol about the spell check and man you are as we call it on my fire
department Eagle Eye.  That is a good thing don't worry, it means that you can catch the little details and smack me
around saying " duhhhhhh hello them boats cant maneuver around the corners"  and me in a typical homer
response Dooooooooh. 

Emilin:  Ty im trying hard to improve each time as we go along, well a classic hmm i dont know about but hey
thank you for that confidence.

Bat:  Ty very much.

David:  Thank you for the very useful links i hope you find and see that im putting it to good use the new stuff lol.
that was a darn good crack at french better then what i could do lol  :)

Wouanagaine:  You know this i cant say enough but hey TY  &apls

Kimcar:  Ty very much!!!

Zniehadajet:  I try my heart out to learn and be taught cause that is one thing i learned in 28yrs you are never
to old to learn new things lol, or for that fact even starting something new lol (hint hint hint)  ;D

Meinhosen:  You know what that is, its half the fun in revisiting old cities and working them out and revamping them,
i know its alot of hard work but in the end wouldnt it be worth while?  You can always switch over to PW in new citys
too don't forget.  I would have done eaxactly that if i hadnt lost all my old work due to upgrading to XP thanks to the
person that did it but my plugins where saved.  Go fig my luck

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It's more and more beautiful, what progress since the beginning  :thumbsup:


Update Number 9 to IGWFWIN

Ok here we go now with update # 9 to my MD.  Im sorry but I had to split due
to Emergency Call. Now that im back here is the update to what i've been working
on, but i do have to ask y'all what should i change the name of my MD to cause
im not any good at this naming stuff lol.  So any and all Idea's are welcomed - pat

LOL see PG 4 for pics - pat

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