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Three Rivers Region

Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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Now, David, we know you would never have left it like that! I'm sure your third puzzle piece will only take 15 minutes!!!


EDITAnd MaryBeth rings the bell at #5400.  Huge 'grats on joining the Double-0 Club, ma'am.  That's over 400 posts again this month- thank you, everyone! -DE

thanx, David, I've always been like 1 or 2 posts off....


David, You are the only god. I just love this stuff. You take this game and turn it into real life scaled down. Keep on going. JKB

EDITJon, I'll settle for being a minor order wizard, but with +20 Charisma so I don't have to worry about slack periods of creativity.  If only I could BAT... -DE
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mein gott! I love the subtle curve in that transition!


Nice one, Dave... U finally got the mistake out of the way (Yay, cuz it now looks very realistic!)

:) Mass

P.S. I am still waiting for STR to come out and hoped that NCD's creations will be repathed to make realistic yards (and so I could drive around the whole yard!)

Edit: I should have become part of the 3RR team, now that I think of it

:) Mass
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Oh wow - that is too awesome, David! Now that you can make puzzle pieces, I'd say the virtual world is your oyster.  :thumbsup:


I'd say the virtual world is your oyster.

Isn't that the truth???

I don't know where 3RR will be taking us now that David has this under his belt!

Oh, and pages 57 and 59 of 3RR-ST are up in the 3RR-ST Archive.

Take care!



Quote from: dedgren on October 27, 2008, 03:25:35 PM
I just spent the last two days...

...learning how to make transportation puzzle pieces.

...you folks have no clue what you are in for now!...



That looks like a beer glass to me.

Dang...  missed the 00.  Was there a prize?



I'm amazed with STR, I've played with a bit and I'm blown away. And now you're making puzzle pieces...this could get out of hand very quickly! :D

I hope all is well in Wasilla and I'm looking forward to your next amazing contribution to the community.



I can not stop being stunned by how far you are pushing the game beyond what Maxis could have probably done. =O

- Allan Kuan


wow, this is becoming so realistic, I might not buy CXL (just kidding  ;)).

I can't believe this though. It's not that the transportation options are growing, but it's the scale of it. Really amazing, hope you continue to surprise us David.

Awesome  ::)
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Yep, I still got it.


David gaaaaaaaaah man just gaaaaaaaaaah I cant express my thoughts anymore!!!!  :thumbsup:

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Fantastic pictures there of the STR and nice work on it!!! Looks beautiful! :thumbsup:


I appreciate the comment that SC4 was never intended to be a model railway simulator... thus we can accept that two trains coming head on will simply ghost past each other...  (just as well actually..)

So does this mean that as far as the SC game simulator works in terms of functionality, and how the game will continue to operate, that despite the appearance of a STR, it still functions exactly as before, as if it were double track?

(That sentence was actually hard to write... I hope it made sense...)

David this tile has now officially been reserved for your STR... cos in RL it is just that single track...

Raurimu Spiral
North Island Main Trunk Railway, RAURIMU, NZ

Region: Manawatu-Wanganui Region - New Zealand
City/District Council: Ruapehu District Council
Location Description: Can be viewed from the Raurimu Spiral Scenic Reserve lookout on State Highway 4. 

Brief History: Conceived of in 1898 by Robert West Holmes and completed ten years later, the Raurimu Spiral, a masterpiece of engineering design, ensured that the route of the North Island Main Trunk Line was laid through the Central Plateau.

The concept of a railway line joining New Zealand's two main North Island cities was first put forward in 1870. To achieve this, approximately 200 miles (322 kilometres) of rail had to be constructed between Marton and Te Awamutu, to connect the lines that were already in operation. Finance for the scheme was raised in 1882, and the following year John Rochfort surveyed a route for the line through the Central Plateau. In 1887 it was discovered that the section between National Park and Raurimu in the Central Plateau contained a drop of 715 feet (218 metres) over a length of just 1.25 miles (2 kilometres).

Numerous surveys were carried out in an attempt to find any workable line over the proposed route. Just one was discovered. This line involved the enormous outlay of £104,500 to construct nine viaducts and 20 kilometres of line and almost resulted in the re-routing of the line through the Taranaki region.

In 1898 engineer Robert West Holmes conceived and developed a spiral configuration that would artificially increase the distance between the National Park and Raurimu to seven miles (11.26 kilometres), which allowed the drop to be traversed on a manageable gradient of 1 in 50, and completely eliminated the nine viaducts required by the proposed 1887 Brown and Turner line.

Employees of the Public Works Department, who resided at what is now known as Raurimu, used picks and shovels to construct the complex spiral arrangement between 1905 and 1908. Upon completion the Spiral was acclaimed as a masterpiece of engineering. It continues to be used today.

The inspired design and heavy construction work required to build the Spiral gives it technological significance. It stands as testimony to the genius of Robert West Holmes, and has historical importance as the work that ensured that the route of the North Island Main Trunk line passed through the Central Plateau. 

Current Use: Transport - Railway track/siding
Notable Features: The Raurimu Spiral, which consists of the railway track, railway corridor, the culverts, and two tunnels. 
Construction Dates: Designed: 1898
Original Construction: 1905 - 1908
Other: Raurimu Spiral Scenic Reserve created -1980

Construction Professionals: Public Works Department,  Holmes, Robert West. 

Now you gotta admit...  STR on this tile will be cool... and it is screaming out for the fractionated curvy rail thingy's or what ever David calls them...

Oh and BTW... the comment that I made on the previous page...
QuoteIn fact I was on a train once in the middle of the night and it broke down on a single track section of the main trunk line between Auckland and Wellington...  they had to hijack a freight train loco to get us on our way again.  They did hand out free pies though.

That particular incident happened on the Raurimu Spiral...  on New Years Eve...  all true. 


Craig, yes, all that is happening is that the two path lines are being made closer together and the textures are being changed (well thats how i understand it anyway)

Copperminds and Cuddleswarms


In France there is one like that at Moûtiers

Made so the TGV can travel to Bourg-Saint-Maurice, close to some of the French ski resorts, like Val d'Isere, Tignes, La Plagne, Les Arcs and La Rosière. Making it easier for people could get there during the 1992 Winter Olympics, Albertville.

Toichus Maximus

There is also a set of two spiral tunnels in Alberta i visited when I was out there.



Matt, I supposed that it was a train(+scenic) trip from the east to the west?

:) Mass
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Yep thats defintely the Rocky Mountain scenic train, however the tunnels are in BC I'm sure of it.
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Toichus Maximus:  Looks like it is this one...  now that would be cool to recreate with David's STR... 

Spiral Tunnels, British Columbia

The famous Spiral Tunnels on the CP Rail Line were opened on September 1st, 1909. The route called for two tunnels driven in three-quarter circles into the valley walls. The construction and extra track effectively doubled the length of the climb and reduced the gradient to 2.2%. The labor force to build these tunnels through sheer rock amounted to about a thousand, and the cost was about 1.5 million Canadian dollars. This is one of the steepest, most scenic railway lines in North America, crossing the kicking horse river, and running under Mount Ogden and Cathedral Mountain, towards the town of Field, BC.


Toichus Maximus

Quote from: MassHelper on October 28, 2008, 05:04:19 PM
Matt, I supposed that it was a train(+scenic) trip from the east to the west?

:) Mass

Actually, no. There was a scenic overlook off the highway. My family was road tripping from Victoria to Calgary.