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March 25, 2023, 03:44:18 PM

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show us your airport!

Started by jaronamo70, December 21, 2006, 09:01:56 PM

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Some really nice airports recently. Here's the international airport of the region I'm working on currently. Still a very big WIP.

Lots of custom stuff. Not made yet will be the hangars and maintenance facilities, the ATCT and other various stuff. Also the terminal building is currently a place holder. Although I quite like EN's Haneda terminal it hasn't aged well and is currently not up to date with 7.5m elevated roads and so on.

Runway 18-36 is 3600m long. Enough to accommodate the 747.
Runway 13-31 is 2600m long.

Overview. it spans three tiles. Right click view image for full size.
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Huge project Arthur, and it starts well
Good luck for it  :thumbsup:
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With the release of the High speed taxiways exit [STEX] recently by ncamferdam, it became necessary to rework the layout of the airport to add the exits.
I pushed a little further back the diagonal runway, changed the layout of the terminals (which will be modeled mainly after Naha Airport) and shuffled around with the various necessary services.
Still a very big WIP as you can see.


Some closeup of the services area:

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This an airport in an older region I have not named it yet.

Main terminal, General Aviation terminal

Cargo and fuel farm


Art what did you use for the diagonal runway and taxiways?


I loves Sim City forever!


Are the runways numbered by compass headings?


I updated my airport added a rotating beacon (red & white pole), elevated railway loop (4 stations at present), a different control tower, moved the fire station, and other improvements.


I changed the convention center area and elevated rail  The name I have decided on for the airport is Daedalus International (DAE).


Technically you can't see much of the airport, but this is the area right at the end of the diagonal runway.

I'll take a quiet life... A handshake of carbon monoxide.

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Ulisse Wolf

Construction of Sarasota International Airport continues. If you want to see live all the construction phases go here