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Desert Springs: update 20 - More from Nottingham and changes at the airport...

Started by amapper, November 05, 2009, 06:36:49 PM

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Great Start And updates &apls , are you gonna use RHW ? ()what()


Muy bien! Though generally I dislike the Maxis highway, yours is one of the best I've ever seen.


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This is truly coming along great!  You've got a great mix of lots here, good choices of custom stuff!  I just noticed your road and avenue texture, I like the lighter color, it really fits the region nicely!


The city's master plan calls for a network of avenues that tie into the freeways, giving access to all areas of
the city. From these, primary streets go into the neighborhoods which are serves by secondary streets. This
has been found to provide smooth traffic flow and be less of an obstruction than freeways.


Good point about the road colors.  I guess the graying would be particularly common in dryer climates.  Personally, I'd actually prefer a mod that darkens the standard streets and highways a bit.  I guess it's all matter a preference.

I like the large layout you're using, the big grid of roundabouts works very well!


Your city looks good  :D A suggestion , maybe to vary your roads, use some diagonals, dead ends, etc.  :) :P

Earth quake

Really nice city. &apls
I find that these palms multicoloured deal in your city a small air of Las Vegas. :thumbsup:

Tomas Neto

Awesome, my friend!!! The night scenes are wonderful!!!  :thumbsup:


Looks great, though the OWR roundabouts I've seen look a bit wonky. I'd love to see more.


Well I must say Desert Springs is coming along nicely  :thumbsup:

I like you suburban street layout, it is a bit "square", a curve or two would be nice, but I think it suits your city rather well.

Well done.


Tomas Neto

Wow, nice city and this suburbs are fantastic!!!  :thumbsup:


Looking good, I hope this city can handle the future traffic volumes as this city grows!


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Woaw !
Fantastic work with your city, it's not so often that we see cities in the desert !
You've done a terrific job on making the city pleasant to the eyes, but also to left a certain harmony with the mix of desert textures and grass ones. the development you're doing are nicely done and I can't wait to see more of it.
take care,
-Arthur. :thumbsup:
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Waow, it's very green for a city which is in desert! But wondert at least! &apls &apls

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Earth quake

Splendid update. :thumbsup:
Your surburbs is really nice.


As I've been working on this region the thought has come to me that a river would make the areas development a more likely scenario: the Rio Grande and Colorado rivers in the SW US and the Nile come to mind. What do you think?


I'll admit, personally I have a weakness for rivers, and in particular the deep canyons necessary to get game water in elevated cities!  It looks like a nice addition to me, something that will add a bit more texture to your city as it develops.  My only suggestion would be to add a few steep gullies leading town to the river if you feel inclined to do a touch more terraforming!  They could represent the preferred path of water during the rare but intense rainstorms deserts get.  Regardless, looks nice though.