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Desert Springs: update 20 - More from Nottingham and changes at the airport...

Started by amapper, November 05, 2009, 06:36:49 PM

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It's he first time I really watched your pictures.
I must say: I really like them &apls We don't have a lot MDs which play in that area of the world, so I'm looking forward to where you are going :thumbsup:

To your question:
I think you should lower the terrain a little bit, because the river beds are too steep in my opinion - but that is of course your decision ;) ;)

Keep it up,

Tomas Neto

I think it's a great idea! I hope you continue with this project! And nice update again!  :thumbsup:


The river is a nice addition.  :thumbsup:

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This cities turning into a paradise!


great start!

the next Casa Grande right?
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as for realism, I'd say "no river", but it really looks good.
the problem with realism is:
     how do the springs and the river connect?
     and why didn't they settle at the river instead, then?

just my 2 cents....

great MD, though ;)

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Oh, another great update here amapper!

Sorry, I missed a couple. But, still, great work as ever.



Thanks for all the input on the addition of a river. Any ideas on a name for it?  :-\


Nice, those gullies help a lot.  Glad the though helped!  That's quite the sprawling industrial park in the latest update, looks great!

Earth quake

Other beautiufl update.
The overview of the "Desert Spring" is splendid and the industrial aera is really nice.


I love the down town. These parking spaces in between looks really good.


The river is a nice addition, and I like the way you are putting down the sprawl of this desert city.


That's a beautiful region. I love how this is turning out. I think the river running through that canyon is a great addition too. I'm looking forward to more.

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The river made a great addition to your city.  :D


Your river looks great, and that distribution center very realistic.  Well done.  :thumbsup:


Nice developement I must say (and no unnecessary level railway crossings to nag on  $%Grinno$% ). The river canyons surely are a nice detail on the map! I like the spatious growth of your city but I guess land isn't very expensive or rare in the desert. However I do not want ott pay the cities' water bill for watering all these green areas ...

Just one thing: I've seen several times that you let a highway go up for an exit and then down until the next highway. Why don't you leave the highway on the higher level? You don't have to necessarily use the elevated highway; an embankment together with the NAM onslope pieces would make it look even better ... ;)

Bernhard  :thumbsup:

Tomas Neto

Very nice updates here, my friend!!! Fantastic work!!!  :thumbsup:


 &apls  Quite nice.  I like that office building complex in the upper right.  :thumbsup: