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May 08, 2021, 05:30:26 AM

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Author Topic: Create your own Perth Waterfront  (Read 4266 times)

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Create your own Perth Waterfront
« on: March 12, 2010, 01:02:20 AM »
The proposal to re-develop the Perth Foreshore has been around now for a couple of years. Often been the subject of much debate (and probably why Alan carpenter lost the last election) the government seem to come up with radical concepts that are just not right. The Labour government came up with the idea to have a circular building 1m from the water and almost 3/4 the size of the tallest building in Perth. Now we have a draft plan by the Liberals that shows Riverside Drive (a major transport link between the Fwy and Albany Hwy) being closed/diverted to traffic around the proposed water Inlet.    

The Website:
Perth Waterfront Plan navigate using links at the bottom of the homepage

Now I'm pretty sure your average Joe could come up with a better plan.
So, Why not come up with your own design? It would be good to hear your thoughts and ideas on the matter. You could even draw a concept plan using the image below.

the long building is the exhibition centre, next to that running N-S with zig-zag pattern is the sub-rail station

Below is What I've come up with so far- still a work in progress, will keep you updated.

The idea is the inlet wall follows the shape of two Swans back-to-front with glass covering (light blue) to allow pedestrians to walk across the top. In the middle is a fountain spout.
You might also notice a pedestrian bridge linking the exhibition centre, station and bridge together. 

So folks, it would interesting to see your designs.

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Offline Jonathan

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Re: Create your own Perth Waterfront
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2010, 03:09:42 PM »
I'd love to give this a go, but 1) my photoshop skills are rubbish and 2) if they were good enough I'd come up with something far too "Dubaiish" like the current proposal :D