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Hello and Welcome to the new Subscribers Corner ¡¡

Started by jeronij, June 30, 2013, 08:29:18 AM

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Hello and Welcome to all the site's subscribers and contributors to this your new dedicated board in our home  :thumbsup: ¡¡

We have created this place as a meeting point where the most contributive site's members can quietly talk about the game, the site and whichever matter you wish to. The only requirement for posting in this board is to keep your posts under the site's rules.This board is visible for all the site's visitors, including guests, but active participation is allowed to creators and contributors only.   

As the board grows, additional subboards and branches can be added. You can contact the board moderator (any volunteers?  ;D ) about this when necessary.

We hope you will find this place useful to discuss site/game's related matters, also as a sort of scape valve, and a place to meet the most supportive members like you¡¡
I am currently not active - Please, contact Tarkus for any site related matter. Thanks for enjoying SC4D :D

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