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Liaane - a historic country

Started by Fledder200, February 24, 2007, 06:16:31 PM

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Guess what, I've got Reply # 200
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Off to Italy in a few days. You lucky, lucky bastard! I just returned from my holiday in France and am boored again at work (well just taking a short break, now).

Redecorating the area and paricularily Hoekstraat worked out very well indeed!
The LOL Building and L-bay building look very well there. LOL  :D !
Liaane looks very nice indeed, the combo of buildings is great!

Have a great break!



Fantastic new update, Fledder200! You have there a wonderful looking city! :thumbsup:


Very nice update my friend. The Hoekstraat and the denisia area are so much better now as it was before.

I'll also be off to Italy and Croatia in a few days - for 3 weeks... see you there ;)

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lol...stop it Sebes...they might think we have a thing going on  :P
Life is too short to wear bad clothes...and ugly shoes!


Some very nice updates to look at after my holiday.
I will take a look at your photo's in 'memories frozen in time'. I have not been working a lot with the bat lately but I might start again soon.
Looking forward to see a new MD from you. :)


Quote from: Fledder200 on July 23, 2007, 02:27:01 PM

Badsims penthouse has a great view over the city

Hey Fledder , don't think I missed that ! The building itself wouldn't be my favorite  $%Grinno$% , but I notice I've got a penthouse  ::) , and that's right that considering the general height of Lianne's buildings , I've got an untouchable & royal point of view on this beautiful city ... so OK , I take it !  ;D

Thank you to have this kind of attention your faithful readers . :thumbsup:

°   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °



well i hope you found the parkinggarage and have it in use :)
it's a great BAT!! Thanx for your wonderfull comment!!

Thank you!! never been to Poland...so i wouldn't know  &ops
thanx for your nice comment!

well here's a new one schulbabe :)

thanx..well i'm back  ;D
they are 5 mega screens...a bit like IMAX...if you know what that is :)
thanx for continuing wrighting, eventough your without words :)

Well thank you and your welcome!!
i love greusesome, bloody paintings!! when i was in Italie..i found a nice painting (well it was hanging in a Museum...but it was just hanging there...nobody enjoyed it, so i tough...why not give it to someone who would enjoy it!)
i hope you like it!:

congrats!!  &apls &apls on being the 200th guest in Liaane :)
Real life is getting me again.......it's all a bore again, i wish i still was in Italie!
anyhoo...thank you Liaane loves your Devotion ;)

Thanx Bat...i hope you like this one aswel!

though seeing a lot of enoying Dutch people in Italie, i don't think i spoted you there...am i right?

Thank you!! i hope you like this aswell!
well any CJ/MD with your stuff can be put down as "Classic" your work is amazing!!

lol WHELL if it DOESN'T suit mylord...i can always plop you somewere else in Liaane :)
lol...yes your "Penthouse" hs the best view of Liaane!! :)
if you have a telescoop (you can order that from Thundercrack's store) you can look inside the Queens bedroom!  :P

anyhoo...the update

it's been a while :) but i'm still alive!!
i saw Dedgren's mighty hand hoover above the "MOVE" button and i tought...O My madonna, it's time to update!!!
I encountered some technical issues with Liaane..Props didn't show up !! anyways all is well now..only my Tram looks a bit blue with red and yellow
thats why NO TRAMS IN THIS UPDATE ( and if you spot a tram...don't be scared how it looks...we are working on that!!)
so here we go!!


East park

East park is a neighbourhood in east-Liaane, this small part of Liaane is full of small houses and shops.
the low rent and easy access to public transport makes this neigbourhood loved by Students and artists

East park station is a huge rail station in east park, and the second largest in Liaane, only Liaane central station is bigger.
thousands of travelers and comuters use this station to get to the airport or the eastern part of the country, every day.
beware of pickpockets and drunk students going home.

Most of east park is build around East park Station. The many shops contains mostly art suplies, second hand clothing shops and bars, bars, Thundercrack's Thunder store and bars....and did i mention...bars??

although the small houses (and typical Liaane houses) dominate the view in East park, New high rise and modern buildings are growing fast.
Many blocks in East park are being demolished because of the bad state the houses are in...we all know that students aren't that keen on upkeep
The big corporations love the cheap ground and are building high rise rapidly!!

on the border of Liaane center and East park is a big pond with large fountains in it. On those hot summerdays students are using the pond
as swiming pool and sunbath fields...it's a pretty sight...realy it is...realy
The church is the Eastminster aby.


The heart of the city is loved by everyone, historic building everywere shops,expensive houses,the palace and the goverment building are all located here!
lets have a look!

Liaane-historic city museum is a large building on DEVOTION SQUARE, the museum is full of old paintings,sculptures, old people and things.
This used to be the old Goverment building, but was renovated and turned into a Museum in 1876, when the new Goverment building was ready.

THE PUBLIC LIBERY is the largest libery in Liaane and holds more than 16.000 books and documents.
Located next to the Liaane-historic city museum, designed by the building master himself...vanderaap.

DEVOTION SQUARE is a small square behind the Museum and Libery, but it played a huge role in the history of Liaane.
"while the many kingdoms of europe are vaneshing due to the come of the socialism and comunism, we stand united behind our Monarchy,
if you want to pladge your loyalty towards our king,unite tonight at the butterplein and we shall march in honor of our kingdom"[/
it was a small line in the Liaane gazet in 1899,a small cry for devotion towards the Royal family.
120.000 people showed up that night (the population was about 130.000 back than) and marched with torches and flags towards the royal palace.
When King Edward the 5th stepped out of the palace the crowd began to sing the National anthem ending with :
"devoted to our great King, devoted to our great nation,devoted we are,hand in hand united we stand"
The next day, king edward the 5th changed the name Butterplein into DEVOTION SQUARE.

Masuleum of king Dennis is located along DEVOTION SQUARE as well,
King Dennis is the founder of Liaane, and this is his final reating place, with the KING DENNIS PARK behind it.


while the Dutch keep on saying that he is from the Netherlands...but he realy was from Liaane...well his father was anyways

winning pic in the SC4 picture compition......i thought I'd stuff it in a frame  ;D

REMBRANDTPLEIN is a small square that leads towards the QUEENS SQUARE, the bars and restaurants make this a buzzing and nice place to stay.
the Rembrandt theather is a popular theater and shows all the new plays.

The biggest square in Liaane.shops,bars,musems,galaries...you name it...they got it!!
It's located infront of the Royal palace and the Goverment building. Shop till you drop on the day, eat a little and stay for the fun at night!
about 70% of Liaane is stuffed on this square on the weekends...just for the alcohol

Yes....she got a new crib...again!!
Looks like the Queen changes palaces more than she does with shoes.

The ministry of Finance and the ministry of foreign affairs, with the Royal Church

THE GOVERMENT BUILDING...The goverment's home base...here is the office of the prime minister...so now you know where I work  :P

Well my dear dear loyal readers...i have some sad sad news  :(
this is and wil be the LAST update from LIAANE!!
the city died on me after almost 1year of hard hard work!! :(
what i'm going to do next? i don't know...still thinking about starting all over again or doing something new..Liaane is/was my baby.
i hope you all enjoyed Liaane....and hope to see you all back soon...or in a new CJ/MD

R.I.P : Liaane
11/19/2006 - 09/24/2007

may we never forget her

Lots of Love
Life is too short to wear bad clothes...and ugly shoes!


 ;D me is glad you're back  ;D

Caught the tram. Modern design I guess. Is it a marketing campaign for the local Mondriaan Exhibition?

Anyway, this nonsense makes me almost forget what a great update you've made. Let the big bad  Dedgren's mighty hand hoover a bit longer and it will be perfect, ha, ha, ha.

Glad to see you again and do not let RL get in your way of playing.



Great City you created there, indeed a "place to feel home". I hope we're gonna see new SC4-Creations from you, despite this MD going to end.
One question: The Cobblestone-pieces with a single tree in the center, did you lot them yourself, or where can I download them? And can they be used like the regular NAM-pieces, especially do they allow Commercial-buildings to grow alongside?


Nope, i LOT them myself (the ones with the big tree) and they do nothing (besides looking nice).
some others (the ones with the lightpoles in the cornors) are 1x1 parks I downloaded on the STEX..ages ago.
but to answer your Q: no they are not NAM-pieces....sorry :(
thanx for the nice comment tough :)
Life is too short to wear bad clothes...and ugly shoes!


Fantastic new update, Fledder200! A lot of great pictures! :thumbsup:

Looking forward to more...


A splendid final update Fledder! 

Liaane is and will always be your baby and I will remember her as a hell of an interesting and goodlooking MD.

A big good bye kiss for Liaane  &kiss

And a standing ovation for the diva behind her  &bis&

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 &apls &apls Yeap , a super update for your final one. Hope to see your next project soon. I`m sure it will be even interesting and lovely done like Liaane .  :thumbsup:


 %confuso  &apls  %confuso  &apls

I am sad to say goodbye! i have enjoyed visiting Liane (and enjoyed my house there as well!) Looking forward to your next project.

Quote from: sebes on September 24, 2007, 12:52:12 PM

And a standing ovation for the diva behind her  &bis&


A lovely update. I can't believe that April & June staged a coup and took over Liaane...

now known as the Liaanisch Dual Monarchy of April & June...

may the spirit of Liaane carry on to your next work!
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Wow....super update.  It took me a while.  I had to look at the pictures a couple of times.  I wish there were more pics of the train station.  I like the tram line and how you laid it out.  There must be no high commute times here with transit like that.  The city looks very historical.  I love the choice of custom BATs.

&apls &apls

Robin   :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.