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Three Rivers Region

Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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Those poles look magnificent. Can't wait to use them. Big thanks to David and Matt!


Can't wait to download those telephone poles!  ;D

And I think every time you show us a rural scene it looks about 2000% better than the last one, if that's possible.  ;)
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Hooray for telephone poles!!! I haven't played SC4 in a little while (RL keeps getting in the way), but this really makes me want to load it up and work on my rural areas! Good work, both of you.  :thumbsup:


Well, live by the internet...

...die by the internet.  When I went to upload the telephone poles to the 3RREX, I received a popup window that encouraged me to update my Filezilla client software [linkie].  Being the compliant sort...

...shhh! don't tell Heather...

...I innocently clicked "OK."  Filezilla apparently updated just fine, as it opened right up afterwards.  The problem- the update ate my file transfer settings.  50 attempts later to get in, I gave up.  An IP guy is supposed to call me tomorrow to walk me back through setting things up.

In the meantime, because I promised, the telephone poles are temporarily attached to the bottom of this post.  The DL includes Matt's (threestooges) models, so it's unzip to your Plugins folder and go.  The poles are fully PlopperizedTM, so if you don't get the orientation you want with your first click, try again before moving the cursor.




169911 - 170K before midnight Alaska time (GMT-9).  You folks are the greatest!
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Those telephone poles are just what I need to go with my rural mountain stuff...   at the moment I only have the default Maxis pylons... and they should only be used sparingly.

Hope you get ya filezillawhatsitcallit sorted out!

Now lets see midnight 11/13 for you will be 2200 NZT for me...  I will pop back later to see if people have been peeking!



Sorry to hear about your Filezilla woes, David. Though I must say, that picture you posted in absolutely fantastic! I hope you don't have much trouble getting everything straightened out.

Oh, and just as an update, the 3RR-ST Archive is now updated through page 54.




1945 11/13 NZT
0145 11/13 EST
2145 11/12 FARR-WESTUS Time   ;D

EDITThat's well on track for 200K views on December 20th, which is 3RR's second birthday here at SC4D.  It's all the more amazing when you think that we started the year at less than 50,000 views.  Thanks for capturing the moment, Craig- all of you folks out there are the best! -DE


Hey David, those last few pics you have shown are amazing and the third one of the last group made it to my desktop background for a bit. Glad to see the poles are out now (and thanks everyone for the compliments, but David really did the modding work on these things, the modelling wasn't bad at all) and I'll see if I can get the poles packaged shortly for candidacy. In the meantime, I'll be spending this weekend in Kentucky for an arbitration competition, but I'll keep an eye on the goings on around here as I can. Congratulations on 170k views too. Hope all is well.

EDITMatt, you are way too modest.  Best of luck getting ready for that competition.  We'll hold down the fort here while you are away. -DE


Wow !
Your railway is wonderful ! I hope for single tracks and realistic sleepers since months, and I've just discovered this great topic ! :thumbsup:
Just for a confirmation, these tracks will be downloadable in the beginning of 2009, or I'm wrong ?

I apologise for my English &mmm and and wish you a good work !

EDITHey, Ben!  Yet Another Great First-Time SC4D/3RR Post!  Thanks so much for joining us here, and you are correct- we are shooting for the first months of 2009 to have v.1 of the STR available.  There'll be some other RR news shortly that should please you as well.  Welcome to 3RR. -DE


We now have 170K views in 3RR...

:) Mass

Edit: Welcome to SC4 Devotion and thanks for joining us, Aérius :) ;)
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Work is getting on! Fantastic Dave,

Congratulations with the 170.000 milestone!

But somehow I get the feeling I missed something....
How is it with the field fences? You were worikg on them quite a while back. Are they available somewhere, or are they not yet finished?

EDITFrank, I've pushed the fencelines forward in the queue of things to be worked on- they are completed but for the final steps to put them properly in the game menu (icons, proper sequencing, LTEXTs) and have been since last summer.  Shame on me, and thanks very much for reminding me.  Watch for a post on the fencelines shortly. -DE


That newest pictures there of your excellent work is looking really beautiful, David!! :thumbsup:
AND CONGRATS ON OVER 170000 views!!!!!! &apls &apls

btw, my 6250th post...


 &apls &apls Congrats David for 17000 views. works pay  :D


Yay! Telephone poles!  ;D

Sorry to hear about your file-sharing problems David... that's why I'm always cautious about updating software I know works...  &mmm

Oh, and, on a slightly related note, I found somewhere in RL that uses power lines like the default Maxis lines... Romania.

(Image a still from SciFi's Ghost Hunters International. I claim no credit for the image.)

EDITdtp, I found a great pic of a red-and-white "Maxis" power pole on the web a while ago, too- I wish I'd clipped it.  Great pic! -DE
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Hmm let's see...

1. Congratulations for over 170000 views! That's a big achievement! :thumbsup:

2. The newest picture is just great! I have to say that the pipe adds lotsa realism to this pic, but it's 3RR, so what do I expect :D  The flora is just fantastic, that is really what I think. And the poles are so great that I downloaded them before I went to school (like...13 hours ago :D) but still haven't tried them. ;)

Good pic! I'm wondering where does the track go, anyway &Thk/( ;)

See you later ;)

EDIT: Missed a pretty important zero, there, Piotr! - Dustin (thundercrack83)

EDITHeh, Piotr- doodles...

...just doodles.
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I found some Maxis-like poles in pictures where the lines pass a water navigation area or near airports. Anyway, I can't wait to break out those PlopperizedTM telephone poles!


I see there is no buffer at the end of the track.


Well, there's no T21 exemplar file for that yet. ;)


At least now I know Maxis got their inspiration from somewhere when they put those "candy canes" into the game.  I have no room to talk, though, since I do use them at times.  However, I do have something else to use, now, thanks to our David! :thumbsup:
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Here are some rural power lines.


QuoteEDITHeh, Piotr- doodles...

...just doodles.

So do you have a 'doodles' region then?   I have one called 'sandbox'.