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~ Alancy ~

Started by Pikatchoum, January 29, 2009, 08:04:28 AM

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  Good morning everbody here on SC4 Devotion.
Maybe some of you remember I've already presented a city called Alancy, here on this forum. Anyway, i decided to create a new city also named Alancy so it's wont be the same city. I'll try to build it better than the previous one, improving my knowledge of the game and trying to develop it carrefully.

  Talking about the city itself. I'm planing on a city about 300/400 000 inhabitants for the region organised around a main city ( Alancy ) with about 150 000 people. It's not so big but i think it already offers many possibilities and many hours of game so it's a good beggining IMO. And if it grows bigger it will be an interesting challenge to see the evolution of the city.

  The city will be built along a river and a big lake with a landscape mostly low. I'll be glad to show you a pic of the region but it's not finished yet. ( Making nice landscapes is a hard stuff for me so i need time ).

  Not much more things to say except that Alancy will be strongly inspired by my own city: Orléans in France.


What and where ?


Page 1 :

  • City introduction
  • Update 01 : Historical center : Around the Cathedral Holly Cross of Alancy
  • Update 02 : New mod for new roads


Update number one : Historical Center : Around the Cathedral Holly Cross of Alancy

As told in the introduction, the landscape of the city is low and flat. The cathedral Holly Cross was built on a small hill on the north side of the river and is one of the highest place of the city. Because of that particular location the cathedral dominates the skyline especially when you cross the river and have a look to it.

The historical center is composed of many pedestrian streets and concentrates a lot of monuments and plazzas. (Like a real historical center after all :p )

Next to the cathedral is located the palace of justice hosted in an old castle.

As i told you, the city center is irriguated by many pedestrian streets like this one wich is one of the most important. It goes from the train station to the Parc des trois cloches ( Three bells park ) near the town house.

On that last pic you can appreciate the Capucine's church and the town house with the Three bells park behind.



Very european looking city, that's well done,
as I think that this is very difficult to do with SimCity :)

probably the best tropical forests Pat Riot
the jungle and the seaside resorts are looking spectacular kwakelaar
such stunning and natural tropical sceneries iamgoingtoeatyou
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It's very nice, and the same comment I tell you on TSC and Simland ;)
L'atelier d'architecture
* * * * * Longwy * * * * *


What an attractive city. I love the amount of buildings you've put in place.

Will premiere in January 2009
Otherwise, look up "City of Hypertrophy" on Simtropolis


Pikatchoum you got a great start here and I hope to see much more here!!!

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Excellent city there my friend, I like the use of W2W and all these pedestrian street &apls
I just think that the cathedral plaza is a bit empty, maybe with two or three trees that could looks great ;) !
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very nice, and if i can give you a hint: use the euro road textures mod by SFBT
it's found here: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1302
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I'm loving that tree-lined square and the pedestrianised area.




It's time for the second update, but first, some answers.

Antimonycat : Thanks for your comment.

WC_EEND : Thanks for the hint, actually i donwloaded that mod and it's the subject of the second update. Wish realised.

Art128 : Yeah i agree with you about the cathedral plazza. I'm right thinking about a way to add some life to it. Thanks.

Neofita : Thanks.

Pat : I hope you'll like the next update and thanks.

Anarchy0029 : Glad to read you like the city. I try to recreate the mess you can find with the different buildings in some old town.

Sciurus : Merci :). J'ai pris bonne note de ces commentaires.

Urban: Thanks. I think the most difficult is that in European cities roads are often curved and it's hard to find building in SC going well with diagonals and curves.


Update N°2 : New mod for new roads...

Well, this update is going to be small. I just wanted to show you the new look of the city as i donwloaded and installed the european road textures.

First an overview of the townhouse and the Capucines Chruch.

Very closed to the Cathedral, a typicall historic district with a mix of little row houses and bigger, whealthier or just more modern buildings.

To finish, a screen near the railroad at the north of the city. Outside the historic center.


Nice work my friend &apls

L'atelier d'architecture
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Superb work in this new update my friend, your city look so réalistic, as well   ;)
I'm looking forward to the next update
Take care,

My new city is now here
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Another excellent update.  Good choice on the roads, really helps with the setting.  Love what you've done with the narrow row homes in the middle picture, looks very European indeed! 


Your city looks great with all the churches, parks and raised rial lines.
Can't wait to see more, super start.

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


A very pleasant and realistic looking city you have going there, but I have a question for you if you don't mind:

Where did you find this building?

-It looks almost exactly like a building on Karl Johan Street in Oslo.

A link would be awesome!

Thanks, and take care!
...coming soon


Excellent city planing, these threes pictures looks just splendid.  &apls &apls
Excellent work my friend, beau travail mon ami. :thumbsup:
ExiLe => This building is made by debussyman.  ;)

Arthur.  &apls
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Great update i like the most idea with yellow diagonal building from Prepo.  :thumbsup:

ExiLe it was made by Debussyman,and you find it here on LEX


It's great to see you and Alancy back, Pikatchoum! I've always been a fan of your work and your city-building style, and your latest efforts are no exception, my friend! I'll be watching and waiting for more!