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Full Diamond Interchanges

Started by Haljackey, November 26, 2011, 02:23:48 PM

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Section 19: Full Diamond Interchanges

Full diamond interchanges are large, multi-level interchanges that use flyover/under ramps to handle both right and left ramps.

They were also among the first four-way interchanges to ever be designed, along with the cloverleaf interchange. They exist mostly in Germany, with many of them built on the original Autobahns developed by Nazi Germany.

19.1: Basic Full Diamond Interchange

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Section 19.1: Basic Full Diamond Interchange

This Guide is about building a basic Full Diamond Interchange. While it's not suited for large amounts of traffic (each direction has only one lane), it has a pretty narrow footprint of mostly only 6 tiles in diameter.

First, lay down 4 A1 type Flex curve pieces (left turn pieces) by leaving a gap of two tiles between each other. The rail pieces are optional and temporary, as they just indicate the center of the interchange.

Build 4 A2 type Flex curve pieces (right turn pieces) directly adjacent to the left turns.

Now, bulldoze the center rail pieces if you had put them before, and put down 4 1-level Flex height transition pieces.

Build two level 1 MIS starter pieces exactly as shown below. Do not worry about the visual break in the height transitions. We will remedy this later.

Activate the drawpath cheat to make sure that the MIS pieces show the right way. For a right hand drive setup, they must pass each other on the left side as shown below.

Now, we need eight RHW4 type D1 ramps. Again, make sure they point to the right direction. The wide shoulder of the RHW4 has to be at the inside of all ramps. At the time being (NAM 31.2) the descriptions are not consistent (some are described as 'inside', some not), so watch out here.

Connect the ground MIS, again disregarding the visual transition breaks.

Do the same with the level 1 MIS.

Now, if there still are some parts not showing right, it helps to click with the RHW tool somewhere near the affected tiles. The picture below is an example, where you have to click to turn the wrong L1 RHW2 into the correct L1 MIS (click on the tile with the white square).

The center part is now finished. The following steps are the same for each of the 4 branches of the interchange, so I'm only showing the construction of one branch.

Put down a 1-level Flex height transition piece.

Drag the (level 1) RHW4 two tiles away from the transition piece.

Now, go diagonal as shown below. Ignore it if/when not everything gets converted to L1 RHW4 for now.

Build another 1-level Flex height transition piece ...

... and connect it with the diagonal part.

Next, drag the ground RHW4 in such a way that the RHW crosses exactly as shown in the picture.

Put down some RHW6 type D1 ramps.

Connect the remaining MIS to the ramp and drag RHW6 away as you like.

Again, there might be some glitches and/or remaining RHW2 tiles. Correct them by clicking on or near those parts to make them consistent with the adjoining tiles.

Do this for all branches and complete the interchange.

Here is a bigger picture with some trees and the grid off. (click this one for full resolution)
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