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Three Rivers Region

Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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This STR stuff is looking absolutely fantastic here!  You guys have done absolutely amazing work in a very short amount of time.   :thumbsup:

I've picked up the test files now, and hope to give it a good shakedown here soon--and I think I can do something about that RHW incompatibility thing that some of you are running into, too . . . ;)

-Alex (Tarkus)

EDITWell, everyone- that's the 6,000th post in 3RR.  Welcome back to the Triple-0 Club, Alex.  You were the first, at 1,000. Jeff (kalanc69) was 2,000.  bat was 3,000.  krbe 4,000.  Ryan (burgsabre87) nailed 5K.  And here you are again.  Thanks so much to everyone who makes this possible.  You are all the greatest. -DE


Not one to be easily discouraged, I did come up with a workaround for the neighbor connection issue.  It does require a little more time, and the use of other NAM items, but it produces the same result.  Here is a step-by-step tutorial:


Build a road neighbor connection, the usual way.


Build the "Dual Networking - railtunnel under straight road" puzzle piece over both road tiles.


Bulldoze the puzzle piece that does NOT cover the connection.  WARNING: If you bulldoze the connection arrow tile at any time, you will have to start from STEP 1.


Build the "Ground Light Rail x Rail" puzzle piece so that it covers the connection as shown, with the actual intersection over the yellow arrow.


Bulldoze the rail stub, but NOT the intersection tile.  You should be left with a single El-Rail tile.


Build two "Groundlightrail x Avenue - Dual Networking Straight pieces", one on either side of the single El-Rail tile as shown in the pic.


Bulldoze the "Groundlightrail x Avenue - Dual Networking Straight pieces", but NOT the intersection tile.  You should now have a "blank" neighbor connection arrow.


Build the FAR straight piece over the arrow, in either direction.  Enjoy!

Quote from: Tarkus on December 20, 2008, 05:19:45 PM
--and I think I can do something about that RHW incompatibility thing that some of you are running into, too . . . ;)

Oh, Alex... you wouldn't!  $%Grinno$%  Would you?

EDITMy friend- I thought I was bad.  My maternal grandfather used to tell me all the time when I was being extraordinarily detailed about something, "David, you could sort pepper from fly poop."  You must be my my long-lost low country cousin. -DE
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Toichus Maximus

holy moly! I hate to ask, but how on earth did you think that workaround up?!


Two reasons, Toichus Maximus.  First of all, I have way too much time on my hands right now, a good excuse for me to sign up for this beta test.  Besides that, if something seems impossible in this game, I always try to find a way to do it.  3RR has made me believe that anything is possible in SC4. 

A while back, I figured out how to use the GLR-in-avenue diagonal pieces to make split diagonal avenues, suitable for transitions to diagonal OWRs or RHW-4s.  I knew that the GLR-in-avenue pieces could cause strange behaviors like this, so I figured that my solution here would involve GLR in some way, which it did.  I played around to find a piece that would work for removing the road connection tile without demolition, and that led to me trying the Dual Networking - Rail Under Road piece. 

Experimentation played a big part in this, but all that free time really helped, too.  RL is taking a vacation right now, which effectively gives me a vacation.  :)
Find my power line BAT thread here.
Check out the Noro Cooperative.  What are you waiting for?  It even has electricity.
Want more? Try here.  For even more electrical goodies, look here.
Here are some rural power lines.


Brilliant find there, metarvo!

3RR has made me believe that anything is possible in SC4. 

We should get shirts made with this printed on them!

Congratulations on 6000 replies, David!



 ;D While I haven't as much time as Metavaro , the neighbor connection for the STR works  :thumbsup:. I have some basic pics from my testing , notes follow:

I am trying to incorporate as many pieces together as I can , but rails aren't exactly my strong point!

I do have an interesting bug , when I select the curved roads tab , sometimes all of the pieces can be tabbed through , sometimes I have to re-select the ring in order to get the newer pieces...very strange. I also am having much difficulty with getting the 45 degree to FAR curve to connect to other pieces or to any road connections. Its kinda hit or miss with that one. I also noticed slight difficulty in having a bridge to connect at the end of the STR/dual track piece. I didn't check any paths since Jonathan already said that he had forgot to copy them over to this release.

Besides the issues I have posted prior and the ones now , I don't think this will be to hard to get outta beta soon!



Just a small question: were the rural roads and the 45-FAR pieces included in yesterday's email? I just realized they weren't there when I tested earlier, which was before today's email was sent.

Speaking of which, I upgraded a suburban city of mine's rails to STR, it it seems to have mostly worked except for the issues already discovered.
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DTP , yes the rural roads and the curves are in the FAR tab ring.



Um......after a little test in my city.....
I found that:
1) some of the nam-rail pieces are missing
2) a little bit slow when the STR is building
3) the STR is now just supporting for right hand drive....
that just my discover in 30 minutes and now I need to go to school to have a special lesson..... TwT
俺がã,¬ãƒ³ãƒ€ãƒ ã wwwwww


Wow, so much happens in 7 hours. I believe the 3RR hit 3 milestones in a very short time, 6000 replies, 300 pages and 2 years at SC4Devotion, congratulations David without you we'd be nowhere :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

QuoteHow dare you Jonathan...sleeping on the job are we? Cheesy
Sleep?  ;) went to bed at 6 past midnight this morning much to my mom's annoyance.

metarvo, that is sure one big workaround!



Well, just stopped in after a couple quick tests for STR connectivity and usage... So far nothing has come up that hasn't been mentioned...

Tracks being used...

There goes the choo choo (at least one)...


Earth quake

Wow, really excellent, I love.  $%Grinno$%

And congrulation for the 6000 replies of 3RR


Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to say hello to everyone and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Real life has been encroaching on my Sim City time a lot this past month or so, and I have had to  :-\ become creative with my schedule just to be able to have some online time to check in here, but I am always rewarded whenever I do. It took me over a month to re-install/replace everything I lost when the power cord to my HD decided to catch fire a few months ago and melted the port on my hard drive. I forgot to make a backup of my SC4 files before that, which meant bye bye to all of my valuable files! Needless to say, I backed up all of my files as soon as I finished installing everything this time! Now that I have the game re-installed I am going to spend the next few days playing as much as I can! I have really enjoyed my time here at SC4, and I look forward to seeing what new and exciting things the SC4 community will have to offer us over this next year. Please enjoy the rest of this Holiday season, and be safe because I want to see each and every one of you back here on Jan. 2nd! Remember not to drink and drive! (finish your drink BEFORE you start driving, you might hit a bump while driving and spill your drink!)



I tested the STR some time ago, so here is a picture:

When I was placing puzzle pieces or when dragging STR the game was lagging much. Maybe that's because my computer is slow. I also noticed another thing: only puzzle pieces have paths! I think I've installed everything correctly. Here are two pictures with DrawPaths cheat turned on:

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The paths (or lack of) are causing the lag issues, it's been fixed for most pieces, and the next set of files you recieve from David should work how they are meant to.(this was my fault for forgetting them &ops)



Okay, thanks for replying to me, Jonathan. And don't worry about forgetting those paths, there aren't perfect people :) I'll use the 1x filler pieces instead of dragable STR (I hope they'll do the trick).
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Ryan B.

Wow, such great stuff going on in here!

David, a belated 'Happy Birthday' to 3RR and a congratulations on 6,000 replies are in order.  Forgive my tardiness, as I was in a convoy of about 30 vehicles doing less than 30 MPH on the New York State Thruway eastbound toward home.


I have a quick question that somewhat pertains to the curves and since most of those involved check this thread , I decided to ask here. How difficult would it be to have both the regular curves without a sidewalk and those with one to co-exist in the same city? I imagine that , in theory , one would only have to use different texture ID's and change the model ID's , copy the paths with the changed ID's , but how would you go about the RUL's? Also , if this was to be done and have it as an option for the NAM , how would one get usable NAM ID's? I know this would be tedious , but given the tools , I would be more than happy to try and tackle this. As I said,if this is not an acceptable place for this , please feel free to move it as I'm not trying to hijack this thread.

*I now return you to the awesomeness of 3RR!*


Instead of double posting...I got the updated files,thanks David for getting them out so fast. I noticed something though that I hadn't tried previously. If you drag the STR like you would regular rail to make a splitter , there aren't any paths...

I also noticed that the double files and my previous problem with having to reset the tab ring are gone  :thumbsup:
I am wondering if I am correct that there are not any STR/FARR intersection pieces or any STR/FAR either?
Also , the empty rail  puzzle pieces , are they the place holders for the RHW3?
Looking good otherwise.



I know we're supposed to be trying to break the new stuff, and not actually have fun with it (;D) but I just couldn't help myself.  I haven't had a chance to test today's revision yet, but I'll post a report as soon as I do. 


Just a rotten pair of flights today from Helena, Montana to Austin, Texas, via Denver.  No sign of the burned plane that ran off the Denver International Airport runway yesterday- I think they had that section of the airport closed.  We were in the United Airlines satellite terminal at DIA.  The area where we deplaned was little more than a cold tin barn, and the place was just grubby looking.  The restrooms were in about the same shape as the ones at any big city Greyhound bus terminal or football stadium.  The wi-fi wasn't working right, either. I spent about 45 minutes trying to get today's STR bug fix/update files out, and still don't know if they made it to everyone.  Heather and I are at the hotel now in Austin, so I've resent the files from here.

Oh, you won't just be getting the STR...



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