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THE EBLT Team OSITM Induction - March 2013

Started by rooker1, March 01, 2013, 03:57:52 AM

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Oh, I thought the pink was the final result. :P

Again, very good.



Nice house. It will look good in my suburbs.  I also like the pedestrian bridge. We need more of those small details for rails. :)
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Looking nice Carlos! ;)

Okay, I worked some bit on the office building today:

Zoom 5HD

What I did:
-Tried to work on the glass texture.. obviously lot of work needed here, but I'm starting to understand how ground planes work.
-Desaturated a bit the wall texture as it was too blue. I think it looks good as it is now.
-Added a small frame to each floors as seen on the real building.
-changed the windows frame texture from dark metal to the same marble as the wall.
-changed the penthouse's balcony floor texture, though it's too reflective and clean atm..

To do list:
-Work on the windows.
-make custom textures for the walls and the roofs.
-Texture the roof things (vents etc)
-night lights etc

I like the upper most texture I used. Also, what do you guys think of the space between each tracks? it's currently ~2m, but some people said it should be narrowed a bit, to 1m50 for example.
To be honest I like it as it looks now, but what's your opinion?
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nice nice :)

just one question, are the windows textured? they look a bit as black holes :\ I think they could be brighter  ;)




@ gn_leugim, imho the yellow is a little too saturized. Though I'm nitpicking really, because it looks great! 

@ Arthur, the BAT is coming along fine! Tracks seems to be the right width to me and the textures are good, too. 

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Quote from: art128 on March 23, 2013, 03:21:47 PM
Update time!

Looks great.

The four air con fans needs a box to top off. As it is it looks like they are floating
Never was a big fan of the dark grey stone texture. Would love to see a version with a lighter stone texture.


Yes I have to agree. The moment I saw your BAT I had light textures in mind as well. Love the glasswork, though.



Meanwhile, http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=15627.msg456139#msg456139  "$Deal"$

Also, this morning I was like "why not" and so I tried and ended up with this:

a small ID_out Building, a chemical storage tank, loosely the same size as the cylindrical version of maxis. :)


Very nice everyone.
Arthur, nice com building, love the details.
gn_leugim, the night lights look great.

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