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December 02, 2022, 03:23:58 PM

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TSCT - Traffic Simulator Configuration Tool

Started by Stefan79, May 05, 2010, 02:32:42 AM

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I have downloaded the file and put it in the TSCT folder but TSCT still complains that it can not find the Help File. Where does it look for this?


The user guide is located in (TSCT installation path)\resources\lang\en in my Windows installation.


Thanks for the help with this, unfortunately, it will not work.
Even after a completely fresh install it still cannot find the help file.
Probably an issue with Wine. Maybe a missing .dll or other file.

Anyway I will have to get back to this later. I have a second option that seems more feasible at the moment.


My system is Windows 10 and I have problem with Traffic Simulator Tool. When I double click left mouse button, the program opens and function nicely. Until I try to save. When I save it, it says that it cannot save, possible because SC4 is running.

Well SC4 is not running in my Computer at that time, but I think that I know that it is Win 10 user Access problem. Tool is in My Documents folder and newer Windows are unhappy to give right to make any changes in these folders.

In Win 7 I was able to solve this by right click of the mouse and run the program as Admin. However now that I try it in win 10 only the command prompt flickers in the screen, but the Traffic Simulator Tool does not open. May be I have outdated Java?

Any idea how to get around this. So that I could make changes in my traffic file without installing the NAM again?


Sometimes there's a process as this ~exxxx.tmp in background, open Task Manager and kill it.
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The permanent solution is to override the behaviour of Windows and "Take Ownership" of the folder/files in question, allowing you (the user with ownership) full read/write access. Whilst MS have disabled this to make things more secure, most sensible users would be safe enough doing this. A quick google search will show you how to do this, since it's a pretty common Win10 issue.

We'll have much more fun when people start using Win 10s, since that won't even allow .exe's to run. Only apps purchased from the Windows store, long and short, that's useless if you want to play games or pretty much use your computer, best avoided.


Thank. I was able to find instruction about how to take ownership. Oh boy that was complicated. Good job Microsoft.  :thumbsdown:

However, I still get error message. "Error deleting file (s). Sim City 4 is probably running." (After restarting the computer)

I may have done something wrong as it was complicated even with instruction with pictures.

Anyway, so I decided to manually delete traffic plugin file and start from blank. It is a workaround.

Well, I have a legitimate copy of Win 7, but so far I haven't begun hassle for reinstallation. :(


Windows 7 is rarely a big problem, provided you've got Admin rights assigned to your user account, you shouldn't need to do this. Win 10 is where the big changes came in, where your own files are not necessarily your own in terms of how the rights are assigned.

What I've found is that sometimes Windows has a moment and something gets locked which shouldn't be. It can be a nightmare to regain access to such files, but the utility described here will allow you to switch ownership with ease.

The other potential problems come from the rights assigned to an application for accessing files. To ensure that's not an issue, first disable UAC (User Account Control) from the Users section of Control Panel. Additionally, right click the TSCT application and select Run as Administrator, to ensure it has full access rights.