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October 03, 2022, 01:00:05 AM

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MGB's Mods and other stuff

Started by mgb204, May 04, 2015, 04:48:16 PM

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Excellent! I would have a lot of use for those
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Interesting re-work on this condos from JaWood  :) It's true that the original model is nice, while it has a quite "maxis-ish" shape (I hope to be understandable  :D). The new textures you applied on the walls makes it clearly better to me.


Working today on the height variants, 3/4/5 storey versions complete:

I'm thinking of adding 6/8/10 to that list. Maybe higher if they don't start to look too weird or out of perspective.


These look very much like the design of housing association properties near to my house, I think they are around 7 floors so as long as they look good, I think it makes sense to go higher. It's nice to see you messing with something specific and cute, rather than all-encompassing and unifying.


Hi Robin ,

Beautiful work on that model ,  &apls I didn't download the original one but , comparing with the STEX  pictures  , it really look better without the awning ... could certainly fit nicely with some BATs from mattb325 for condominiums  ( I haven't their names in mind right now , but you most probably know them .)


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Colour variants:

How tall can we go:

I think the answer is not so tall. The roof just looks so wrong here. But I may consider re-modelling that for the sake of some taller variants. Though high-rises aren't really the priority.


I'd say six floors are enough. ;) Looking forward to see those, I always liked the original model, and have those still installed, but some more variation would be very nice alright, esp. since this is such a generic building that fits in basically everywhere. May I ask for a little gradient in the wall texture, unless that's planned anyway? Anyway, excellent work so far. :thumbsup:


I think the taller models would work quite well with a flat roof and some roof junk - they would then remind me of the Housing Trust blocks in Melbourne, Victoria.

Great work so far by the way!


I agree, the taller versions would look better with a flat roof. In fairness though I'd still use the taller version with a pitched roof as there are examples of it across the U.K.
A unique nation fusing technological prowess and unparalleled grandeur

"Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination" - Oscar Wilde


Based on all the feedback, I've made a few tweaks here and there. But this is the basic set of models. I've still got to render the rotated variants for the 4-6 storey versions. I'll move on to the colour-variants thereafter.

For the moment I'll hold off on anything taller. @Andreas, I do plan on adding gradients to the coloured variants, but the textures in the last update were just to get an idea of the base colour-schemes to use. The brick versions should have one, perhaps it's too subtle?



You know, I've been looking at these for a while and there was something about the roofs that's bugging me but I couldn't put my finger on it.. then I realised.. not sure if this is a particular style of roof you're creating but I would generally say roofs need ridges and gutters. A little more pattern variation wouldn't hurt, (I'm not usually a fan of fake-ray-tracing-gradients though) but ridges and gutters would do wonders I think. Other than that, these look really nice  :thumbsup:
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Dunno, I just assumed those were asphaltic shingles, those ones that come in sheets and can be fold over the roof surface.

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Hey, these are fantastic! I was just thinking yesterday how it'd be nice to see these sorts of buildings; they remind me of the early 2000's Residence Inn/Courtyard Marriott. :thumbsup:


These look really nice! These look pretty similar to several new(er) developments in my city.


They all look great :thumbsup: though I'm not a fan of the hi-rise version (maybe because of the roof style like you said).

I think the roof texture look fine.  For me, if the roof isn't overly bright/saturated, it won't attract my attention much in-game anyway.  And the dark color looks great on those buildings. :)


Update 26/04/17: New version uploaded with some tweaks and minor fixes. Unlike the preview edition, this contains all the TGN/NGN/TSR options too.

Thanks for all the comments on the housing, I've not forgotten them, but ran into a bump with one of the FAR renders messing up (angle used warps their appearance). Once I've got that sorted, I'll get back to rendering the remainder.

In the meanwhile...

After over 2 years in development, SWN (Sidewalk NAM) is finally nearing completion. As such, I've a preview version for Paeng's Sandstone Mod on Google here. This basically replaces the SEN mod, but also includes US support and many new updates/features.

Sadly my computer problems have not gone away. Right now I can't even play SC4 (or any games :(). As such, my usual testing standards are simply impossible at this point in time. So I would kindly ask anyone using this mod who finds an error, to give me some feedback over PM or in a post here. I'm mainly looking for any problems with stoplines on the wrong side or US/EU textures missing/showing incorrectly at this time. And/or any issues with the installer application.

The only reason this is called a preview is simply because I want to add more features to the final release. The documentation isn't complete and I've not really tested it much. That said, I spent a very long time refining all this, being meticulous about it. As such it's really unlikely for the most part you'll find a problem and this release is better than the current SEN mod from an end user standpoint.

Mikey Knox

Since you released a Preview now (tested it out, really like it but i dont use Paeng) and i use your MGB Sidewalk NAM Public Repository, i noticed there are more Lot Override Patches (only RTMT is covered in the one i have), is there an updated Repository i can use?


There will be, but sadly it's not as simple as releasing what I currently use to make the mod. It will need a lot of tweaks and simplification before it's ready for everyone, not to mention proper documentation. But it will come eventually.

Mikey Knox

I could need some clarification about the supported List of Sidewalks.

In the Readme it states that the Catalyst's Asphalt Sidewalk (CAT) is supported, but i cant get it to work (i have the File installed under z_____Catalyst Sidewalks).

Is it because the Readme is finished but your preview doesnt support it yet (this is my guess :D) or did i messed something up?

Thank you